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Published: Friday, Feb. 18 2011 1:00 p.m. MST

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We the People
Sandy, UT

Excellent. Let us quickly usher this bill into law. Illegals need to go home. We welcome all who come here legally!

Farmington, UT

This is hardly controversial. Most of us have been pulled over by police for the most mundane of reasons--license plate light is out, for example--because that is the only random way we have in order to see if something else is wrong. This is how we catch many DUI and illicit drug use criminals. Now, we add illegal immigration to the catch-all method of enforcement!

Provo, UT

Once again expedience and the supposed letter of the law trump compassion and commonsense. We must increasingly be getting a reputation as a people of hard hearts and narrow minds.

Salt Lake City, UT

This is troubling. We need to be cautious about giving the Gov. too much authority. I hope the Senate considers this wisely.

Chester Brough
Providence, Utah

It is apparent that our legislature has nothing better to do than to intimidate, question, and detain innocent citizens to force a document carrying nightmare; if they look Hispanic, or are darker than others, you have an improper witch hunt!

No one carries vital citizenship papers with them, they must be carefully cared for in special files at home; for Green-cards and Citizenship cards cannot be replaced without paying hundreds of dollars, so now darker skinned people must carry everything around to ensure shorter detainment by an overworked police officer?

It is a relief that Arizona's law, similar to this was over turned on 4 of the 5 major provisions, including the ones in Utah version in federal court. If you actually read the opinion like legal scholars and our Attorney General you will see quickly why this law cannot be allowed to stand in our wonderful land. The legislature has not listened to the hundreds of former Congressman, Governors, Mayors and state legislatures why taking a better balanced approach to this issue is vital! It is not them or us, it appears that they have not read and digested this fine document, "The Utah Compact".

Provo, UT

Great news! God bless America, and God bless the great sovereign State of Utah.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Our legislators will spend tax money we don't have to defend this garbage message bill. Like Sandstrom's childish answer to the funding was the cops are getting paid anyway as if this would ad no more time to do these background checks.

Perhaps those who think this will fly should be paying for there publicity stunt.

Bluffdale, UT

I hope our Utah law enforcers are not as ignorant as the elected officials in the House.
US citizens that are not Caucasian must carry proof of citizenship or legal status at all times while in Utah. A higher class of US citizen in Utah has emerged.
If you are not of this class you may be asked to prove yourself if suspected of a class C misdemeanor, EVEN US CITIZENS! A police state in Utah, I thought we are for limited government!
My heart is heavy and my Scot background in America is over 400 years old. I am so embarrassed of my state.

Nashville, TN

@Chester Brough Legal immigrants are require to have their green cards on them at all times. It's part of the process. Illegal immigrants are not innocent citizens, they are law breakers nothing more. I'll be glad once TN passes it's version of the AZ law. I'm tired of everyone trying to pretend they are innocent victims. I for one have no problem when the missionaries bring them in and baptism them, but as soon as I find out they are illegal I call ICE as required by law.

Layton, UT

This is a feel good law and nothing more. We might all feel better about seeing a few illegal immigrants sent home. It will be the ones with families who are working hard and trying to do the best they can but this will not effect the hard core illegal drug kingpins and other illegal criminals. I hope all of you who are calling for the letter of law will now sleep good at night because we send a few illegals home but trust me, the ones who really need to get caught and set away will not.

St. George,, UT

I do not understand why people can't see that the illegal "trespassers" are ruining and breaking our state. I can have just as much compassion for them if they go back to their home country as I can if they are here, eating up all the services that they haven't earned. Yes, they are criminals. The minute they stepped or swam across the border, they have broken the law. Joseph Smith said "We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying , honoring, and sustaining the law. Well, do we believe him or not ?

Salt Lake City, UT

This is a start. Reading the above comments I shutter to think these people condone illegal entry into our country, they should try entering a South American country and see how far they make it. Compassion I have but not towards a person who enters our country illegal. Why should my tax money be used to take care of illegal immigrants which it does. I appplaud the legislators for at least putting it in a postion that we can possibilty slow the flow of illegls into Utah. This is not only Utah trying to correct a bad situation, many states across the nation are addresing it. As they do the illegal population will flow to the state that has the least resistance and increased benefits. Lets be concerned about American citizens. Increase the number of immigrants that apply legally but stop the open door policy for illegal alliens. I hear comments all over the United States when traveling that comment about Utah being a sanctuary state. The neighboring states appreciate our open door policy. Thanks House now lets see what the Senate does, its a start much needed.

Provo, UT

What happened to the Compact Stephen?

Magna, UT

If we don't stop this nonsense of persecuting the Latinos, we are going to bring about the judgements and destruction on our heads that have been fortold. I just can't believe that we are this stupid!

Bountiful, UT

Its been gutted. Proponents will have a few good moments if it becomes law. Not what they hoped for or expected though.

Kaysville, UT

For all those cheering the bill's success, please know that the bill is meant to please you and many other voters who do not really understand the enforcement issue. I don't have a problem with enforcment, but it should be effective enforcement. There are several significant problems with the bill.

First, it is an unfunded mandate to local law enforcement agencies. Without added resources, local agencies will be forced to either increase the budget for enforcement by raising local taxes, or more likely, re-prioritize away from other more serious crimes. If the legislature was serious about this bill, why not fund it?

Second, without training and ccordination with federal ICE agents, those who are picked up may not be able to be deported, since only ICE can do that.

Third, every thing this bill contains and more has already been available to state and local law enforcement through 287(g) and Secure Communities. This fact alone proves that Sandstrom's bill is nothing more than a political move to passify Utah citizens who understandably want federal immigration laws enforced.

Fourth, hopefully Utah will not have to defend the laws constitutionality, which will be costly to Utah.

Pocatello, ID

You know I get REALLY tired of being told that I am not a compassionate person just because I do not agree with some of the people on here.
Why is it that compassion is only for the illeagal alien... yes, they are people - so am I !!! Where is your compassion for all the citizens in this state and country that cannot get a job, their SS money is almost non existent, people who get robbed or raped or have their credit destroyed by these people. What about those who are in accidents with these people who have not license. YEA!!!!! citizens do this also - but why should we have to deal with our own citizens like this and also another country's citizens like this? They are breaking the law just by being here.. why should they get a free ride with this when if I do something illeagal I have to pay a fine or do time? Some people complain about upper/lower classes.. I agree.. The illeagals have been the uppen class long enough.. they have taken the fruits of this land that most of the leagal citizen cannot have.. this is not fair.

John C. C.
Payson, UT

"We the People" claims to support legal entry. I do, too. Then why do we insist on sealed borders and enforcement only. Why not call for an increase in and streamlining of the visa process? Let them in legally and we wouldn't have such pressure at the borders. We could select those we want and draw away those that are prey to the criminal smugglers. People aren't illegal. Our laws just call them that. Correct our mistake.

Saratoga, UT

John C.C.: streamlining the Visa process is not something that can be addressed at a state level. The Harry Reid crowd have refused to do it in Washington, try calling them.

Kaysville, UT

Back to number 3 which is the most important point of all. I can't understand why those who support strong enforcment do not seem to either know about or support programs like Secure Communities and 287(g). They have proven results in many jurisdictions across the nation. Utah's new law is a weaker program by far.

"Harris (Texas) is the nation's third most-populous county; it includes Houston and has one of the largest concentrations of illegal aliens. It has implemented both Secure Communities and 287(g). Both programs identify and place detainers on aliens who have been arrested by local officers and deputies, putting these offenders on the path to removal rather than allowing them to remain here to commit more crimes. Secure Communities is an automated screening system that runs the fingerprints of everyone booked into participating jails through immigration databases and then forwards the hits to ICE technicians, who select criminal aliens for removal processing. Under 287(g), specially trained local officers screen and process aliens who have been arrested in that jurisdiction." - Center for Immigration Studies

What say you Utahn's for immigration enforcement, message bills, or real results?

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