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Published: Friday, March 4 2011 11:00 a.m. MST

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Provo, UT

Actually, the Democrats in this state consistently take moderate positions that are closer to public opinion than the Republicans. But the citizens of this state are well-trained to vote R.

Grantsville, Utah


You are right on, and the dems will never be a force in Utah because of gerry mandered districts. Look at your maps and the way the districts are divided. The strongest pockets of dems in the state are divided into several heavily republican districts. We would be a stronger better state with a strong two party state regardless of who was in the majority.

Cedar City, UT

OF course they passed it. Let them know how bad this makes them look. A statesmen would not want to HIDE behind their public service. Herbert needs to take the time to at least explain the bill to the public before he signs it, or it is going to hurt him as well. So much for Transparency.

Lifelong Republican
Orem, UT

This is disgusting.

I'm sad to call myself a Republican.

Last election I voted all Democrat in my local and state elections and Republican in the national races.

I advise you to do the same.

This is WAY out of control.

Draper, UT

While I agree that it is likely that the Republican party will likely rule the legislature because they account for the majority of residents in this State. But I for one will vote out all incumbents just so they can remember who they work for and if they continue to ignore their residents interest I will vote out the next republican elected in their place and i will continue to do so until such time as the representative that holds this office listens to the constituents he represents and acts with 100% transparency. Unlike the U.S. Congress where we are reluctant to similarly vote out our senior representatives because of the powerful committies they sit on as it takes years to achieve such national senority and it is hard to give this up. But such is not the case in the State Legislature so I for one am happy to vote them out.

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT

I support having a government. Utah doesn't have one... we have a bunch of people who get elected and do whatever they want and half the time they get re-elected because of party-line voters and those who vote for the people they personally know. I am a strong conservative who is sick of Utah's legislature.

They will be held accountable... now or later, there is no avoiding it. Whatever is secret now cannot remain secret forever.

Provo, UT


You're absolutely right. Moderate dems in Utah (who would probably run as moderate Republicans in any other state) just can't catch a break because people in Utah just don't pay attention. They assume that the GOP is going to represent their moderate, mainstream opinions--and they're only just now starting to wake up to the fact that the GOP in charge of this state is an extremist organization that pushes for positions far more on the fringe than most Utahns realize. And the dems in Utah just don't have the $$$ and clout to get the message out that their moderate message is actually far more resonant with most mainstream Utahns than the extremist far-right GOP in Utah is.

And yes, the GOP uses gerrymandering to keep it that way. Let me give you an example and a prediction: Lane Henderson, who ran for Utah County Commissioner as a democrat in 2010, was a Republican who fled the party because it got too extreme. His house in Salem is out in the middle of a field. What do you wanna bet he's gerrymandered to prevent him from running for statehouse?


Utah's senate resembles Obama's policies. They ram things through without proper time for discussion, they bail out business by killing immigration enforcement?

Maybe they should start explaining why they should be trusted, and why we should vote for them next election.

Time to get a citizens initiative to kill our caucus system.

Sandy, UT

1. How many posters actually read this bill? I daresay perhaps NONE.

2. How many posters understand this bill impacts the media most, who just happen to have 100% control over how the bill is presented in this newspaper and in all other outlets?

3. How many posters understand that if the bill impacts media most, then media just MIGHT not be the best place to go to get your information about the bill?

4. Think it is a coincidence that nearly 100% of the posters bought into the media's representation of this bill, and I'd daresay nearly all have not read the bill but have only read what the media wants them to think about the bill?

We simply must be a smarter citizenry. You cannot get your information from a biased source and believe yourself to be well educated on an issue. Read the bill through a few times and then let's hear from you about the specifics you are opposed to.

Salt Lake City, UT

'I support having a government. Utah doesn't have one... we have a bunch of people who get elected and do whatever they want and half the time they get re-elected because of party-line voters and those who vote for the people they personally know. I am a strong conservative who is sick of Utah's legislature.' - 'A voice of Reason | 10:11 p.m. March 4, 2011



Salt Lake City, UT

For a bill that is universally panned, where is the published roll call vote so we know who to fire in 2 years? Waddoups and his cronies hope we'll forget this assault on our freedoms, but it sounds like 2/3 of these cowards need to go and soon. Shame they've tried to block online signature for the proposition of ballot measures, since this is a great candidate for citizen recall.

Blue Bolshevik
Salt Lake City, UT

Sergeant Schultz covering for Colonel Klink.

Red Smith
American Fork, UT

Governor Herbert must stand up and VETO this bill.

If he won't, he should not be re-elected.

Clearly the people are opposed to this mid-night bill.

Our legislature exempted themselves from open record laws.

Our legislature won't give up gifts and won't pass a gift ban like New Jersey.

Governor Hebert, give us some leadership and VETO this bill.

Kearns, UT

That sounds like the end of open and transparent government in Utah. They have received the everlasting seal of approval for continued secret government wheeling and dealing behind closed doors and a government of no accountability.

Rocky Mtn Lady
Columbus, MS

What is going on behind closed doors? The people have already spoken. We want open and fair government as well as legislators with integrity. It would seem in Utah we have neither.

Kiwini 52
Salt Lake City, UT

People who run for office do so knowing full well that everything they say and do will be scrutinized by those who elected them. The passage of HB477 the peoples representatives have voted to keep secret their doings. I wonder what they are doing or want to do that needs to be kept secret from those they are supposed to be looking after.
I just read a book that talked about people who govern in such a manner. I include a passage from that book, those Gadianton robbers filling the judgment-seatshaving usurped the power and authority of the land; laying aside the commandments of God, and not in the least aright before him; doing no justice unto the children of men (Helaman 7:4).

Centerville, UT

I am less concerned about the speed at which this bill was passed by both chambers. I am very concerned about its content. It is not supported by Utahns, who feel like government should be accountable to The People, voters and citizens. Stating that the average citizen will not feel any impact from this becoming law is a diversion statement...of course they won't because the average citizen doesn't seek government documents. We depend upon the media and news organizations to do that for us.

Just reading through this comment board gives a sense that Utahns are outraged by this. I cannot wait for the next few election cycles. I will serially vote against any and all incumbents, as the incumbents are not representing us well.

Willard, UT

Because this is a Church State, The Legislatue know the Devil will get them for their un popular decisions against the public.
More and more Laws to trap the citizens in Utah.
We need Laws that will trap Legislature People in mis Conduct.
We can not count on The Utah Judicial Conduct Comission, I have been there and they refuse to work, They refuse to work for the People!

open minded
Lehi, UT

END THE CAUCUS SYSTEM. This is what we get when only 2% of voters decide who we elect. The only way to end the rule of the FAR RIGHT (when most Utahans are moderate right) is to create open primary elections. That way moderate GOP will run our state and not the radicals who have been bought off by special interests. The caucuses are ripe with special interest groups- not the average member of the GOP. We need change, accountability, and openness- not what we have now.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Obama the socialist shouldnt have never passed this bill!! Oh wait, State Republicans did.. im confused, let me check who the church endorses, that should settle things for me.

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