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Published: Saturday, March 12 2011 8:00 p.m. MST

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Ann Arbor, MI


"It's kind of an empowering opportunity and liberation going into independence of controlling our own destiny"

If what bronco means by "controlling our own destiny" is going undefeated than I agree. Anything less is the Kraft Hunger bowl on Dec. 8th.

Fresno, CA

Yea .... football!!!!

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Hedge, what he meant is when you control your own destiny, you don't want to be ranked 5th in the nation, and then go AP unranked at the end of the season, getting waxed by a WAC team in the Vegas Bowl.

I think that is what he was talking about.


Or even getting the HC fired at the end of the season...

Utes are poised for the PAC (?), BYU poised for independence.

Two programs, headed in opposite directions.

Not a good time to be a Utah fan, is it bro...

sacramento, ca

So I hear the team in SLC aka, Same Losing Community is going to try and hire more ex BYU coaches....apparently, its the only way they can win. Well, whatever works.

AK Cougar
Palmer, AK

Glad spring Football is here. New coaches, new players, excitement everywhere.

Go Cougars.

Corona, CA


Highland, UT


Bronco=Independence and huge, exclusive ESPN contract. More good stuff to follow :)

Springville, UT

They are always filling holes in the secondary. Why is that? They have nice little assembly lines for so many other areas of offense and defense but the secondary is always filling holes. Things that make you go hmmm.

BYU is going to have a great year. They are back on track with defense, and the offense will hit the ground running. They play teams from several BCS conferences, and if they win-out, they will be in a BCS Bowl, no doubt.

What will be interesting, speaking of that other team, can they make the jump to the Pac-12. We know that Utah and BYU are competetive with every team in the PAC, that is not a question. There is a difference between playing one or two games a year, versus six or seven now. Can Utah compete week in and out? I think it will take a few years to get there but in time Utah is competetive for the Pac-12 title. I hope, we'll see. Fun to watch. I just hope their fans take the jump with them. Most are great, some are beyond boorish. And yes, same for some BYU fans.

Gilbert, AZ

Hey Ute Fans, your women's b-ball team just won the MWC tourney, you finally have something to root for!

Mark it down!

Corona, CA

Re: NC Frogs
Hey Byu fans you guys just choked again. . . and again.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

okay kids let's be nice to each other . . .

I'm thrilled to death about the potential of this team! The new coaching staff is young and energetic, and really, Bronco has more depth, talent and athleticism to work with on this team tham he's ever had, EVER. Sure, there have been some real individual superstars on past teams, but the biggest difference I see is the DEPTH, talent, and ATHLETICISM at EVERY position on the team from first string, all the way down to third string.

Yes there are question marks in the secondary again, but that is mostly because three seniors just graduated. The depth at cornerback is unreal for BYU this year. Really the only position on the team with huge question marks right now in my mind is safety. But the depth at cornerback rocks! We have Corby Eason, Robbie Buckner, DeQuan Everrett, Cameron Comer (returned missionary), Jordan Johnson, Kori Gaines, and the new JC transfers in Preston Hadley and Joe Sampson. All 8 of those guys are much bettter athletes than the walk ons that have flooded the depth charts in the past. There will also be some decent prospects at safety though too.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

So to answer your question . . . yes there are question marks in the secondary again, but there have been more question marks there in seasons past than there are this year IMO. A certain school up north has its own question marks in the secondary believe it or not.

South Jordan, UT

Bring on San Jose, Utah State, Idaho State, Central Florida, Idaho and new Mexico State. I'll bet the season ticket holders are chomping at the bit. 7 home games with only one tough opponent. Utah will be tough defensively but will still be figuring out the offense and qb position. Byu will have one of the toughest road schedules in the nation. 8-4 will be tough.

Wasilla, AK

It would be great to watch the spring game on BYUTV in High Definition. Since we are independent I wonder if that would be a possiblitiy.

MUSSing with U
Baltimore, MD

It's hillarious to see trolls from a PAC 12 team spamming an independent blog; more proof of just how insecure they are about becoming a PAC 12 bottom feeders.

As long as you're visiting, Utah numbers to remember



4th and 18


13 of the last 39

0 national championships

0 national individual awards

scenic view
Baltimore, MD

"It would be great to watch the spring game on BYUTV in High Definition."

Unless NCAA rules prevent it, that would be fun to see.

Orem, UT

I thought Utah left BYU in their rear view mirror back in June, yet here we are 9 months later and the Utah trolls are still obsessed with BYU.


Corona, CA

Re: Duck

Your schedule after 3 weeks is pathetic. Being Indy just means you have to schedule the big boys and win. Will that happen? NO! Again if you can't win in the MTN and go to a BCS bowl then what makes you think you can when you have tougher pre season comp?

Highland, UT



Cedar City, UT

@ Hedgehog, Frowntown

Holmoe said, "The BCS is not the reason for this move. I've spoken to (executive director) Bill Hancock of the BCS, and we know that we'll have the opportunity, if we're ranked 14 or higher, that we'll have the ability to be an at-large team."

Not a bad deal... ESPN will probably pull some strings to get an even better deal. A 10-2 or 11-1 season would easily get BYU into a BCS game with the tough Independent Schedule.

The jump to Independence fulfills all of BYU's goals. Going to a BCS game is not even on the list. It is all about exposure. BYU is able to play 12-13 games ANYWHERE in the country on National Television. After only 6 months of independence, BYU has put together a very impressive schedule. It will only get better!
Thanks for your concern though, you are both great fans!

We have a lot to look forward too! With 10 starters returning on offense and 6 or 7 on defense, we are loaded for a great season!

Really hoping there are no injuries or HC casualties in the coming months.

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