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Published: Friday, March 4 2011 11:00 a.m. MST

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CHS 85
Sandy, UT

We want to do it today. It will complicate matters if it has a weekend to fester, Waddoups said. He said he did not want senators subjected to pressure from the bills opponents over the next two days.

Is that a joke? Letting people think about the ramificiations of the bill over a weekend is "festering?" What has thought ever done for anyone, anyway?

I used to be a FOIA manager, so I understand how intrusive the media can be when digging up information while researching stories, BUT, government business is the people's business and government should not hide what they are doing on theier goverment (taxpayer) provided computer, cell phone, etc.

This is just going to end a lawsuit that the state will lose, and lose big.

Festering? Wow, what ignorance. This is so reminiscent of the USSR and their state-run media.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Dirty dirty legislators, is their a raise attached too?
Doing there best to protect themselves against the laws they pass on the citizens of this state.

American Fork, UT

I heard that the Utah Senate was also set to pass and Enabling Act.

Saint George, UT

So Much For Transparency In The Goverment.
Just An Other To Hide The Truth From Us.

Murray, UT

We need more, not less disclosure, from our government.
The arrogancy of our republican dominated legislator has no bounds.
They have refused to hold themselves to any meaningful ethics laws.
They already try to skirt around open meeting laws, by calling public meetings private planning sessions
Now they do not want anyone knowing about their public e-mails, and text messages, by calling those private converstations as well.
So a legislator is voting on a law, and gets a text message from a lobbyist during the vote.
They do not believe that the public has the right to know who texted them, and what the text said?
What are they trying to hide?
Based upon the news reports I have seen, they have alot to hide.
Only evil likes to hide in the dark. evil hates the light, because it shows the world what it is doing.

John C. C.
Payson, UT

Anything this controversial must be discussed openly and deliberately, especially when so much of this year's legislation is concentrating more power at the state level.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Dishonest people, who wish to hide the truth from the voters.

Thank you for our one party system, Utah.

Dewey Hewson
Eagle Mountain, UT

Nobody likes to do this in an election year, Waddoups said. So now is the time.

Yep, nothing like a year where you don't have to answer to the people to pass your real agenda.

Too bad the Utahn people never seem to remember this open disdain for them every time they go to the polls.

Durham, NC

You give them a little power, and this is what is done with it. The government is too busy to keep those who elected them into office informed about what they are doing in the public's name. The public or citizens of the state are just too much of a hassle.


The true agenda is becoming less and less transparent.

Sugar City, ID

I've attended Realtor meetings in several states and without exception a substantial part of the meeting was soliciting contributions to RPAC (Realtors Political Action Committees. It was always referred to as job protection. Do you think they wanted their interactions with Legislators made public?

Salt Lake City, UT

'SALT LAKE CITY The Senate is expected to pass a fast-tracked bill Friday afternoon that would greatly restrict the public's access to government records...' - Article


TSA, Patriot Act, warrentless wire taps, all these are levied at average joe public...

however our elected leaders shouldn't be BOTHERED by such petty demands.

My email at work is open to review, at any time, without my consent.

The fact that Waddoups supports this dirty bill is no surprise to me.

I guess the promise of more 'open discourse' by Republicans is, once again, a lie.

*'How the House GOP promise to cut $100b became $32b' - By Luke Russert - NBC - 02/03/11

Since any legislation by Republicans has not seen ONE comittee.

Chicago style politics?
Back room doors?

Where are all my conservative friends, who claimed Obama did this very thing...


Moab, UT

I might have suspected this coming from the Democratic Party, but Republican Party? Maybe they are afraid we will find out more of them are involved in vices that would embarass their grandmothers.

Sugar City, ID

Why would you have expected this of the Democratic Party?

Midway, UT

Sounds like its time to recall Waddoups and Dougall.

~Come on home boys! Come on home!
The power done gone to your head, so come on home!~

A Tropical Paradise USA, FL

The bill, HB477, which would make wide-ranging changes to the Government Records Access Management Act, passed the Senate Rules Committee on a 5-2 vote.

One would think this is just a cover-up Bill, to hide the illegal's better while in Utah's school's etc.

I guess they are scared of ICE.

Ya think?.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Republicans make me sick!

I've never seen a bigger group of hypocrites in all my 52 years.

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

All power tends to corrupt. Absolute power corrupts absolutely especially when you have long term one party rule as in Utah. Where are the checks and balances? They get away with all this because you keep them in office; they have no reason to fear accountability as due to their party affiliation theyll win regardless of their self serving shortsighted actions. Make them accountable or all you have is a dictatorship by quorum.

Provo, UT

Wake up, folks. This is what happens when you have a one-party system.


--the ranking majority member in the senate resigns in shame for a DUI
--the ranking majority member in the house resigns in shame for hot-tubbing nude with a minor, AND a DUI
--the governor is either criminally involved in or utterly oblivious to a scheme to give millions of dollars to the LOSER of a huge construction bid

And even more recently:
--legislators defeat ethics legislation on promises to watch the henhouse themselves
--legislators redistribute wealth from the poor to the rich by trying to raise taxes on food so they can lower them on luxury goods
--and now, they try to shut down the channel of information that we, the public, need in order to at least find out how they're abusing us.

I swear, all you have to do to be elected in Utah is say "Socialism! Obama! Abortion! BOO!" And then once you get into office you can do whatever you want, as long as you keep that "R" after your name.

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

carabaoU, I think the evidence is that it is typically the Repubs in this state that act like they are above the law/accountability. And speaking of law or laws, they also feel okay to enact legislation to help their own business interests or those of their friends and chose pensions for themselves over helping the poor; regular King George's they are.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

This has nothing to do with a one party system. I'm probably more conservative than every legislator we have and find this bill repulsive. This is plain cowardice and stupidity. Darkness is Satan's realm, light is Christ's realm. Republicans are not the problem, stupid Republicans are the problem!

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