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Published: Thursday, Feb. 24 2011 4:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

In total agreeance with the Cencus Bureau on this.. The other 49 Don't cry when their mission people don't get counted, Why does Utah cry every single time new popualtions come out???

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

I agree with Bishop. They'll count illegals, but, not US residents that are out of the country temporarily? That doesn't make sense.

Kaysville, UT

One reason Utah wants missionaries counted is that in 2000 it did make a difference. Other states don't have the same numbers on missions. To deliberately ignore 10,000 residents is somewhat puzzling unless there are some other factors at play that we don't know about.

Saint George, UT

On the news it said Tooele county is the 4th largest county with like 58,000, but I'm pretty sure washington county has over 100,000.. Anybody know?

St.George, Utah

Washington County has about 170,000 residents. Much larger than Tooele.

St.George, Utah

Scratch that, it has about 140,000

St.George, Utah

Cache county has about 115,000

Layton, UT

@Liberal Ted- Your comment doesn't make sense. The U.S. Census is a count of U.S. citizens, not illegal/non documented immigrants are counted. That has never happened and it never will. As for the missionary-thing, if they can't vote when outside of the country then aren't counted when outside of the counrty.

Provo, UT

According to the census website, the counties with >100k are:

Salt Lake- 1,029,655
Utah- 516,564
Davis- 306,479
Weber- 231,236
Washington- 138,115
Cache- 112,656

Stockton, UT

The solution to the issue of counting missionaries is for their families to simply include them.

As yourself these questions:

1-Do you consider your missionary a member of your household? Does s/he receive mail/bills at your address? Does s/he have a room or bed there? Does s/he have personal property at the home? DO you, and s/he, fully expect that s/he is going to return to your home at some point in the not too distant future?

2-Is your missionary going to be counted on any other census? It is one thing to get counted in another city/State and we would not want to see someone counted twice. But if s/he is not going to be counted at all has s/he not lost some portion of constitutionally entitled representation for the next 10 years?

This is very simple. When the census form comes, you just include your foreign serving missionary as part of your household. In virtually every case, it has been less than a year since s/he left the home, OR less than a year until s/he expects to return.

SLC, Utah

"Hispanics now make up 13 percent of Utah's population a 78 percent increase over the count in 2000 by the U.S. Census Bureau."

Perhaps it's time to stop immigration, especially the illegal kind lest the ethic balance becomes upset. And here's the reason why:

"Tony Yapias... said the young Latinos are coming to Utah to work and raise their families. ...noting the growth could lead to a significant voting block by the next decade."

At which point Hispanics will have the power and vote to see that more and more immigrants of Senior Yapias' native ethnicity are allowed in. Can you say 'buenos dias?'

common sense 11
Lehi, UT

@ Liberal Ted.

Please try to keep all the uninformed, miseducated answers as far away as possible from the Deseret readers. Theres already enough of those comments.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT


Yes, it does count illegals - it counts all residentes, legal or not.

Hey DN, why not give the total population for the state?

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

oops "residents" not "residentes" - sorry

Layton, UT

@pikap Missionaries can vote when outside of the country. I personally voted in the 2004 Election from the Orient as an absentee voter. If you make any sort of money off of investments, interest, etc. while serving a full-time mission you report it to the IRS and if anything is owed on that you still must pay. They are still counted as dependents on their parent's taxes. You can still receive a jury duty summons, although they excuse you for reasons such as temporarily out of the country.

Provo, UT

Wow pikap1868, you sure have your facts straight. Anyone can vote while out of the country, it's called an absentee ballot. While on my mission we got a message from SLC telling us to apply for one. Guess that ruins your argument, huh?

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

I agree with Considerng from Stockton. Makes complete sense. You cannot wait for the federal government to do anything right. This is blatantly anti-mormon, no different than 1838. Just take care of it yourself. And for those that disagree, then at least we know what kind of bigot you are.

Houston, TX

If the Latino population is here in Utah legally, people should always welcome them.

But, if they are here illegally, please show them the back door.

Bountiful, UT

LDS have a lot of children, its surprising to me that hispanics have even more. I would guess in a few decades they will be a major political force. This isn't really bad, in a generation or two they blend in. Its not like they do honor killings of family members, or are prone to terrorism.

As for gangs, If you watch the history channel they do history segments about gangs. Many minority gangs were begun as a way to defend the members. They started out as just a group of kids who would defend each other in the event one of them got picked on.

If we want to avoid this, we need to teach the golden rule at home to our own children and practice it too. If we wouldn't want educational opportunities withheld from our own children, we shouldn't withhold it from theirs. If we do they will find other ways to "make a living" that will become a generational thing and won't agree with our sensabilities.

In other words, why would we want to plant the seeds of a problem that doesn't have to exist?

Layton, UT

@pikap1868- No, your comment doesn't make sense. Everybody knows that all people dwelling in U.S. residential structures are counted in the census. Don't you know what census means? Ha ha...

Anyone want to share this crow with me? :)

@Considering, Liberal Ted, Still Blue after all these years- This is from the U.S. census website: "Private U.S. citizens living abroad who are not affiliated with the Federal government (either as employees or their dependents) will not be included in the overseas counts. These overseas counts are used solely for reapportioning seats in the U. S. House of Representatives." Unless LDS missionaries are Federal employees they won't get counted, nor should they.

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