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Published: Tuesday, March 15 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Olathe, KS

If I thought ALL our foreign freeloaders and criminals would relocate to Utah, and Utah wouldn't receive federal funding for their welfare, free educations, free health care, etc., I'd say, "Yipee!"

Lansing, MI

The federal government already has guest worker programs, H2-A and B, for unskilled labor. The former is for unskilled seasonal agricultural labor (no caps) and the latter for unskilled labor in other fields. Guess what? Employers don't want to use these programs as long as they can get illegal aliens for less and without any accountability. Illegal aliens don't like to use them either. Why would they want a record of their presence here, and to have to pay taxes?

Salt Lake City, UT

For the last couple of years I've been thinking of moving out of the state; this just seals the deal for me.

Cedar Hills, UT

this bill will not stand... or Herbert will not stand in 2012 ... one or the other ... maybe both will go down in flames. People simply will not stand for a bill that grants amnesty to illegals. It doesn't matter how much window dressing is applied to the bill to spin things - it is still an amnesty bill and it will not stand. This isn't about being charitable - this is about being constitutional and lawful and protecting the real citizens of Utah and the United States. Herbert is walking on politically dangerous ground by toying with amnesty and this single issue could be his undoing.

Chattanooga, TN

Utah has entered into an agreement with a foreign country in direct opposition to its constitutional right to do so with Obama's blessing while Arizona gets sued for defending national laws? This is surreal.

Richard Saunders
Provo, UT

If the Legislature's attorneys says the programs are unconstitutional, here's an idea: DON'T DO IT! How hard is that to understand? The Utah Republican Party should take any mention of the Constitution out of their platform, because its obvious they just don't care.

Also, the article doesn't mention why Bishop Burton was there. Does anyone know what he said?

South Jordan, UT

Well, HB116 has been signed.

The law that will never go into effect.

It's on record now for people to start planning toward for 2 years from now.

Some current provisions are in direct opposition to federal law. These require the federal government to change its laws before this bill could go into effect. And if the federal government does change its laws, then the legislature will have to adjust some of the language in the bill to reflect whatever changes are made to the federal laws.

If it were to go into effect as it is, then many illegals would sign up for a guest worker permit, only to have the federal government gain access to the list so that they could deport these illegals more easily under federal guidelines.

What a strange law.

Coach Biff
Lehi, UT

This will cost the Governor his seat, unless the bills grant voting rights to illegals also.

American Spartan
Orem, Utah

(sent thru email)

Governor Herbert,

Goodbye to 2012 re-election. HB 116 is abominable. How you even sign that bill is a poor excuse, what with unemployment rate in the state of Utah. Signing the bill 116 indicates you DO NOT care about the unemployment and underemployed in the state.

It's your job as a governor to be COMPASSIONATE for the legal citizen and resident who is unemployed or underemployed, rather than do a backroom deal with the proponents for illegal aliens to hire and exploit, while depriving the citizens and legal residents of the potential relief by mitigating unemployment crisis related to the pandemic of illegal immigration.

You will expect to hear from the delegates who will remove you at Utah Republican Convention, or face the loss at the voting poll.

At least I made the right choice in voting for Farley Anderson for Governor, because he was honest and bullish on illegal immigration.

You sold out, Governor Herbert. You lack courage and foresight, not to mention callous towards the legal people's plight of unemployment (especially among the disabled) here in Utah state.

denver, co

Why wait UT for 2012? recall now and take the AG with him.

Murray, UT


Have fun in Wisconsin or California or Arizona or wherever it is you want to go. Herbert will survive because the Church Leaders, Mormon and Catholic, support him. He has already counted the votes.

Cowboy Joe
Encampment, WY

Bishop David Burton was their because the church supports the legislation. The church is for compassion. Read 3 Nephi 11- 4 Nephi and read lds churches responsiblity to our neighbors to the south.

This is the reason Bishop Burton was there.


I applaud the governor in this.

I am tired of all the "this is just amnesty" rhetoric. This is a solution. I don't agree with everything in the bill, but its nice to see taht they were able to get something done.

I will be voting for Governor Herbert come re-election time.

Spanish Fork, UT

Herbert is done in my book. I will do everything in my power to ensure he does not get re-elected.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

Congratulations Utah citizens!

You now get to provide free healthcare, WIC, welfare, education, (and don't forget food bank), to 110,000 illegal aliens in Utah for at least another year!

A BIG victory for illegal trespassers and their unethical employers!

Salt Lake City, UT

Thank you to some on this board. Good to know that there are some sensible people in Utah who are for a solution! The mix of legislation allowing Enforcement of the laws against criminals and those with criminal intents, and allowing a guest-worker program for those who have the desire to work here with appropriate, is a good mix.

I applaud our leaders in Utah. It's time states stood up and told the Feds how we want them to operate!

Bountiful, UT

Regardless of what one may think of these two bills. Governor Herbert is to be admired for doing what he belives is right given the threats he has recieved.

Utah is lucky to have such a Governor of principal.

(and now I will add my own editorial) ... and wisdom

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Sorry, Gary, if you fail to realize that illegal immigration is the most important issue facing our state today, you should not be nominated for another term as governor.

I guess we need to post a Wanted ad in the newspaper:

Wanted: A truly conservative candidate who will enforce the laws to protect our state from the invasion of illegal aliens. Apply to any Republican convention delegate prior to March 2012 caucuses.

Bountiful, UT

For those of us who agree with Governor Herbert, we need to vote in the primaries, thats where he is vulnerable. Most Utahn's are in favor of the immigration bills he signed. However those against plan to fight him in the primaries.

I for one will register to be a Republican so I can vote for him there and dilute the tea party influence.

Richard Saunders
Provo, UT

@ Cowboy Joe Thanks for the answer to my question. I'm also for compassion towards illegal immigrants. But what about the Constitution? I know Church leaders support that as well, and the Legislature's lawyers say this package of bills has two unconstitutional programs.

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