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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 22 2011 12:03 a.m. MST

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jim l
West Jordan, UT

Its an easy solution. Throw those that hire them (illegals) into jail and the illegals will move onto greener pastures. They might even go home.

Salt Lake City, UT

This poll proves one thing:

That Dan Jones asks confusing questions......how else can you explain the swing in polls?

Dan asks: Do you support or oppose an immigration bill requiring enforcement by local police?

Well of course your going to get a controversial outcome?

Why not ask : do you support Illegal Immigration?

and then lets see where the concensus lies....How about it Dan Jones...the democrat who never saw a liberal agenda he didn't like....

Mary E Petty
Sandy, UT

Laws change.(Child Labor Laws) They come and go. (Native American Treaties) What is good and right in one generation, turns out to be bad in another. (Slavery) And then there are those unintended bad consequences when we have tried so hard to do the right thing. (Welfare Entitlements)

Such is the case with current Federal Immigration law. It is broken, busted, and full of unintended bad consequences.

Utah has the right and obligation to take the bull by the horns and rein in this bad law by implementing good State law that is reasonable, practical and humane; one that will document workers, even those who are currently working and subsisting in the dark underbelly side of society.

We have a tradition in Utah for innovation, creativity, wisdom, humanity,and being our brother's keeper through replacing the bad with good. I know we can do this in 2011 and come up with a good immigration solution.

I personally favor the principles in the Utah Compact and am encouraging my Senator and Legislator to implement good worker law that promotes economic prosperity, freedom and public safety for all who work and live in Utah, citizen or not.

John C. C.
Payson, UT

Who was short-sighted enough to make guest workers illegal in the first place?

Magna, UT

The Compact is flawed, It suggests that immigration is a solely a Federal Matter but if you study the 1836 US Supreme Court case NY vs Miln and read the opinions of Justice Henry Baldwin, and others you will see that immigration is a State Issue and not a Federal issue.

durwood kirby
South Jordan, UT

Perhaps a new state gun would solve the problem. Or a day to honor Ronald Reagan. Or, a pronouncement that our government is a republic.

Bountiful, UT


Any Supreme Court decision on immigration that far back (1836) is not going to hold precedence with tons of case law (Appellate and U.S. Supreme decisions) since then for the following reason:

Under the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution (Section 2, Title 11, Chapter 7), any state law that conflicts with a Federal law is preempted by the Federal law. Per previously U.S. Supreme Court decisions, conflict arises when it is impossible to comply with both the state and federal regulations, OR when the state law interposes an obstacle to the achievement of Congress's discernible objectives. This is called 'Conflict Preemption.' Additionally, even the absence of a direct conflict between state and Federal law, a conflict exists if the state law is an obstacle to the accomplishment and execution of the full purposes and objectives of Congress.

The first comprehensive immigration laws for the U.S. did not occur until the Immigration Act of 1891. Our current immigration law is now based upon the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 as amended in 1965. The last sentence (above paragraph) is where current case law has determined that all Federal immigration law now preempts State law.

Orem, UT

Reasons it is so tough:

1. Federal Gov has created the issue.
A. Won't take action on border (easy to fix)
B. Won't develop a simple immigration program to meet our nation's needs.
c. Handed out ITIN tax numbers for years-- thus,encouraging many illegals to come and work.
D. Won't simplify a solution for illegals to fix their illegal status.

2. States/citizens have benefitted from the presense of illegal immigrants.

3. Most Americans are sympathetic to the needs of the poor and those actually willing to work.

4. Outdated use of Social Security numbers for Identification--this should be stopped immediately.

5. Our nation NEEDS migrant workers to fill many jobs/positions that Americans WILL not do. When was the last time you saw a white kid who would pick strawberries or landscape a yard? Most white kids now think they should make $25/hr out of high school. (Parents fault) What white person, normally, wants to change sheets in a hotel? Not many. If YOU are honest, you'll admit there is a need, and the Federal Government won't change fast enough to meet those needs.

Provo, UT

Sandstrom's bill, revoking the drivers privilege cards, revoking in state tuition, and pass Herrods E-verify bill. Along with the rest of Utah signing up to secure communities, and we start enforcing laws, without undo harm.

No one has a right to give away American jobs in this country. Their coming for our jobs (Robles) show they have no intention of assimilating and becoming citizens. The jobs are gone, it's time for the guest workers to go home.

Salt Lake City, UT

What is the point of making and having laws in any country if they aren't going to be enforced? Law makers (politicians) aren't going to bat for us; they're trying to stay in office and collect the big paychecks so they can live above what the rest of us know as reality. Elected officials are elected on their promises and they are not keeping them nor making good on the promises and laws that are already supposed to be in place. Whether state of federal, the laws are all being ignored or changed to fit whatever the politicians believe will get them re-elected.

Salt Lake City, UT

The state has no right to legislate, we're told -- unless it's the Mero-Robles bill. Then it's okay.


Salt Lake City, UT

The polls mean nothing to me -- the questions are couched with the intent to confuse and to improve the likelihood of certain outcome.

But doubtless the astonishing level of corruption in this state, and the thick, relentless fog of propaganda lies that are spread by people who know they are on the opposite side of the law and Constitution, is causing considerable confusion.

Spanish Fork, UT

@Mary E Petty

I know you've been asked this before but I have yet to see a direct response to this question.

Other than the lack of enforcement of current immigration laws, what part of those laws, in your view, are broken?

I tire of hearing this vague "broken" claim with no substance to back it up.

Spanish Fork, UT


Wow, a bit racist towards whites are we?

I know plenty of "white kids" who do landscaping, even some who have started there own landscaping businesses. You may have seen them. Their the ones pushing the lawn mower at their neighbors house. Your arguments are ridiculous, white people won't change sheets? Are you kidding me? Maybe in bizzaro world. Your argument about illegals doing jobs that Americans won't do is tired and has been proven wrong again and again. Check the construction industry where Americans are unemployed at a level much higher than the national average while employers hire and pay illegals under the table wages that equate to what a normal worker would make minus income tax, social security, unemployment insurance, benefits, etc, etc.

Pray tell where exactly U.S. Citizens have benefited from illegal immigration? I would love to see the study. That must be why Arizona is so up in arms about the subject. Not because it has been a drag on their state in about every way possible. No, because in bizzaro world states try to remove anything that might benefit them.

Chattanooga, TN

Enforcement is the solution.


We want an enforcement solution, amnesty is not a solution, it just keeps putting a real solution off to the future. We tried it once and it did not stop the problem, it just made it worse.

It's finally coming out that most people here illegally don't want citizenship. Most in the legal Hispanic community have known that for years, but no one dared speak out, because those favoring illegal immigration used citizenship as a discussion point. It is about taking jobs. Undercutting America's entry level workers and building up a big fat nest egg at home.

CWEB, our country has a solution for those here illegally, it's called legal immigration. There is no reason our country should change our laws to accommodate those who break them. If a person wants to be a citizen, they will wait. If they want a job, go home and apply for a work visa when they become available.

Ogden, UT

Enforce exiting law. It is not broken it is unenforced.

curious george
Orem, UT

This issue is not that difficult. "Enforce existing laws"! If the laws are unjust in the eyes of the people of this country then we change them. That's why we have elected officials. The only percieved injustice in the laws for illegal immigration as they stand are by those who are here illegally and by those that benifit from them being here. If we the people removed corrupt politicians, stop spending money at buisnesses that have illegals on the work force and spend no more money on media that support illegal immigration the desire for illegal immigrants to come here would be greatly reduced.

Vernal, UT

Certainly Utah has no right to make immigration law. It does, however, have the right to control employment within its borders. Get Herrod's eVerify law passed. Make it stick and make it apply to all businesses. Hire an illegal and either pay a big fine or lose your business license. It may be that simple - if an illegal can't get a job, then maybe they'll go home on their own. If they won't leave and break the law, put them in jail and then deport them. If businesses want foreign workers, make them use existing Federal programs. Duh.

Santa Clara, UT

The solution is......."Enforcement"!

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