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Published: Friday, March 4 2011 3:00 p.m. MST

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We the People
Sandy, UT

Please punish those here illegally and those that hire them. We do not need guest worker programs nor any other nonsense. Stop trying to be politically correct and starting enforcing our laws and uphold our sovereignty.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

guest worker bills violate both the Utah and US constitution. This misguided effort is wrong.

Roosevelt, utah

I am very disappointed with Utah's lawmakers. Their responsibility is to the Utah tax paying citizens NOT big business, industry, colleges, or religous organizations. The Utah taxpayer wanted enforcement. I hope you all remember who put us last when it comes time to vote again.

Tooele, UT

Please quit calling these bills Immigration bills , they are no such thing, and have nothing to do with immigration, these bills are aimed at illegal aliens so please use the correct term, the hodgepodge of bills stuffed together and emasculated by Bramble with the support of Wright are the wrong direction, Bramnesty is Pelosi style politics at its best, gut the enforcement and homogenize the rest into a Utah amnesty. I hope the senate is aware of the political cost if they try to shove this down our throats like Pelosi did with the health care mess, each House bill sent to the senate should be voted on individualy not as some mixed and fermented cluster of Bramsburger cheese.

Provo, UT

Brambles bill is right on the money! Those idiot RINOs (republicans in name only) have caved into external pressure from groups that do not have Utah's best interest in mind, to pass a Utah Illegal Sanctuary bill. This will NOT stand! There will be political payback at the polls next election!!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Sooo...lemme get this straight. there aren't enough jobs to go around...yet our state government wants to give illegal aliens "Guest Worker Permits". Doesn't the word "Guest" imply "One Who Was Invited" ? this lie is completely offensive. illegal aliens aren't "Invited"..if anything they are "intruders" those who force there way in without invitation , and in violation of the law.
...and offering education incentive programs to the children of these criminals...who also are "intruders" when the state's school system is cutting classes , and wondering where funding for the education of "our own" children is going to come from is "unfair" to our children , and those whose taxes pay for public education to begin with. the only people who benefit from "guest Worker Permits" , and education incentives for the children of illegal aliens , are the greedy corporations who should be being "punished' for hiring illegal aliens , and the people who aren't supposed to be in this country..let alone this state. its "plain-out bigotry" to give education incentives to a particular group of people while spending for others keeps dropping for all others.

Right or Wrong
Happy Valley, Utah

I still want to know what happened to getting rid of the driving privilege card?

By getting rid of this there is no racial profiling. No privilege to those that break the law. Compassion for those that do things the are supposed to.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

"right or wrong" If I'm not mistaken the "driving privilege card" HAS TO stay in place in order to accomodate the "guest worker" bill. (the illegal trespassers will need them theoretically to "register")

Taxpayers please BEWARE! Utah lawmakers are trying all sorts of ways to confuse the issues and get what the AMNESTY LOBBYISTS want!

Gov. Herbert, being the chief exec. in Utah (and being from the majority party of both the house and senate) SHOULD be taking the lead on this issue and SHOULD BE leading for enforcement ONLY. Email him and ask him WHY he doesn't do that!

Changing the bills' "sponsor" and using all sorts of maneuvering tactics I am afraid will result in Utahns being saddled with mostly "pro amnesty" legislation and the various lawmakers will all be blaming each other, round and round we go!!!

Utah citizens need the jobs. We DON'T need workers from other countries!

Roosevelt, utah

I am an irate taxpayer. I do not pay taxes to support illegal aliens. The share of taxes I contribute are for the benefit of all Utah children birthed by Utah & US Citizens. It is not my financial responsibility to see that illegal aliens and their children are cared for, educated, medicated, doctored or incarcerated.
I am asking every Utah tax paying citizen to please call or email Gov. Herbert about this issue. I have been emailing and calling all our state Representatives and demanding they take responsibility for supporting the wishes of Utah tax payers and not corporations and religious organizations. If we are going to prevail on this matter we need to scream loud enough to be heard.

jim l
West Jordan, UT

Legislators please pack your bags because i sure dont think that you will return. Is the air so thin up there at the capitol that you forgot who voted you in, and what they wanted you to do?

Salt Lake, UT

So if a undocumented student qualifies for a guest worker permit why does that mean we should subsidize their collage education. Utah is already paying $400 million a year to educate illegal alien children in K --> 12.
We don't want to add their collage education onto that bill.

"HB466, which would establish a partnership with the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon to supply workers to Utah, sailed through the House on Friday without a dissenting vote".

What are these house guys thinking? Everyone is telling them they want the illegals out of Utah and they are planning to "partner" with Mexico to bring more "workers" here. This is NUTS.

The citizens of Utah are very tired of paying for the costs of illegals. They want illegals out. If our elected representatives can't hear what we are saying then we want our elected officials out.

Call and email your elected officials and tell them if they pass "make illegal legal" bills they do so at the risk of their position. Utahns are really mad and we won't forget this before for the next election.

Salt Lake City, UT

Like so many others on this comment board, I am feeling completely frustrated and misled. Prior to and at the beginning of the legislative session, there was strong talk of enforcement laws with teeth, but now that has been pushed aside in favor watered-down, wimpy, "feel good" legislation. I am just waiting for some last-minute bill to pass that will basically give all sorts of privileges to the illegals, and the legal, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens will be left holding the bag, or more accurately, the bill. What is going on behind closed doors and behind our backs?? Business lobbyists? Leaders of various churches? What do we have to do to be heard? I have written my senator and representative several times apiece. One I didn't hear back from at all, and the other one sent an email saying my views would be "considered". What is there left for us to do? I feel like screaming!


The drivers privilege card is part of Wrights guest worker bill. I think the guest worker bill is a ploy to save the drivers privilege card, since it's part of the bill.

Senator Bramble was the insurance industries legislature of the year. It's not about America's workers, it's about selfish interests of individuals. Flooding the labor market is our Senates priority.

Orleans, IN

Stop complaining?

Use blue pages in your phone book, to locate your Utah State Representative and bombard them about their unconcerned attitude towards illegal immigration and massive hundred billion costs and your spiraling taxes to support them.. NumbersUSA has answers for their million plus person membership and where you can send free faxes

US Patriot
Taylorsville, UT

I'm tired of the bile the above positions represent. I'm tired of the emotionally-based talk with made up facts.
1. Even in this recession farms, hotels, resorts, and other places cannot get legal residents of Utah to work in jobs that immigrants will work in. I know I help more than 5,000 companies fill positions with legal workers.
2. Why shouldn't a farmer, who cannot fill his positions, have the right to bring people into clear his fields, or for legal citizens to sponsor family member living in other countries.
3. Many of the people you scream are illegal, are illegal only because you supported laws that made them illegal.
4. Most of the people screaming about illegal immigrants today are descended from people who came to this country without papers and were blasted by the citizenry of their day: Irish, Italians, Welsh, Chinese, and others.

jim l
West Jordan, UT

@ US Patriot==I havent heard that excuse for illegal immigration for along time. "They are only doing jobs that americans wont do." It was balogna back then and its stale balogna now. People that are illegal are illegal because they broke the law. They came across the border without permission. They dont have a right to be here. My ancestors come thru ellis island legally, and they did not sponge off from the system. They came to be americans. They were proud of their heritage, but they were americans.

Provo, UT

US Patriot, the government has the H-2A and H-2B visas for farm and agriculture work. Your excuses for breaking the law is not valid. The help is there already.

If business refuses to follow this countries law, why should the rest of us? I feel there is no reason for citizens to follow the laws, if we don't make everyone else.

Roosevelt, utah

US Patriot says "You supported laws that made them illegal". No We supported laws to keep them from entering the country illegally, there is a big difference bud. The US has laws in place that are supposed to prevent individuals from entering the US illegally, the US has laws that provide for guest workers, The US cannot open the flood gates and allow entrance into the US for anyone that wants to come. The US has limited resources and cannot take care of everyone in this world. BTW I know of a company that hires illegals and pays them 16+hr to do jobs that Utah citizens would love to have. They pay them under the table and do not have to provide benefits to them. So your rhetoric does not make sense.

jim l
West Jordan, UT

I cannot believe that our senators and reps. can go up on the hill and waste time on bills like having a state gun, or recognizing gold and silver coins as currency, or what to do about homeless cats, when there are more pressing issues like illegal immigration and how it is affecting the people or the citizens of utah. What about the economy, or jobs, or the loss of jobs?

Murray, UT

The worse thing the legislature can do is to not enforce laws that make a difference. Ignore your constituents and follow the needs of business.

It's just going to create greater resentment.

Email the Governors office, and tell him you are not going to accept this lack of action by our legislature.

By bringing back the drivers privilege cards, they are telling those here illegally that Utah approves of their law breaking. Not following the law is OK if it benefits business.

Take away a mans job and ability to feed his family, and he is going to build resentment and hate. We need the unions back, they kept immigration in check during the 50's-70's. They may be the only chance to save our jobs.

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