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Published: Thursday, March 17 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

I love watching Jimmer play.

BYU if they want to continue to play, need to stop with the stupid fouls.

I heard so much about Collinsworth in high school but his offensive skills are suspect at best. He is disappointing to watch.

Over-all, not a bad game. Jimmer was very patient and tried involving everyone. Who was that that blew the wide open layup off a pass from Jimmer? That was bad bad bad

Cedar Hills, UT

Good win, but we are going to need to step up next round.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Well, we certainly didn't use up our hot shooting or charitable refs in that game. Next game would be a great place to shoot for average and have at least some consistency in the calls.

Go cougs, one more game at a time.

And chisb, thanks for attending. This exposure thing is really working out rather well.

Rock Chalk BYU
Lawrence, KS

Excellent win! There were tons of close games today, it was nice to watch the TEAM come out and play and keep Wofford at arms length. I would have liked to have seen a double-double from Jimmer, there were a couple of gimmies that his teammates missed. Great way for Magnusson to enjoy the tournament as a senior, eh?

I love to watch Kyle C. play. I have to say, I find he and his brother to be very inspiring. They play the game with steady strength, and seem to live the Gospel the same way. I enjoyed hearing the commentators discussing Kyle's upcoming mission, I wish him all the best!

It was a great day to be a Cougar!!

Houston, TX

Well it is a win. After watching SDSU and FL play this was a frustrating game.

BYU shot poorly. Collingsworth rebounded well. Hartsock came to play. He got a couple of dorky fouls. Magnuson looked bad at first but got better the more he played. Abouo had his head in the floor until the last of the game when he actually played when he was needed the most (Hartsock out).

BYU played tight but played better when they got a lead. They had flashes of good play.

Wofford had some players. They were an experienced team. At least BYU got the first one.

BYU is better than they played in this game.

Gilbert, AZ

An NCAA win in two consecutive years? Feels like a new trend is in place!

Good job Cougars, now get some rest, work on those shots and get ready for the next one!

South Jordan, UT

I keep thinking the coaching staff has figured how to get the Cougars to play better. They keep proving me wrong. (Before anyone writes something to the effect, well, they won didn't they?) If they don't something better (in fact, a lot of things better), next game will be their last one.

Shooting 27% (3 point) and 39% (field goals) is not going to beat many teams. No doubt the Wofford players and coaches will go back to SC with much of an impression of the Cougars.

Note: who called up that completely classless play at the end when Jimmer put up the 27' AIR BALL with a 11 point lead???

Las Vegas, NV

Congratulations to both BYU and Morehead State for picking up their second NCAA wins within the past 30 years. I think the scores today were very telling. Just looking at teams who are seeded 3 or higher the margins of victory were as usual very impressive. UConn won by 29, Pittsburgh won by 23, San Diego State won by 18, Florida won by 28, and in Provo the victory was by 8 points. The NCAA committee should be thanked for such a high seed, anything lower than a 3 seed might have turned out to be too tough. Did I hear about 8000 boo's at the end of the game when Jimmer tried to pour on the points by shooting a 50 foot 3 pointer, I don't understand why they would boo, that wasn't classless at all.

Springville, UT

Good game, a little frustrating on the outside but we scored some good points from the paint!

One to the next game... St. Johns and Gonzaga.

Good night trolls. Rest comfy knowing that you have another game to watch on your little troll tv in your mommy's basement this Saturday. Gosh, that just has to irritate the heck out of all of you... makes my day!

Go Cougars! Proud of you guys and the coaching staff! You did good!

Mcallen, TX

Is there anyone who'll score more than 32 today?

Bluffdale, Utah


Quit trolling and continue your search for a new coach that will coach your train wreck of a team

Provo, UT

Hey bigutefan, did the Utes play today?

That's what I thought.

Farmington, UT

Well, they were tight and played down to the level of their competition. I'd love to see Emory get his shot back---it's been missing for a few weeks now. If he and Jimmer click on the same night, and Hartsock has a half-way decent game, the Cougars will advance. If not, it could be trouble. They got lazy at the end and could have easily won by a bigger nargin, but hey, save something for Saturday. After a win then, you have about 5 days to rest for the next round. Just make sure there IS a next round. As for the margin of victory, its no big deal, as long as you have the greater score (unlike golf, more like bowling and football).

Overton, NV

Sure, rip on Jimmer for throwing up a long 3 at the end of the game. Um, you DO realize that the shot clock was winding down and somebody had to take a shot? He was trying to avoid a shot clock violation and keep the clock running. Unfortunately the air ball ruined that plan.

Some people will find any little thing to complain about, though.

International Cougar Fan
Tacoma, WA


I agree with you Utah would have played much better than BYU today. It is too bad that the selection committee didn't let Utah in the big dance.

Claremont, California

Wer - Not sure what you mean by "classless play" regarding the Fredette shot at the end of the game (which I loosely call a shot)...the shot clock was at 1 or 2 seconds when he put it up and there was still 8 or 9 seconds on the game clock...unless you expected BYU not to shoot at all and turn the ball over? I honestly can't ever remember that scenario ever happening at the end of a college basketball game...I think it's a non-issue.

Cougar in Texas
Houston, TX


Fredette's last shot was taken with 6 seconds left on the clock. What should he have done to not "pad his stats"? Just let the shot clock expire? At 35 feet from the basket he could either have shot or drove it where he probably would have been fouled and people like you would still accuse him of padding his stats.

BYU has more than two NCAA wins in the last 30 years. They have 9.

A 4 seed actually lost today to a 13 seed. New Mexico was a 3 seed last year and won their first round game by only 4 points.

The last time Utah was in the tournament (way back when) they were a 5 seed and got throttled by a 12 seed in the first round. How is it to have the Utes be irrelevant?

Please do your homework.

Rock Chalk BYU
Lawrence, KS

Oh please!! Now margin of victory matters? This isn't football. Any game that is over going into the final few minutes is good enough for me. It could have been an 11 point victory if Wofford didn't hit that last pointless shot, and it could have been 14 points if you tack on Jimmer's "classless" shot. Both of those things happened in the final *8 seconds*, when the game was completely over. If those two things had happened the other way, then what would you have complained about?? I have no doubt the haters would have risen to the challenge. The biggest realization the haters (and the rest of us) need to come to is that they are haters, nothing will make them happy. Even if BYU had 7 wins in the tournament (not even possible), they would still have something to complain about.

One and ... counting!!

oh ye confederacy of dunces
Flushing, NY

Not the prettiest win, but we got it. You know your team is good when they play so poorly, and yet hold strong for a comfortable win. If we can shoot next game, we have a strong chance of advancing--if we shoot like we did tonight--that'll be the season. Also, we need Abuo's energy the entire game.
BigFruteMan: Thanks for your interest in the cougs. It's gotta be tough being a fan of a failing program who just fired their 3rd coach in the last what? 5 years? It is hilarious to witness the demise of the once very respectable U of U Bball program. I've heard the board of trustees at the U is considering scrapping the basketball program. When you cannot keep your own players on the team and see a different coach every 2-3 years, it just isn't worth the effort anymore.

Orem Parent
Orem, UT

Another Cougar win!

Great to be a BYU fan.

Winning an ugly game like that is a good step in the right direction.

Now on to the next round.

The rest of the team is due for a HUGE game Saturday.

It will be like the second half of the Wyoming game!

How did the Chris b's and hedgehogs do today?

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