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Published: Tuesday, March 1 2011 2:00 p.m. MST

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dinosaur jr.
Alpine, UT

I'd suggest that the language, chants, etc. of SDSU fans would receive a similar rating as the film "Anchorman" depicting the great Ron Burgundy. So since you clearly enjoyed that movie, I don't think you should be too offended.

New Haven, CT

SDSU isn't so bad, trying and succeeding at being funny. Try going into the muss as a byu fan at the byu utah football game. People were making fun of the temple and specifically sacred things. They were spitting, throwing food, and blowing tabacco and possibly a little pot smoke on us, slapping women, soft punching, and at one point we had 50 fans chanting a particular expletive-laden chant at us.

Provo, UT

As a BYU fan, I don't find SDSU fans that offensive. They are clever and funny. Given I've never been to a game there as a BYU fan, but I have been to plenty at the U. Utah fans try to be as offensive and make more religious references. I have never had a positive experience in Salt Lake City for a rivalry game. I went to the BYU vs Notre Dame game a few years ago and couldn't have had more of a blast and respect from their fans. I hope that they will feel the same when their fans come to Provo.

San Marcos, CA

Guess what... BYU won't have to worry about the awful SDSU fans after next week.


I hope you realize that this behavior is seen at every sporting event at every school. There are "bad and rude" fans everywhere. Unfortunately they give the entire school a bad name. I sat at the USU/BYU basketball game this year as an Aggie fan with my family and was appalled at the harsh comments and gestures that were sent our way when cheering for the Aggies. So don't think that BYU is above this. I am man enough to admit that my team has fans that are rotten too.

Newton, Utah

Stay Classy, SDSU? What about Stay Classy, BYU?

We are frequently reminded about 1984, so isn't it fair to go back just a few years to a certain BYU quarterback and his comments after his senior year meeting with Utah? How about a BYU basketball player who graduated last year, who on national TV in a moment of angst mouthed what appeared to be profanity?

When composing an article like this, is it not convenient to remember those instances, where we have had to explain why a representative of BYU would do something like that? Or is it okay because they are on the team, not just fans of the team?

Maybe it is time to reload this article, and remind BYU players and fans that letting their light shine is what is intended, to avoid future situations as mentioned above.

Kearns, UT

Is it also classy for fans to chant "Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey, Goodbye" after beating your rival at home in regards to their coach possibly being fired? I believe that has occurred in Ray Giacoletti's last game in Provo, as well as just occurred with Jim Boylen a few weeks ago.

Having travled to many Utah sporting events on the road, the worst experiences I've ever had with opposing fans were at UCLA for football and BYU for both football and basketball, hands down. But I'm sure there's a valid excuse for all of those instances right Cougar fans.

La Crescenta, CA

I agree with the others who posted. I didn't think SDSU fans were that bad, but I didn't attend the game. If the worst thing they can say is "wives for rent" then I'm fine with that. I don't understand the dressing up as a missionary thing, but it also doesn't bother me. I've been to games at the U that were much worse. I've also been to games at the U were I sat by some very respectiful Utah fans that made me realize that it isn't fair to paint fans of one team with just one brush. You get all types with all schools. I was sitting three rows behind the kid who jumped over the railing at LES and tackled the cheerleader from Utah, who then turned the tables on the BYU fan. I'm not proud of that BYU fan but he doesn't represent anyone else--not even those of us sitting close to him. The classless fans do their own damage by looking stupid to everyone who sees them. They are their own punishment.

Riverton, UT

They are much improved. SDSU student sections used to moon the opposing bench at EVERY home football game. I didn't see any of that. Good job Aztecs.

Chuck Nunn
Logan, UT

Fellow Latter-day Saints, is any of this new to us? The world doesn't care about insulting us or mocking us, it never has, and that will never change. A lot of this stuff is not different really than what happens at any college basketball game anywhere in the country. Fans of the home team routinely find some hook they can use to taunt visiting opponents, and for BYU, it's our faith. Get used to it. In fact, take a little solace in the Lord's words to Moroni: "Fools mock, but they shall mourn." I reckon a good deal of mourning was done in San Diego after Saturday's game. The Cougars had the last laugh, and that's just fine with me.

Syracuse, UT

Really did someone just bring up Max Halls comments on here? What about Morgan Scalley's or Alex Smiths comments? I don't think the SDSU fans are funny at all they are obnoxious immature students, who most couldn't figure out that people were cutting in line to get tickets.

Somewhere in Time, UT

I attended both BYU and Utah. I have attended games at both universities. I have very occassionally seen a BYU fan behave badly and when they do, it makes me cringe.

BUT, I have NEVER seen ANY BYU fan behave in ways that I have seen MANY Utah fans and Utah State fans behave. I've never seen any BYU fan attack anyone's religion. I've never seen any BYU fan throw garbage at old men as they are walking up the stands. I've never seen any BYU fan use filthy language in attacking the leader of another Church or school. I've never seen any BYU fan makes signs attacking the women of another university. I have seen this kind of behavior over and over again from Utah and Utah State fans. It's both childish and disgusting.

As far as SDSU goes, I have a sense of humor. I actually thought the missionary costumes were funny. But, they were intended to be mean and when SDSU was about to lose, they became filthy and ugly. Too bad the fans don't have the class of their coach and their team.

Centerville, UT


you hit the nail on the head. There are bad fans everywhere. To say "the worst fans are at school x" or "the fans of school z are the most immature" is just showing your bias.

LP Grad, BYU Alum
Provo, UT


FYI, the "Na na na na, Hey Goodbye" wasn't directed to Boylen. That's been one of my favorite cheers at BYU games for several years, directed at any great rival who leaves Provo with a defeat. It was sung against UNLV and SDSU this year as well. So if you take offense at it and think that it was a reference to Boylen's employment, then I'm sorry, you've got it all wrong.

I do believe there are several poor fans on both sides of any game. And there are several great ones (this is a shoutout to the Ute sitting next to me at the HC who was wanting 50 from Fredette) who appreciate skill no matter what the jersey color is. Those are the fun ones.

But I agree with the writer here...I think that anytime the announcers themselves have to suggest switching camera angles for fear of showing a fan's sign, you've probably got a problem there. Not saying that it doesn't happen at BYU...just remarking that SDSU needs to tone it down a bit. Maybe not playing them for a couple years is a good thing.

Somewhere in Time, UT

P.S....When I was driving down from SLC for the BYU/Utah football game a couple of years ago, I actually saw a car with big signs in the windows that said, "UTAH SUCKS." When we got closer we could easily see that everyone in that car was wearing a red Utah sweatshirt. It was clearly an attempt to make BYU fans look bad. Real Class!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Yeah the Religous taunting is out of hand but anytime you go to any sporting event you are going to hear those "cheers protesting the refs call." That's life you can't expect people to live your culture for you everywhere you go.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


I constantly need to remind Y-ners that the comments by Alex Smith and Morgan Scalley were made at private team meetings, not at a televised press conference after a game, like Max Hall's comments.

See any difference there, or is the beam in your eye too big?

Raul Salgado
Logan, UT

I think these SDSU guys took a page right out of the aggie playbook. They've got some work to do though if they want to reach the aggie level of immaturity.

Pocatello, ID

I thought their fans were great until they started chucking stuff on the floor. I believe that BYU has the beam in the eye. I have seen awful behavior from BYU fans, students in particular, who claim to be disciples of Christ.

Centerville, UT

Am I the only one who doesn't believe the story that Cats said?

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