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Published: Tuesday, March 1 2011 10:00 a.m. MST

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Idaho Falls, ID

I won't surprised if UNLV defeats both SDSU and BYU to win the MWC tournament. Another good reason to leave the MWC is the tournament bias that's well documented for UNLV. Those loses will make BYU and SDSU #3 and #4 seeds and send UNLV in as a #11.

On another note,.it would be nice if USU and BYU have a chance to play each other in the same bracket.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I know I have been the reasoned voice of opposition when it comes to tds. And, I know that many cewgs take umbrage at a number of my posts. To show just how reasonable I can be, I have no trouble conceding that tds has a good basketball team this year. Congratulations to you. Seriously. I know it doesn't happen that often, and you should, understandably, enjoy the ride. I will admit, it has taken everyone by surpise. However, you cewgs would gain more ground if you were more circumspect in analyzing the cewgs entire body of work as it stands nationwide. A 3-seed is respectable, a 1-seed is wishful thinking. You can't just jump on the bandwagon, especially when the wheels may fall off any day. A top ten team? Perhaps. But please--there is no rational way anyone can believe you are a number one seed. In fact, if tds gets to the Sweet 16, I will post nothing but accolades to your team, and if you actually were to make the Elite 8, I will in writing apologize for any doubts I may have posted about your team.

Orem, UT

It's all about match ups. If not a number 1 seed, then a number 2 seed.
Then the Cougs need to dance the dance and walk the talk.

I feel quite ill-advised as to how BYU matches up against other teams. My biggest worry is not having Chris Collingsworth. He was a great inside presence and rebounder as well as a reliable offensive threat.

To win the Vegas Invitational, then in the Tourney, BYU will need every player to step up, similar to the SDSU game.

But then again, that is pretty much what we all know: It's either on Jimmer or on everyone else, and I like our odds.

Herriman, UT

As for that "dubious" streak - would you rather be the team that never makes the tourney? The streak basically says BYU is often very good, but never great. Not surprising. Interesting list...BYU being first with 25, Utah State not far behind at 19.

App. School
25 BYU
24 Missouri
21 Xavier
19 Alabama, Utah State
18 Boston College, Tennessee
17 Miami (OH)
16 Creighton
14 Murray State, Texas Tech, Tulsa, Weber State
13 Arizona State, Gonzaga, Pepperdine, UAB
12 New Mexico, Ohio

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

If they win out there's no reason they shouldn't get a #1. But there's not much difference between a 1 and 2 seed anyway...

Lehi, UT

Keep winning and the debate will be over.

Santaquin, UT

Wherever BYU plays they will not be far from home. When they played TCU in Dallas there were so many BYU fans there it was almost as if it were a home game. BYU brings fans to their games. By the way, the article is about talk among the national sports writers about whether or not BYU deserves a top seed, not about talk among BYU fans. Fans are never objective about that sort of thing no matter what school they support.

Chandler, AZ

Anybody know how the No Sunday thing will factor in this year? I can't find any info on which spots in the bracket lead to Sunday games.

Saint George, UT

It doesn't matter what your seed is, you have to beat everyone you play.

Provo, UT

About the time when someone says "no disrespect" you can be sure, someone is about to be disrespected, or when someone says, "it isn't about the money" you can be sure it IS about the money.

Chris B, you crack me up. About the time that you said: "I know I have been the reasoned voice of opposition when it comes to tds (aka, BYU)," we all knew before reading more of your post that you were going to be anything BUT reasonable when it comes to BYU. Haha.

Let me show you how BYU does deserve to be a #1 seed. IF the NCAA selection committee was to select the teams for the NCAA tournament TODAY, they would absolutely have to give BYU a #1 seed for the following reasons:

-RPI is #1
-Only 2 losses (a decent UCLA team and a loss at one the Top 10 Toughest Places to play)
-They just beat a #6 team (SDSU) on that team's homecourt and won CONVINCINGLY

Ok, I admit, I'm biased towards BYU as I have degree from there. But, I also have a degree from Utah. Who is reasonable? Yep, me! Haha.

The Planet, Earth

Thank you Chris, the most reasonable post you have ever made. I have one question though, deep in your heart do you really want to see it all go sour for the Cougars? I do not think this team has a letdown mentality, especially after the lesson learned in the Pit of despair.

After watching them this season do you really root for them to lose? Really??

Eagle Mountain, UT

Did you use this same logic during the football season last year on your ewets? Diddn't think so. They were definitely more overrated than this years BYU basketball team yet you were among those who were touting their National Championship worthiness until the wheels fell off. The facts, mr. b, are that many of the people who's votes matter, the ones who choose which teams get into the tournament and who determine the seeding think BYU is a legitimate 1 seed. If they win out, which will not be easy, they likely will be a 1 seed regardless of your obsessed, "severe dislike" inspired opinion. The rationality of it lies with the above mentioned experts and has nothing to do with BYU fans, although I would guess most agree with the experts. I look forward to your posts later in March.

Walla Walla, WA

I laugh at the people who complain that BYU has not played anyone and their SOS is weak. They are right now #1 3 and 6 RPI??? Not played anyone? Those numbers will take a hit when we play Wyoming as they did when we played Utah. The dregs of the league will pull you down. But that is weak argument. Their schedule is right near the top of the country. Who cares who you schedule if you don't beat them. Gotlieb is an arrogant moron. Can't stand listening to him on the radio and he is worse on TV.

Corona, CA

#1 Seed??? BYU plays in a weak conference where the only other contender is SDSU who is not even the best team in the state. I see BYU as a 3 seed. Which is a good seed for them.

Marysville, WA

Where they are today, yes the Cougs are a legit 1-seed. But all this talk is hot air, and we all know it: As a member of a non-Power 6 conference, it all goes south the moment they lose a game.

Keep winning, boys. And a thousand thanks for the "fan-tastic" ride!

Springville, UT

Chris B--

Careful, you might find your post being re-quoted for you here in a few weeks.

One more for the Jimmer!

sacramento, ca

@ chris b. What makes you think anyone really cares what you think. Have you really taken yourself soooooo flipping serious? Wow, you obviously read too many of your post. I for one love that you and your buddy so passionately dislike the Cougs. Don't worry, I use to do the same thing towards BSU...but this year it's going to change because I'm tired of them winning all the time. So to your little write up about being sorry....Puhlease, your not worth as much as you think. Hahaha, what a horses muli you are. Hope ur little ootah makes it to the tournament.

Solomon the Wise
Alpine, UT


"It doesn't matter what your seed is, you have to beat everyone you play."

That's like saying a #16 seed has just as much chance of winning the NCAA tournament as a #1 seed.

OF COURSE seeding matters, but seeding is not nearly as important as matchups.

That said, avoiding the #1 through #4 seeds as long a possible is the most likely path to making a deep run in the tournament.

Springville, UT

Chris B--

Careful, you might find your post being re-quoted for you here in a few weeks.

One more for the Jimmer!

Omaha, NE

No BYU fan wants to play USU. They want to play a real team from a real conference.

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