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Published: Sunday, Feb. 20 2011 11:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

41% Strongly Favor
30% Somewhat Favor
8% Somewhat Oppose
16% Strongly Oppose
5% Don't know

This poll is vague...it never defines Amnesty or welfare/healthcare benefits

This poll is so bogus...it typifies a Dan Jones Liberal Slanted poll.....

Why don't you ask two questions:

Do you favor/oppose Guest-Work Program for all Illegals with a path to amnesty?


Do you favor/oppose Illegals receiving govt funded welfare/health benefits?

Roosevelt, UT

I bet most Utahns would favor receiving a large check in the mail too.

Lets see what can we do to make the illegals legal?

According to the law lock them up or send them home, sorry but their geographical closeness to the USA should not preclude this country from inviting those who have legally applied and are still on lists from coming before the outlaws settle.

Salt Lake, UT

So Dan Jones surveys 496 Utahans and he can speak for the whole population of the state? I don't think so.

And the poll found 71 percent of residents like the idea of state-issued work permits for illegal aliens. I don't think so.

Just look at the comments on these illegal alien news stories. That doesn't look like 71% approval to me.

So SB60 promotes state-issued work permits, criminal background checks and English proficiency.

How about English as the official language, catch the criminals and no state-issued permits.

We should not reward illegal behavior by granting amnesty to illegal aliens.

Failing to enforce immigration laws fosters a climate of disrespect for law and furthers law breaking.

The last thing we need these days.


DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

It is outrageous that any Utah legislator, having taken an oath to obey our laws and defend the Constitution would even think of offering a bill to essentially ignore flagrant violation of immigration laws by granting some phony "guest worker" card.

Please amend it to allow taxpayers to pick any three laws they don't want to obey and give out cards so they can do that!

Springville, Utah

Please count my vote: I strongly oppose a guest worker program for illegals.

Murray, UT

Lost your credibility with this one.

A worker program is illegal, you cannot hire a foreign worker for a job that can be filled by an American in your area. Nor can hiring a foreign worker depress wages in the area in the same area of work (see the H-1A Visa laws)

Spanish Fork, UT

Here is the question I'd like asked.

The Utah legislator is looking to pass a bill that would reward illegal aliens with worker permits despite the fact that most have compromised our nations sovereignty and have purposefully committed felony's such as identity theft and fraud. Do you support or oppose granting these law breakers work permit's which would allow them to stay in the country indefinitely at the expense of legal Guest Workers and U.S. Citizens who currently cannot find work?

Who wants to bet I could get the exact opposite results as Dan Jones?

The Deseret News funded this poll. No one should be surprised at the result when taking into account the "news" papers ongoing effort to sway opinion on illegal immigration.

Enterprise, UT

Those entering this country illegally are correctly termed illegal immigrant. They are in our country illegally because they didnt comply with immigration law. What part of illegal immigrant do our state lawmakers not understand?

How many illegal activities are involved in just one person being in this country illegally? Multiply that how many times?

How much does one illegal immigrant cost when services (health, social services, etc) to that person are counted? Multiply that how many times?

How many jobs do Illegal immigrants take in the building industry, farming industry, food industry, and many other types of industries? These jobs belong to Utah legal residents.

The impact of illegal immigration has devastated the economy, educational system, and other services in California. If Utah doesnt treat illegal immigration for what it is, illegal, Utah will go the way of California, BROKE.

Were is the political will to do the right thing in Utah? There is really no winning solution because lawmakers will not stand to face the dragon.

Utah, look the dragon in the eye and see reality; Arizona has.

Here is Sub Zero Now Plain Zero
Salt Lake City, UT

Your test results would be better if you took 100's of samples of 400 people and averaged the means of all of the samples to find a mean that better resembles the population mean. When you only take one extreme sample of an entire population, you cannot generalize that the mean of the sample represents the population. Try again.

Salt Lake City, UT

I sure would like to see exactly how the questions were couched. It probably would reveal a good deal about the value of this poll.

"...likely in the hundreds of dollars..."

And why in the world would they do this? Burbank looks the other way and instructs his officers anyway, to do likewise. Why would the illegal not instead simply save his hundreds of dollars and just carry on as usual? And when did they ever care about obeying the law?

And if the $20M is true, it certainly signifies the presence of a large number of illegals in Utah not doesn't it! Of course, they are consuming MANY times more than that $20M!

The bill is meaningless -- except as an illegal alien magnet.

Syracuse, UT

I don't know about this poll. It seems that many other polls have shown that Utahns strongly favor enforcement only bills with NO provisions for any amnesty. Something smells fishy here.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

This is so typical of a no-longer-free-press!!!!!
trying to make people believe this garbage is so not true. So deseret news you will no longer be watched as a news worthy paper. it is time to stop letting these owned{ not free press}. people try to manipulate public opinion with propaganda so the rest of us will vote the way they want us to,we are not going to accept the illegials so forget it.

Murray, Ut

Those numbers are just to far fetched to be believable. 496 out of 2,784,572 people is way to small of a sample size to be considered credible. It could easily be influenced by calling certain neighborhoods.

With over 100,000 Utahns out of work, a guest worker program should never be considered

A background check would reveal multiple criminal offenses such as stolen ID's, social security numbers, working in the country illegally (all felonies) No one illegally in the country would be able to pass it.

J. Adams
Sandy, UT

Another worthless poll by D.J./ D.N. The real facts support the majority of Utahns opposed to any form of amnesty or worker cards. Come on D.N., report the whole story.

midvale, utah

I do not believe Utah favors this bill. They more than likely polled the companies that are hiring them, or the illegals themselves. Utahans favor getting them out of our country. If this continues, Utah is going to see an up-rising like we are seeing in the middle east. I for one will be right in the middle of it!

Home Town USA, UT

It depends on who is asked in the sample for this survey. I don't accept what the results for the same reason it could be biased and asked in the Hispanic community in the majority. These results are skewed, and not acceptable.
I don't buy any of this bull-loney. If a legislator is elected you would at least expect them to honor, and sustain the Constitution, State laws and stop this nonsense with the "Utah Compact" it does not represent UTAH!! It should be renamed, the "Illegal Immigration Compact." Let's call it what it really is.

Sandstrom's bill proposal passed in the house. What does that tell you, Ms. Robles?

Do what is right and let the consequences follow.

Kaysville, UT

The Deseret News will continue doing polls until they have the results they desire.

Vernal, UT

Did Dan Jones get its list of phone numbers from the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce? That's the only way I can figure how they got a majority of Utahns wanting some program for illegals.

Kaufman, TX

The comments of Mr. Alvarez in the last couple of sentences of the article sum up the futility of this legislation. A state issued work permit has no value when presented to a federal immigration official. The permit also does not preclude federal penalties for employers should the fed ever decide to actually enforce those laws. This is a waste of the legislature's time.

jim l
West Jordan, UT

The DN is as fair and unbaised as Dan Jones?

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