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Published: Monday, March 7 2011 11:00 p.m. MST

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Lehi, UT

Cougars are very hungry and so are the Aztecs. These teams are playing for high seeds in the big dance. Vegas can easily be beaten due to their poor shooting. I thing Aztecs beat them. Cougars may make it to the finals and might pull the upset over the Aztecs but it'll take the perfect game.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

I've been watching BYU sports for 45 years (can that be right?). It has been rare when a BYU team quits. Both the men and women's teams are going to Las Vegas to win. They are not going to quit. They may not win, but they will do their best.

Leesburg, VA

SDSU got a trophy? What did it say on it, "Second Place?"

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Um, it said the same thing ours said, and no asterisks.

Ann Arbor, MI

If SDSU wins the MWC tourney... most people will remeber the Aztecs as the best team in the MWC/2011 - not the kewgs.

Mike in Texas
Allen, TX

I Have never understood why the tournement has to be held in Las Vegas every year. Rotate it Among the major cities. Which, beginning next year won't need to include SLC unless the MWC is smart enough to invite USU.

Alpine, UT

"If SDSU wins the MWC tourney... "

prognosticates the troll from beneath his bubble of delusion.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Good analysis by Dick Harmon. He's right about the Rebels being tough to beat at home. The Utes have battled the same issue when our team has been among the top seeds in the tournament. It will take near perfect play for anyone to take down UNLV and New Mexico.

Boise, ID

Nothing would be sweeter than BYU finally beating NM. Go Cougs. I can't wait for the tournaments to both get going.

Saint George, UT

If the Lobos win the tournament, the best because they beat the Y twice, lost to SDSU twice, UNLV wins, the best home court team, best because they lost to SDSU twice and the Y twice. Big if and of course the home court has nothing to do with who wins the tournament. Sad, they should move every year, SLC, San Diego,Vegas, New Mexico, Denver, but then again, who cares they Y won't be part of the MWC. Money rules all. Go Aggies and Cougars, blue and blue

w bountiful, ut

I for one, am glad that this is the last MWC tournament for both the Utes and the Cougars (I know, the Utes are not in it). I have never understood why the conference has persisted in giving UNLV a home court advantage every year.

This is not football. The weather outside at CSU can be 20* and the game inside can be comfortable. There has never been a decent excuse for needing to go to Vegas, except for the neon lights. One reason that the top seed has rarely won this thing is the home court given to UNLV. The rest of the conference gets homered.

Why would it be so bad to give the incentive to the winner of the regular season title the home court advantage. This year, that would have gone to BYU. By so doing, the #1 seed would mean something and the regular conference season would have added meaning.

Another option would be to let the regular season champ host the toutney the following year. Either option would be prefferable to the continual homerism in Las Vegas.

Kearns, UT

The most important game in the tourney for BYU is the UNMU/CSU game, I just don't see them beating SDSU in the finals again without Davies. Don't think the Cougs want to see the Lobos for the 3rd time. If CSU can beat UNM, the Cougs will be in the finals and should secure a #2 seed. Another loss to the Lobos and it's a #3.

Evanston, WY

UNLV. Mark it down. Home court advantage pays off.

Fresno, CA

I don't understand the reason to even have a MWC tournament. We all just got done playing everybody else in the Conference twice. We know the pecking order, so what's there to figure out? If there is a tie, have a tie-breaker game.

Maybe I'm missing the point. If I am, please explain it to me.

Layton, Utah


Colorado Springs, CO

Here is how I see it playing out, not that anyone cares.

BYU, SDSU, and UNLV have no problem getting past the first round. The CSU/UNM game should be the best first round game and either could make it out. I know several BYU fans are wanting another shot at UNM but I personally would prefer CSU. They are the higher seed with the better record. I believe BYU beats either of them though to advance to the finals. They have beaten CSU twice and will be very motivated against UNM.

SDSU will have its work cut out for them against UNLV though and UNLV has been playing very well of late. UNLV likley beats SDSU this time around and BYU/UNLV meet in the finals with UNLV winning the tournament.

If UNLV wins it all this year one would hope the MWC would end the stupidity and begin moving the tournament elsewhere.

Good news is BYU will be back in Vegas next year, only they will be playing at a nuetral site as no WCC team has a home there.

caleb in new york
Glen Cove, NY

conference tournaments where every team is included are just money grabs.

They are absolutely ridiculous though for the one-bid conferences because they reward excellence over three days more than excellence over a two-month schedule. For one-bid conferences, a conference tournament in which every team is included makes tickets to regular season matchups less valuable because those regular season matchups are less important.

Solomon Levi
Alpine, UT

TCU, CSU, Wyoming and AFA never win the MWC tourney anyway, so there fans are happy to have a mini-vacation in Las Vegas every year to escape the late winter blahs.

With UNLV, of course, thrilled to play the tourney on their home court, that's all the votes Craig Thompson needed to keep the tourney in Las Vegas permanently, where the MWC makes the most money.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Wait a minute Hedgehog. As I recall, you promised that if BYU beat SDSU, you would NOT post again this year. Let's see. That's a matter of honor Wow! Sounds like BYU IS the place with honor.

Omaha, NE

IDC, I disagree. Nothing would be sweeter than beating UNLV...finally! Beating them in this tournament would be the sweetest way to leave the conference.

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