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Published: Saturday, March 5 2011 4:00 p.m. MST

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denver, co

There are already visa programs in place for workers to come to the usa providing there are no legal workers already here to do the work. No reason UT needs its own program and we doubt the feds are going to issue you a waiver for you to do it with so many already out of work here.

Hope you also have a bill ready for the Gov signature to do away with the drivers card and get with the rest of the country in not helping illegals to exist here.

Stay strong lawmakers and please get the Gov to sign the bills that will help illegals to leave the state.

Farmington, UT

This bill is completely unacceptable because it forces police to enforce the law. State and local police should not be forced to enforce federal laws, such as those that prohibit the sale of narcotics. Our officers have much more important things to do, such as keeping people from crossing the double white lines of the HOV lanes. Come to think of it, the HOV lanes are required by the federal government, and if our police don't enforce them, the feds will take away funding for roads. So it's particularly important now to take the focus off immigration and put it into traffic enforcement. Sadly, I realize the state could make millions from the thousands of undocumented workers who are clamoring to pay $2,500 each for work permits. This was one document that undocumented workers clearly want. I wonder if work permits will be available down at the corner documents dealer at a lower price. Probably.

Orleans, IN

Utah's in for a traumatic shock, when the word gets out they are welcoming Guest workers from some Mexican province. Hundreds of thousands will pour in from not just South of the border, but thousands from Arizona and other illegal alien policing states. Thousands more economic illegal nations, will start flooding your schools, hospitals and looking for free welfare handouts.

Salt Lake City, UT

The bill that welcomes the workers from the Mexican province is a different bill. HB116 grants illegals already here in Utah, and any who can manage to get here before May 11th, with permanent guest worker status, IN ADDITION TO the ones coming from the Mexican province.

jim l
West Jordan, UT

Illegals protesting? They have human rights, but they dont have the rights here of a us citizen. They also have the right to go home.

denver, co

Anti: You do know UT has no authority to issue worker permits to illegals? and the bill allowing them from the one Mexican province ties in with the federal system?

UT would need a waiver as we already said to do the former.

Casca is right in that UT will be flooded as this is truly a stupid idea since it adds incentives for illegals to come while other states are making it harder for them to exist in their states.

San Pedro, CA

Illegal aliens are criminals and parasites, one and all. Practically everything they do on U.S. soil is illegal. They need to be ferreted out, rounded up like cattle, punished for their numerous crimes, then booted back to whence they snuck in from with such extreme prejudice that they will never, ever think of violating our sovereignty again. Enough is enough.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

When do we taxpaying citizens get to protest about the huge drain on resources created by illegals?

The bills passed by the Legislature this session already give far too much amnesty and benefits to illegals, so I cannot see that they have any grounds to protest. But, some people are never satisfied with what they get from others.

Salt Lake City, UT

In 1953 the US Supreme court ruled that immigrants did not have the rights as described in the US Constitution until they were in this country legally. Kwong Hai Chew v. Colding Template:344 U.S. 590, 596. That has not been changed to date. You are a criminal in Mexico and subject to a long jail sentence and then deportation if you enter that country illegally. Keep that in mind.

Informed Voter
South Jordan, UT

I agree with jimI of West Jordan.

Fort McDowell, AZ

Cracks me up. To all you folks up their in Utah, as I feel the wind in my hair from the masses of Mexicans whooshing North to Utah as They are Moving On Up :)
Man, that will sure make things simpler here in AZ. We could even open up concession stands to make their journey more special. Thanks Utah.

Provo, UT

the group United for Social Justice urging people to call for a veto of the enforcement of businesses being penalized for employing illegals are a joke. Is it "just" for such businesses to get away with paying for cheaper labor while other businesses employing legal immigrants and citizens are following the law? How about we let them also operate their business without a license or without having to pass health inspections? I know these are extremes but the principle is the same.

Steve Jensen
Herriman, UT

Illegals are ILLEGAL! Period. They are NOT Citizens are should NOT have ANY say on the issue. ILLEGAL mean against or breaking the Law! How is it justified? Come LEGALLY and follow the laws if you really Love this country.

Beaverton, OR

Like the Irish and the Italians and the Jews and the Chinese who came here for a better life, worked their fingers to the bone, enriched this country, and made it their own, our neighbors to the south are no different.

They are here, they're not going anywhere, and rather than indulging in round 'em up and ship 'em out fantasies, I suggest you xenophobes put down your torches and welcome them. We badly need immigration reform. We need to fast track these good and decent people on a path to citizenship so that they can start paying income tax!

Once they are paying into the system like you and I are, what excuse will you use for your bigotry?

You are drastically to the far right of your own Church on this!

Rexburg, ID

Compassionate behavior that is appropriate for groups or individuals ("love thy neighbor") is not necessarily appropriate for a government that has responsibility for the safety and security of its citizens.

Immigrants from Mexico are particularly hypocritical in calling for lenient laws when their home government is extremely strict on immigrants.

Eagle Mountain, UT

It seems that the legislature was so concerned about pleasing everyone that they have succeeded in pleasing no one. We can't just enforce the law because that's not compassionate enough so we have to roll out the welcome mat for anyone that wants to come here illegally. With all the concessions to the illegal immigrants in this bill I'm surprised they have the audacity to rally against it. What they really want is for there to be no consequences to their illegal behaviors. We are expected to look the other way and allow them to do as they please. I loved the bit about Utah doing "ugly" things to them. Well if that is true, they are certainly free to leave.

Smithfield, UT

Immigrants rights? Why should illegal immigrants have any rights? Sheesh.

Jonathan Eddy
Payson, UT

The first shall be last and the last shall be first. Maybe it's time for those that were forced out to reclaim what was stolen from their forefathers so decades ago. The native "Indians" of the Americas are taking back the lands of their inheritance. This is prophecy in the making.

Provo, UT

I think they had a protest organized, and decided to throw it anyway.

The bills passed copied current laws already in effect. The enforcement bill is secure communities, and the guest worker bill is the federal government "H" visa.

Do they think if they complain enough, we will think we won?

We didn't, we got nothing we didn't already have.

JK in S
Portland, OR

What I find so frustrating is the fact that the illegal immigrant community does not want to compromise. These bills will allow them to keep their families together, stay in the state, and actually get paid above minimum wage because they have a legal visa. What do they want? Sheeeesh!

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