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Published: Wednesday, March 2 2011 9:00 a.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT



When will this school realize that you will NEVER have a top athletic team(basketball or football) with the honor code around?

Your best shot in 20 years to be nationally relevant and..


This will go down as one of the most epic failures of a team in NCAA history.

Kearns, UT

In this case, fame/success is certainly working against BYU and Davies. It's unfortunate that this is being discussed all over ESPN and other outlets. It has to be humiliating to the kid who made a mistake. As a Utah fan, were BYU stuck in a basketball rut like we are, nobody would care about this, and Davies wouldn't be facing the media attention he is.

springville, UT

One more thing Crissy, when your as deep as BYU you just plug in the next player and move forward. Another thing that a ute fan would know nothing about....

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Front Page of ESPN:

"Dream Turns Into Nightmare"

Just as TDS thought they would be nationally relevant - gone.

Congrats on your 1 NCAA win in 20 years - see ya again in 2030.


Orem, UT

I truly feel sorry for you Chris B.

Anyone who takes such delight in the misfortunes of others has serious problems that are not being dealt with.

For BYU, Coach Rose, Brandon, and Jimmer, this may be their finest hour.

A chance to prove that "honor" isn't something they just talk about, but a chance to prove that they truly believe in honoring their commitments.

In that regard, BYU couldn't have finer ambassadors than Coach Rose and Jimmer to respresent what BYU stands for.

Even more remarkable, the courage of Brandon to address his issues in the glare of the national media.

After watching the media circus surrounding Harvey Unga, he knew exactly what was in store when he decided to voluntarily confess his Honor Code violation at this most agonizingly crucial time in BYU basketball history.

I've met and talked with both of these young men, and both of them have exemplified great character in the face of these extremely difficult personal issues.

Good luck Brandon, wherever this fork in the path of life may lead you.

meg davies
Syracuse, Utah

If you knew this kid personally you'd be impressed- he was adopted by a single mother out of the Streets of Philadelphia- he has been giving every cent of his income to his mother- It has been brought up in a good home and has alot of extended family that will route for him no matter what realm of Life he takes- he has already proved himself above most young men in his place in life-He comes from a good upbringing though may not afford a mission- the calloused comments about 9.5 percent are not called for- he went up against the same temptations that any other 19 year old boy would and that many other students at BYU are doing -sad that this has gone National

Salt Lake City, UT

It's unfortunate in situations like these that the Utah fanbase is sometimes represented by bloggers such as Chris B and hedgehog.

Please understand BYU fans, that the majority of Utah fans are not like that.

I wish Brandon the best and hope to see him back playing for BYU in the future.

In the meantime, good luck to Cougars in the NCAA tournament.

Utah Fan2
Anaheim, CA

These excerpts from one of the articles sum up best what the BYU Honor Code is all about:

"I don't understand Brigham Young. Not the man, not the University, not the religion associated with both... But I understand the BYU mission, and at risk of seeming like a naive kid, I love it... BYU put honor above wins, possibly even above a national championship... and at risk of seeming like a naive kid, I love it."

Good luck BYU.

And Brandon, get your act together, and get back to playing for Coach Rose.

Becky T
West Jordan, Utah

I think it's sad that this young man's private life is being discussed all over the country. I know that every student is required to sign an honor code agreement before they can attend classes at BYU, but I think when the code is broken it should be a private matter for the student. This family is dealing with very personal matters that should be kept personal. I don't think it's fair that because he attends BYU and signed an agreement that he has to deal with the added stress of having his violation announced and discussed. I wish Mr. Davies and his family the best, and I would hope that BYU fans will understand that there is more at stake for this young man and his family right now than the outcome of your basketball season.

scenic view
Baltimore, MD

The nation is watching and BYU performing like a true champion both on and off the court.

There's much more to life than basketball and BYU couldn't have asked for a bigger stage to demonstrate what the mission of the church and BYU are all about.

Good luck tonight against the Lobos!

It's time for Jimmer and company to show just what they're made of.

And good luck to Brandon! CougarNation is pulling for you son!

Salt Lake City, ut

Again props to byu basketball they have had a amazing season. My whole problem with this was how it was made public by the school. Whats up with that? Way to establish Honor by publicly embarrassing one of your starting players. No one wants its known to the national media, I am sure this is the last thing he wanted to happen. You can defend the Code thats fine but I think its very Letter of the Law more than Spiritual.

metamora, IL

TO demonstrate the kind of courage and integrity that Brandon Davies has in this situation is remarkable in a such a young man. I truly hope he can correct his mistake and return to the team. He will be the better player for it.

dallas realist
rockwall, texas

chris b.
are you saying that real athletes have no morals ? there are plenty of players that go to the U and follow this same honor code because of religion. have some class. just because it's college doesn't mean you cant be responsible!

Somewhere in Time, UT

Dear Ufan: Thanks. You have a lot of class.

I'm so proud of BYU for being the institution that it is. I'm so proud that we have shown that we believe in and practice honor even when it might cost us worldly glory.

I agree with Blue Coug. I'm truly sorry for Chris B.

I wish Brandon the best in working through his problems and I hope we'll see him on the basketball court at BYU next year.

Arlington, VA

I'm looking forward to seeing how Jimmer and the other Cougars react to this very disappointing turn of events.

Brandon is a tough kid and he'll bounce back. It took a lot of courage for him to make such a difficult confession at such a critical time for him and BYU.

Hugh G. Hater

Davies is taking responsibility. Good for him.
Meanwhile ute recruits will continue to get in gang fights and have their
records sanitized.

Hopefully JFredette can turn it up a notch and lead the team on.

John C. C.
Payson, UT

I'm glad to see a university value an honor code over fame. Too bad the player had to have his situation become national news. That's the price of prominence. I hope to see the player back again.

Park City, UT

Hugh G. Hater

Don't stoop to Chris B's level.

Most of the athletes that play for Utah are just as honorable and upstanding as BYU athletes.

The only difference is BYU athletes have a higher standard that they're expected to officially represent.

Palo Alto, CA

Cheer up BYU fans; all is not lost.

Brandon was a key player, but Coach Rose is an excellent coach and he'll make the necessary adjustments to fill the void left by Brandon's departure.

Getting a #2 seed and having to play without one of their starters may actually help BYU advance farther in the tournament than they might have with Davies. Some teams may underestimate the Cougars because BYU isn't at full strength, and the Cinderalla shoe is now firmly back on.

The Jimmer Show and Cinderalla, with the BYU Honor Code as a backdrop. BYU couldn't have planned a bigger stage to expose the mission of BYU.

Good luck Brandon; you're learning a tough lesson, but you'll pull through and be a better person for it.

Mapleton, UT

to Chris B; more teams, more sports should have an honor code. What we see in sports today is a bunch of 'hoodlums', young men and women that become 'famous' and don't know how to act in society. We see drug use, illegitimate children, and other problems with behavior. We need more emphasis on honor and less importance of winning.

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