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Published: Saturday, March 12 2011 7:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Having lived in Emery County and known Shawn since he was a boy, I can say that this sounds just like him. His mom and dad were always super nice people, involved with the community and great examples.

Salt Lake City, UT

Having contact information in order to donate to this very helpful organization would be a useful addition to this wonderful story.

Kamas, UT

Rising Star Outreach -- all one word lower case -- dot org. Fabulous organization.

Kamas, UT

The link is embedded in the story. . .

The Rocker
Bountiful, UT

I am a Ute fan but I have a ton of respect for Shawn Bradley. Such a kind person with a good heart. A gentle giant. He signed an autograph for me years ago when I was sick and not able to serve a mission. He wished only the best for me. Shawn Bradley is a real person. Nothing fake about this guy. I really wish people like him were the ones running for office and our politicians instead of the selfish crooked scum we mostly have.

Allen, TX

It was a pleasure to work alongside Shawn as he volunteered with cleanup crews in New Orleans after Katrina, and for a couple of years in the Boy Scouts. He does so sincerely, humbly, with no fanfare. A genuine, funny, amiable guy, who just happens to be a millionaire.... I'm sure any accolades sent his way because of his service are embarrassing to him. But in this case, he needs the notoriety to further the cause. What a great cause.

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