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Published: Friday, March 4 2011 11:00 a.m. MST

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Patrick Henry
West Jordan, UT

Let the enemies of the People in the House and Senate be identified and may their treacherous acts be burned into the memory and hearts of the People so that they will never re-elect them again.

Salt Lake City, UT

This week we have experienced the honor of BYU, and the utter lack of it by the Utah Legislature.

Lehi, UT

Can you say Secret Combination. What are they doing that they have to hide it? Either that or they are elitists and they figure us common folk aren't smart enough to understand what they are doing.

stupid news
Tooele, UT

For some reason Utah is not for its people. Why is there a NEED to hide information that should be public? Because the lawmakers know we will take exception to a vast majority of what they institute and they don't want to hear it. Kind of reminds me of the Brigham Young era and his penchant for secrecy. If you need to hide behind closed doors, then you are definitely up to no good!!!


Everyone here should write Gov. Herbert (the website makes it easy) and ask him to VETO this bill. WE have the right to know what our government is doing. It is the media's job to "dig up dirt" on our government.

We must remember who voted for this bill and fire them in the next election. I don't care who else is running. Anyone is better than the joker's who passed this bill!

Nicky Gee
Farmington, Utah

Special interests rule! Now they can text legislators en masse while you testify at committee meetings and tell them not to listen to you.

---Special Interests can dispel logic with outright fraudulent statements and lies.
---We will never know what the opposition claimed. We will never see the dragon we are fighting since text messages are not public information anymore.
---- Instead of reforming their ways legislators seek to hide the truth.

---- We thank the media for their revelations!!!

Ogden, UT

Where were all you complainers when Obama/Pelosi refused to hold public meetings on Healthcare reform? Behind close doors. Where were you when Pelosi was saying things like "you'll see what's in the bill when it's passed"? What happen to transparancy then? How about Obama's plans to designate huge parts of Utah and the southwest wilderness areas in an effort to shove the liberal "no drill anywhere" policy down our throats without public input OR approval of the legislature?

Seems you want transparancy when those you disagree with are calling the shots, and closed doors and secrecy when your ilk are in control.

Typical liberal hypocricy!

Sonra, Ut

What the State is trying to do is limit you access to information from agency's like ORS and the Ut State Taxation Records.
This is many ways that they will do this. Think, if they wanted to keep the media out of states business they could just limit the media to the information in which the state would give out.
One thing you have to remember is that ORS is one of the states largest money makers, and this agency is one of the most corrupt agency. The Nazi's of Hitler Germany did not have the control over the people like the destructive manner in which this agency has. And yet when you call the governor on it or States Senators they will run like they are told on.
New you will be limited to Internet access. It is coming

Salt Lake City, UT

Let the people get this on the ballot...

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

We will not forget this at the next election. Maybe this is the straw that breaks the elephant's back.

Hooper, UT


1) I have had experience with GRAMA, and the things the disingenuous folks on the Hill in SLC are saying is COMPLETE hogwash...there are provisions ALREADY in GRAMA that provide relief for the issues they raise...the ONE point they made was related to costs...point is, thoughtfull changes to the provisions that ALREADY EXIST was the prudent approach where they weigh the costs against transparency...what they did was basically say I'm tired of dealing with this, and shut it down w/o any consideration for anything else...it was intellectually lazy, and in my view heinous disregard for the spirit and intent of citizen legislators. 2)in case you haven't come to that conclusion, I read the Bill, 3)and I'm conservative...4)and you still haven't told me how you voted and why.

Anytime you want to debate the merits/details of why this is bad...name a time and place.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

look at where most of the legislators went to school.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

citizens gripe about our legislators every year. Is this now enough for them to carry their displeasure to the voting booth?

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

I just GOTTA laugh....

All the outrage about the secret Utah State Legislature, and no one willing to take a stand and vote these guys out because the have the letter "R".

Obama's a jerk, Utah State are Saints.

Give me a break.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

When it comes to government how is there any justification to reduce the transparency.

Charles History
Tooele, UT

We have the lowest voter turn out in the Country - these conservative legislatures are not going to be afraid of being kick out of office. They have this state locked up. YOUR vote does not COUNT.

Look at the new way they are putting people into the state school board - they are want like minded individuals and they know most people in this state do not care to vote.

We are No. 9 in Toxic environment list by Forbes, No. 1 for online Porn and dead last for voter tunout.

Why would any conservative believe this republic should change. More power for the few.

Somewhere in Utah, UT

This makes me wonder what the legislators have to hide. What back-room deals are they making? What trades are they making for contributions? What corruption or mis-deeds are they trying to hide?

There is no evidence, one way or the other, what actual perfidity (if any) they are perpetrating BUT it's curious that they don't want the people of the state to be able to see what they do. There is a real concern that, if they have nothing to hide, they wouldn't be trying to block access to their records.

Their so-called concerns are already addressed in the current GRAMA law. There is NO reason for this bill, except that they are trying to hide something. I really wonder what that "something" is.

Beaverton, OR

I cannot understand how this bill could possibly have been passed, and why it was rushed through.

So, full disclosure is right and good when it comes to the POTUS, but not the Republicans in the Utah House.

The hypocrisy is mind blowing.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

Of course Gov. Herbrrt wont veto this. That would require courage.

St. George, Utah

did any of you really think this bill would fail? ha ha this is your goverment doing the same old song and dance to the brain washed voting sector to convince you that the people on capital care about any of you. the casino manager of the MGM ran for county commisioner for a salary of 37.000 and was working for 140.000 a year and asked why he was willing to take a cut in pay like that and he replied. because I care about the people of Nevada . anybody want to buy a bridge ? he never got the position

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