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Published: Tuesday, March 8 2011 4:00 p.m. MST

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Tooele, UT

Re: "Children, activists urge governor to veto Utah illegal immigrations bills"

Actual voters, on the other hand, in overwhelming numbers, urge the Governor to listen to the voice of the people and sign the enforcement bill.

I guess we'll see -- and remember -- who has our Governor's ear.

Bountiful, Utah

"He contends those committing felonies such as gang members and drug dealers who haven't been convicted to obtain guest worker permits."

Do we really want these kinds of people in our country at all? Opponents of these bills talk a big talk, but have they ever had any experience with these people? Why would you want someone COMMITTING FELONIES and those who are GANG MEMBERS and DRUG DEALERS here at all? They should be deported instantly if they are found doing ANY of these acts!

Stockton, UT

It is a shame that PARENTS would do anything to place their families and children at risk.

A Democrat sponsored bill to ban smoking in cars when children are present in the car has passed the legislature to protect children from second hand smoke. Let too many on both sides of the aisle continue to act as if bringing children into our nation illegally is not a real and serious risk. Even living in our nation illegally and then having children here creates the risk that those children will eventually see one of their parents removed from the country.

I don't like to see families separated, but when a person commits crimes there is a chance he will be punished for them and sent to jail.

In this case, however, we are not even talking about punishment. We merely want an end to the lawlessness. Just go home and wait to come here LEGALLY.

That is a compassionate position. Anything more moves from compassion into complete and total license.

South Jordan, UT

I agree with the kids, send them with their parents home to the country their parent are citizens in. When the kids born here are adults they can come back.

denver, co

It sure seems the legal residents and citizens dont count for alot in UT so maybe its time you exercised your rights including the one to recall if Herbert is not going to listen to the people of UT and do right by you.

That would also apply to the AG since its very odd that an AG is going out of his way to try to do something to help a bill that he already knows is not legal to do in the first place after what happened to AZ.

Spanish Fork, UT

I can't help but find it a little pathetic that illegals would send their children to do their dirty work. What a shameful tactic.

In our modern era where we are getting "compassion" nailed into our brain without consideration of consequence I have a simple idea. How about illegals take personal responsibility for their bad choices and stop trying to make those choices everyone else's problem.

E. Matscheko
St. George, UT

I appreciate the compassion and courage put forth by most of our government officials, dealing with immigration issues. HB 469, in the contrary lacks any common sense and accountability. Such bill would make a large number of the estimated 110,000 illegal aliens currently living in Utah eligible to work and study in our state. Besides creating a magnet for illegal aliens, there is one big problem: How are we going to explain this to the estimated 208,000 currently unemployed Utah residents and their families?

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

Guv: PLEASE VETO the "guest worker" bill!

We already have 100,000 "guest workers" in Utah.

ACTUAL Utah citizens need jobs!

Right or Wrong
Happy Valley, Utah

"a dozen children of undocumented immigrants and several adults"
Say it.....they are ILLEGAL!

Why do those that are not citizens of this State or Country have a voice?

My solution is clear. Demand an end to the Driving Privilege card. Do not give any benefits to those here illegally. Enforce the laws that are on the books.

Why is this so difficult for those representing us to understand?

Why don't the lawmakers stand up for the citizens that vote for them? Immigration is the issue that so many wanted addressed. Do the politicians really believe the propaganda polling of the media? I know that there are many flaws in the way things are, but do they really believe we will forget in the next election cycle?

When things are worse, because of what they are doing now with these poor watered down jokes of legislation, do they really think we will support them just because they have an R by there name?

Lectori Salutem
Beautiful Salt Lake Valley, Utah

I would like to see a different Utah Compact, one that asks employers to be honorable and trustworthy in their dealings with their fellow citizens and not hire workers who are not legally eligible to work in this country. Honesty - how refreshing would that be?

It's my opinion that the present Utah Compact uses deliberately obfuscatory language by not differentiating between illegal and legal immigration and therefore I cannot get on board with it. I personally think Shurtleff is overstepping his bounds. He does not speak for this Utahan or any other Utahan I know.

Although I'm not a member of the Chamber of Commerce, the Sutherland Institute, the Latino community or any other special interest group, I am still a "stakeholder." We honest, hard-working, tax-paying, decent stakeholders deserve better than we're getting. We're the true victims in all this. We're the ones who are paying the price for the dishonest actions of others. Where is our representation? Why is the legislature bending over backward to accommodate those who have broken the laws (illegal aliens and the employers who knowingly hire them) instead of protecting us?

Sandy, utah

Now's your chance! Nab those undocumented that brought in their kids and send them back to their respective countries.

La Quinta, CA

I live in Southern California and would like to share with the people in Utah what Illegal immigration has done to this state. We are overwhelmed with Illegal Immigrants. They are everywhere and their presence has caused a situation which impacts everyone here. Our schools are severely overcrowded and the quality of education has dropped dramatically. Crime committed by Illegals including carjackings,identity theft, hit and run, drug trafficking, murder and assault has increased tremendously. People who are working in the construction trades,the service sector,manufacturing and transportation and others have seen their wages plummet and businesses who employ U.S. citizens suffer while those who employ Illegals prosper. Illegal Immigration is eroding the tax base here in California. Illegal Immigrants pay little or no taxes and create enormous social financial liabilities for our state. Illegal Immigrants drive down wages and therefor lower tax remittances overall. Illegal Immigration is costing the California taxpayer BILLIONS every year in lost revenue! I hope and pray that Utah doesn't become like California because we are in hopeless economic and rapid social decline. Be careful.

Salt Lake City, UT

Dear Governor, You have the opportunity to continue to uphold the Constitution you swore an oath to. You also have a choice in defending law abiding citizens (aka taxpayers) or you may grant amnesty to those who broke the law, continue to break laws (identity theft, no driver's licenses, etc, etc) and now want special benefits and consideration for their previous illegal acts.

Choose wisely sir.

Informed Voter
South Jordan, UT

Subject: Paradoxical Thought for the Day

The federal government wants all citizens to prove they are insured, but
does not want anyone to prove they are citizens.

---Ben Stein

kearns, ut

Get rid of the illegals and quit wasting tax payer money and giving away American Citizens jobs. Get rid of the politicians that support illegal activity and have them investigated for abuse and misuse of their authority and see if the have profited from this abuse and misuse of authority.

jim l
West Jordan, UT

Our Att. Gen, came up to a big scout event a few years ago and gave a wonderful speech on Camelot and how we need to obey the law. I wish that he could re-read that for himself. Illegals need to go home and come back legally.

Provo, UT

The legislature cleared for the governors consideration HB 497, which contains some Arizona-style immigration-enforcement provisions. Utah activists tell NumbersUSA that governor is getting a lot of calls from Illegals and opponents asking for a veto. The majority of Utah Citizens want this bill passed. Please go to NumbersUSA and send your free fax. We can't afford the Illegals to make our Immigration policy. Let's make sure the Governor hears what we the people want!

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

There's nothing more despicable in my eyes than adults using children as publicity pawns.

sandy, utah

they are using their kids to get what they want...

Ogden, UT

So No to BO:

There is one more despicable...those who demand the tax dollars of US citizens for the benefit of those here illegally.

It's all a power grab for the activists. I'm not sure they really care, they just want the power.

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