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Published: Friday, March 4 2011 11:00 a.m. MST

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Honest Abe
Salt Lake City, UT

When the legislature voted their own ethics rules and thwarted the citizens initiative for ethical government, they insisted that disclosure is what is important, specifically when it comes to gifts from lobbyists.

Now that the legislature has little to fear since they made it virtually impossible for citizens to vote for real ethical change, it appears they are now incorporating non-disclosure as part of governing.

Honest, as a Republican, I do not like our Utah Republican Legislature. We need new leadership!

American Fork, UT

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Sanpete, UT

What a great day. The people who work for us get to look at everything we're doing yet we do not get to see what they are doing. Tell me why we put up with OUR employees doing things like this that actually HURT us.

Farmington, UT

Of course they had to rush it through because ordinary folks wouldn't support it. well done, Legislators (sarcasm). All voters need to remember this come election time (but they won't).

Ferron, UT

What are you going to do? Force some districts to only allow democrats to represent them? There is nothing you can do about the majority or the "one party system" of this state. It is what it is. Republicans are there because their constituents voted them there. A private conversation with a private citizen is just that, private.

Stockton, UT

I believe that a private citizen having a private conversation with a legislator (whether in person, via phone, or via text/email) should remain private. If current law does not allow that, then it should be changed.

HOWEVER, I am concerned about how quickly this bill has moved. Does it only protect what are truly private conversations? Or does it allow some government business to be conducted secretly?

That all said, this bill was passed with bipartisan support and has nothing to do "one party rule" in Utah. The proportion of elected democrats to elected republicans simply reflects how people vote. In business terms, the Democrats are not selling a product most Utahns want to buy. It would be good to have more competition in Utah politics. But I can't force the Democrats to be more competitive. If they want to push a hard left, socialist agenda that centers on attacking self-defense rights, wealth redistribution, redefining marriage, and defending late term elective abortions of convenience, most Utahns won't vote for them.

Lindon, UT

The previous law already allowed for private conversations. The law was based the content-- private (stop and get some milk, dear) or public (make sure company X wins the bid for project Y). This makes EVERYTHING private even then is it totally official business no matter how shady. This is a direct result of the people finding out embarrassing things. You think it's been bad, just wait. But we'll never know about it. Utah needs a memory that lasts till the next election.

Syracuse, UT

Seriously? This is the USA? Utah? Not China? Not Russia? This has to be a joke...

Kaysville, UT

Senator Adams and every other Senator that voted for this bill stole the public trust. As such they are branded thieves and are unfit for Public Office. Citizens of the State of Utah remember this day. If any senator think this will be forgottne they are sadly mistaken. They just put Utah on the map for Chicago Style politics. They do not represent the State but their own selfish, dishonest interests.

tooele, utah

Don`t ya just love it when politicians think they need to hide the public`s business from you?
Who do these hucksters think they are anyway?
Ever wonder what happened to the America you grew up in? Take a real good look ... the answer is staring you right in the face!
In the future be real careful whom you vote for there are freedom haters hiding in every nook and cranny!

Powell, OH

What are they working so hard to hide from the taxpayers?

Salt Lake, UT

So a UDOT employee is sleeping with an employee of the company that wins the I-15 Core bid and the taxpayers shouldn't have access to their email and texts. That stinks.

This is really getting out of control. If the law makers don't want to be embarrassed they should stop doing things they would be embarrassed about. How about a little honesty and integrity?

The Utah voters need to start kicking these guys to the curb and electing representatives that will be honest and do the will of the people.

I'm disgusted.

Clearfield, UT

As a transplant from another state I can't help but see....that control of public access is being exerted by the Church by its upper echelon to another upper echelon, because after all....two upper echelons in this Utah society would want to hide its agenda from the masses! Just an outside of the culture observation!

Hooper, UT

@Still Blue after all these years

based on your post, I'd say there are two of us...

Folks, I'm a conservative...as such my views resonate with those who are Republicans...but I really have little use for either party. Neither PARTY has a solid grasp on ethical behavior, so the partisan hack jobs are just silly...

I will say though, that the party in clear majority seems to be operating on par with the Reid and Pelosi "gang"...Reid and Pelosi took a nice haircut during the midterms...just make sure it happens in Utah...as much as ole bob bennett hates the tactic...someone different is the call to action folks...vote em all out...be polite, smile...but stop listening to them, and remind them to enjoy the scenery, because next cycle its going to change no matter what they do at this point...they are fired.

Cedar City, UT

The people of this state are being run by the Gestapo, the conservative, one-party rule that hides their underhanded dealings against the people of this state.

If there was any trust in the government of this state, it is completely gone. Is there not suppose to be transparency in what our lawmakers do? Whatever happened to this Freedom of Information Act?

Utah is already the most restrictive State in our Union and we don't need anymore restrictions on our right to know what they are doing.

Ogden, UT

One party system? Dirty little legislators?

Last I checked, there were Democrats in this state. Plenty of them. Are you liberals willing to call the North East the Land of a single party - democrats? Of course not.

In the end, this will have nearly zero effect on the average citizen obtaining whatever information they desire. It will largely effect the media's relentless requests for every piece of communication made - just in case there is something in there.

Our legislators are generally good people doing the best they can - well, maybe a question about Chris Buttars.

It is a sign of the insatiable selfishness and immaturity of our society when the reaction to things you don't like are tantrums and vitriol.

Grow up folks...

Mr. Bean
Hicksville, Mexico


"In the end, this will have nearly zero effect on the average citizen obtaining whatever information they desire."

The average citizen seldom goes after this type of information. It's the media that we count on to get in our legislators' faces and dig out what is going on beneath the surface.

"It will largely effect the media's relentless requests for every piece of communication made - just in case there is something in there."

The citizen has the right to dig for dirt... just in case there is some. Legislators should not be dealing in dirt. And citizens need to know when/if they do. We pay their salaries and should be allowed to know what's going on in their brains. If they want to be private they need to resign and return to private live.

"Our legislators are generally good people doing the best they can..."

The best way to keep them good people is to be able to review what they're doing.

"...well, maybe a question about Chris Buttars."

I rest my case.

"Grow up folks..."

The first step to a tyrannical government is secrecy.

Charles History
Tooele, UT


Are there any conservatives in this state that will stand up and say hey this is a good bill?

Please wake up Utah, these legislatures are for them and their friends. Why do we keep wanting these people elected?

I guess I am right; liberals are for an open for-the-people government and the conservatives like to keep things hidden and shady.

Hooper, UT


well, how'd you vote today, and why?

Salt Lake City, UT

Who needs checks and balances anyways. I'm sure our government will always do the right thing, there's no need for us wee little peasants to look after them.

I'm not religious at all, but I agree with "Still Blue" this bill is evil and it's aim is to keep Utahn's in the dark.

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