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Published: Wednesday, March 9 2011 9:00 a.m. MST

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Parker, CO

My oldest daughter came home in tears from middle school when her best friend, a Baptist, told her she learned in church that my daughter as a Mormon was not a Christian. She and her friend had very much in common. They both believed in Christ, held high standards and were a natural fit. But from that point on their relationship was strained. Her friend starting treating my daughter as if she were superior. If the evangelicals keep on preaching to their congregations that Mormons are not Christian, then the relationship between the groups will always be strained.

Rexburg, ID

I've never understood the tension between Evangelicals and Mormons. It's not unusual when I hear their objections to Mormonism that some of their information is inaccurate. Perhaps this meeting will help heal the divide.

The two groups have fewer differences than commonalities.

Glendora, CA

The religious divide between LDS and Evangelicals clearly needs to be mended. The most important reason being, outside of neighborly kindness and acceptance, is for the two factions to come together to fight against the leftist agenda of the present administration in D.C.
The 2 big voting blocks of our country, "Mormon Corridor" of the Rockies cannot vote for another Huckabee, or any of great Evangelical plant, just as much as the "Evangelical South" cannot vote for a Mormon. This divide and conquering of both parts is encouraged by the Democrats and the left-leaning media.
Now, what are supposed to do? Let it happen again? Be left with Obama again?
For the sake of our great nation and its future, we need a compromise.
Maybe Mormon Mitt for President, with a Southern Baptist for VP, in the likes of perhaps a Jim DeMint of South Carolina, or equivalent?
It may be in the making. Please, for the sake of our children's future, let's get together.

New Yorker
Pleasant Grove, UT

"have fewer differences than commonalities" Is that Greek logic, Demosthenes? :-)

The difference in beliefs is fundamental, as between most major religions. However, there is no reason to be disrespectful of one another. A preponderance of Evangelicals call Catholics, Mormons, and others "cults" with the negative inference and connotation that Evangelicals are not a "cult," but something better. The problem is not the difference in beliefs, it's a matter of some not respecting the religious beliefs of others. This gap should be able to be bridged by leadership of all world religions, including the Muslims. Then after it is bridged at the leadership level, the leaders should continuously preach respect until the message reaches every disciple.

The devoutly religious of all faiths have much more in common with each other than with those who know not God. It's in our common interest to support one another against the rise of atheism and the political institutionalization of atheism. Humanity will vote amongst the various beliefs with their feet and with their tithing, but let's do it all without acrimony.

Florissant, MO

Huckabee really hurt my feelings as a Mormon when he made his comments. And I have been hurt over and over, being told by the Evangelicals that I am not a Christian, but go figure, we have the same pictures of Christ in our homes. It is time that we stop attacks and agree to disagree for the sake of this nation. More then ever those with good moral values and a belief in the Constitution and that this nation needs not be changed, this will only happen if we are unified. I use to take care of a lady from another religion, their church had published a book called "Ten Things to Ask a Mormon". I have a child that left the Mormon church, I told her to go to another Christian church, but she became an atheist, that was very hard to take, but thank heavens we can agree to disagree. Many times when pondering doing something that may be right or wrong, we would say, "what would Christ do?" So for all those who dislike the Mormons, what would Christ do?

Stockton, UT

There simply needs to be a little greater understanding in the use of words. There are certain doctrinal differences that are not going away. But how those differences are described could be tempered a bit on both sides.

Culturally, socially, and politically (as well as doctrinally), Evangelicals and Mormons have far more in common than they do that which divides them.

It would help if Mormons could learn to be less offended when someone claims they are not "Christian". Depends on whose definition of "Christian" get used and the old joke about who is a yank comes to mind. I freely admit that If someone defines "Christian" as accepting certain portions of the Nicean creed that I and my beliefs do not fit that definition. Of course, I think that definition is artificially narrow.

OTOH, it would help if Evangelicals could find someway to express doctrinal differences without cutting to the very core of LDS identity as worshiping Jesus Christ as the son of God, Messiah, and Savior.

Both sides need to learn a little vernacular used by the other. Whether it is "Holy Spirit" or "Holy Ghost", for example, the ideas are very similar.

Fort Knox, KY

I think this will be a good thing. Any chance to work together I think helps each to better understand one other. With understanding then maybe each will treat one another better. I agree that almost anything that will unite this country will strengthen it.

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brookings, SD

To Parkercoug and others: you obviously have missed the point again. Christians do not participate in what Mormons consider core to the Mormon faith. Baptism for the dead, the understanding of God, etc. Secret temple rites. So many differences that my state supported library, the state repository for fed and state records, etc., has many books on cults and there is the Mormon Religion, front and center in each book. The evangelicals that are coming to Utah will not change their Christian core because they have visited SLC, etc. Instead, it will reaffirm who they are and what they stand for. You watch and see.

Romney cannot get the nomination nor election in 2012. It will get very nasty over the next 4 months as Huckabee does his act, and Newt tries to get to the podium again and again. Who will rep. the GOP in 2012? I don't know, but not one of the present candidates, they are all too small. Obama is definitely the odds on favorite for re-election in 12.

Cedar Rapids, IA

Perhaps there is one underlying aspect few have thought of: Each time an evangelical is baptized a minister and congregation loses that person's offerings.

One of the roots of disapproval may well be economic.

Whos Life RU Living?
Ogden, UT

Focus on similarities not differences!

I would personally recommend teaching our children this principle as soon as possible.

Children are always the first ones to innocently point out differences that can possibly hurt relatationships and they do get this trait from somewhere. But where?

Peoria, AZ

If the evangelical is coming for supporting Mike then that is the wrong approach.
Ignorance is the big mistake of the side of evangelical. Mike is trying to attach Mitt for 2008 and that is wrong as a politician. I support Mitt Romney for 120% for 2012. We need to look at if the person can solve the problems of America but not if he speaks Chinese or not. As a Japanese citizen, Mitt does the greatest job and he proved in many way. And he will probably good for Japan which we are shifting from Democrat to Conservative in April, 2011.

Mitt is the one! Go Mitt!

American Fork, UT

It's always good to meet together and look at each other face to face. I hope we figure out a way to do it more often. Seems like Evangelicals and Mormons have more in common than most people in the world, and on topics of cultural significance there's not a whole lot of difference at all.

The Vanka
Provo, UT


Your daughter's story is touching.

My daughter is LDS. Here is her story:

My daughter came home in tears from Junior High School when her best friend, an "active" LDS from a prominent family, told her she learned in church that she must choose her friends carefully. My daughter was told that, because her father is not LDS, and does not share the same "values" and "beliefs", she could not be friends with my daughter anymore.

This "active", LDS former-friend starting treating my daughter as an inferior person.

This has happened several times.

Mormons need to eliminate the horrible self-righteousness and judgmentalism across the board, and within its own ranks. How they relate to evangelicals should be the least of their worries. You can't even treat your own people with respect and dignity!

Blackshear, GA

After attending our LDS meetings, my evangelical relatives and friends often leave confused, saying: "I felt like I was in a Baptist (etc.) meeting, what's all the fuss about?!"

They say this because our religions have so much in common, and they realize that we worship the same Jesus Christ of the Bible that they worship.

I think we are much like the children of parents who object to the persons their children are considering as partners in life; who may not be a perfect match, but who are much alike, and with whom they could accomplish many good and great things.

Yet, the parents, having been previously prejudiced by what someone they respect has said about that person, fail to see how much alike the two are, or acknowledge the many great things they could accomplish together.

Just think of how much all Christian religions could accomplish, working together for Christ's purposes, rather than spend so much of our strength and effort trying to defend ourselves against the other.

Layton, UT

Oh the convenience of it all.

Roy, Utah

I went from Methodist to Mormon, NO, not correct. Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. Understand Mormon comes from the Book of Mormon so named because the record (Stick of Joseph in Ezekiel 37:15-20) was abridged by the Prophet Mormon as per the Lord's instructions. The LDS Church in fact was restored by Heavenly Messengers. It is not Joseph Smith's church or Mormon's church but is the original Church of Jesus Christ restored. See, Matthew 17:11-13 Revelations 14:6-7 Hebrews 13:8 we see Jesus is the same past, present and future. Another point to understand is that in 3 places are the true followers of Christ refered to by the Lord in the KJV of the Bible as Christians, but Saints, thus Latter Day Saints. Jesus did not receive a salary neither do we in His Church today,See John 10:11-14 That poses a problem for those who wish to profit by preaching. If the Lord wants Romney to be President He will be. I think this meeting may help if Evangelicals will humble them selves. If not The Lord may do it.

Florissant, MO

Vanka, you know it is funny, when I read Parkercoug's story, I felt bad for her daughter, but when I read yours, I felt angry, I felt anger to fellow Mormon's to act this way. I am not a member of another church, so I can only feel bad when they tell me I am not a Christian, and that is the most hurtful thing a person can say to me, because I love my Savior and am grateful for His Atoning Sacrifice and Resurrection. I am grateful for His teachings and example. But as a Mormon, I know what we are taught and I know that never over the pulpit is another religion put down. I know that we are taught to stay away from people with values that are contrary to ours, such as drug use, and behaviors that would cause us to break commandments, but not because of religious differences. That was a pious self righteous Mormon and I as a Mormon apologize for the shallow treatment from a member of my church. So, can we all get along and work together, united were are going to be stronger, and this isn't about politics

Alpine Blue
Alpine, UT

@ The Vanka

Trust me dear, it cuts both ways. Having raised my bright, out-going, athletic, and "good" children in the midwest, they were steeled by ostracism and rejection they received from their Baptist and Lutheran neighbors. My oldest daughter's best friend was not allowed to come to our house until the night of her high school graduation reception when we were proud to welcome her and her evangelical father into our foyer dominated by a beautiful framed picture of the Savior. We lingered there in the foyer for a few minutes allowing the father to bask in the spirit of our Christ-centered home. Not certain that he got the message-probably still too overburdened with years of anti-Mormon literature and seminars.

Although evangelical Christians and LDS Christians are far closer than they might imagine, it is primarily a matter of semantics and misconceptions. Unfortunately this will probably never change, as long as we our a threat to their livlihoods by plucking the best and brightest out of their congregations (and offering plates) and converting them to Mormonism.

Kearns, UT

My experience is, that the only tension between the Evangelicals and the members of the LDS Church mostly come from the side of the Evangelicals. Most members of the LDS Church could care less what the Evangelicals think, other than those like myself get urked about their outright lies when it concerns what members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believes.

I feel that they need to spend more time tending to their flocks and quit freaking out about LDS people.

Eagle Mountain, UT

For several years we lived in the deep south where I served not only as a local LDS leader but also was known as a local civic leader. As such I was able to serve on the regional "Ministerial Council" with other religious leaders. A few Baptist ministers were not happy with me serving on the council but most welcomed me. We worked on many local problems, with the poor and needy and on moral community issues. With my LDS ties I was able to help with getting food and clothing for the needy and for emergency situation. When community projects came up I was able to tap our LDS membership for help.

The bottom line is that it can work when we work together. At times I was even asked to speak to other congregations on moral (non-religious) topics. My biggest challenge was speaking to evangelical black congregations. Not because of religious differences but because of presentation/delivery differences. We, Mormons, are just boring in comparison.

Those ministers that objected to my membership on the council still did so when I moved out of the area. Some never change. The others gave me a "Thank You" plaque.

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