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Published: Wednesday, March 2 2011 5:00 p.m. MST

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Marysville, WA

The timing of this story is great--and greatly appreciated. Reno, you did it right, and we thank you for your courage and class.

Brandon, every fan I know and have talked to today is fully behind you, and wishes you well. Come back if you can. Stand tall, and we'll stand with you.

Bottom Line
Draper, UT

Thanks Reno. The Bottom Line is the program is bigger than one individual. Brandon, I admire your basketball skills. May God bless you during this time. If it makes any difference, I do not judge you, but only hope the best for you.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Here's hoping Brandon will follow in Reno's shoes!

Idaho guy
Meridian, ID

Thanks for the great words of advice Reno! Davies, listen to the man, he is right. My heart goes out to you that this is so public. Know that there are plenty of people who love and respect you and wish you the best in working your way back. Good luck man, I'm behind you and hope for the best for you!

Orem, UT

Brandon is already on the right track. Dave Rose reported tonight that Brandon self-reported his Honor Code violation.

Not only does that take enormous courage, considering the public embarrassment and consequences of letting down himself, his teammates and his school, but it also shows that he's taking responsibility for his actions.

Good luck Brandon as you work through this!

Thanks Reno! You're a great guy and your story is very much appreciated at this time.

We spoke briefly at Harvey's wedding. You had a little more facial hair then.

Ricardo Carvalho
Provo, UT

Knowing that Brandon self-reported makes a world of difference. Can you imagine the courage this took knowing the potential effect on the team. Indeed, I think Brandon is on the right track and will make a strong comeback. That kind of courage is capable of overcoming mistakes. Good luck Brandon.

Tucker, GA

Reno was so much fun to watch at Brighton HS and at BYU. But his attitude here is even more meaningful and helpful.

Thanks Reno

Doctor J
Manti, UT

I hope Brandon comes back. He is an awesome post player. He will have a great basketball career at BYU or somewhere else...But I hope it is at BYU!

Everyone Makes Mistakes in Life! Often times that is the best time to learn.

Keep working hard Brandon and we hope you stay at BYU!

Salt Lake City, ut

I can respect Reno Mahe, not only did he admit his mistake but he learned from it, matured from it, and decided to come back and made the most with his career. I hope we dont judge young players for mistakes they make. If he were anywhere else besides byu no one would care and he would still be playing ball.

Danbury, CT

It takes a lot of guts for Davies to come forward like this with so much on the line. He could have waited until the end of the season. That shows a real man. I hope he comes back and not only plays well but does exceptionally well in school and prepares for a career. This lesson will be invaluable to him in his life and he can serve as an example to many other kids.

West Jordan, UT

Brandon, I think most BYU fans want you back and I hope you do come back. I just wish the best for you and hope the best will be at BYU.

Good luck!

Sugar City, ID

Thanks Reno and good advice to Davies. This may be better publicity for BYU than winning the national championship.

Come On
Salt Lake City, UT

I think the not judging part is long gone! For being Christian people we aren't very compassionate either.

Salt Lake City, ut

@Come On
Depends if you are trying to live the Gospel or not. There are plenty of people who judge and hold grudges, to those people best of luck. For the majority of LDS members who are byu fans they will forgive and forget, did you read any comments the last two days? Fans were very understanding and didnt blame byu or Davies at all.

Lehi, UT

I think it's funny that some people are mocking the Honor Code and judging BYU for enforcing it while people like Reno and Davies (and others) broke it, were punished, and then took the necessary steps so that they could return to the same school and Honor Code. I have yet to hear any of these guys complain about the Honor Code. I think their opinion regarding the Honor Code carries far more weight than the ones who speak negatively against it.

I'm a Utah fan and always smile when BYU gets beat but I am huge fan of the Honor Code. People can learn a great lesson from Davies and BYU. I look forward to seeing play next year.

Snowflake, AZ

@Come On
"I think the not judging part is long gone! For being Christian people we aren't very compassionate either."

How is the "not judging part gone"? Do you expect BYU to say, "that's alright, you made a mistake, but no one is perfect, we will just act as if nothing happened"? BYU is not saying that Davies is damned, they are only saying that there has to be consequences for his actions.

If a person makes an agreement and then doesn't keep their part of agreement, shouldn't their be some accountability? There must be consequences or there is no reason to make agreements and have rules.

Fresno, CA

I thought about Reno when this story broke. His returning to BYU has always impressed me. Thank you Reno for sharing your advice with Brandon.

Woods Cross, UT

Reno, thank you.
Brandon, I hope you read all the comments on this article. We stand with you my brother. We love and support you. You have shown great courage, especially considering the time you came forward during the basketball season. Much as I hate saying this, I would rather see the team lose in the first round of the tournament than not enforcing the Honor Code.
You did well. You have my respect.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

After seeing the game, I free for James Anderson as well. What a difficult position to be put into

Layton, UT

Davies did disappointed me. There are 100 other players out there who would have loved to have been in his shoes ... and not messed up. But that's life ... and we move on. Best wishes to Davies in the future.

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