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Published: Thursday, Feb. 17 2011 11:00 a.m. MST

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1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

Portland making a trade while Kevin O'Conner does nothing. Who would have thought?

Salt Lake City, UT

After reading that Mercury news article I feel like I'm in heaven. The Mountain network was (is) soooo bad, I've been wining about their coverage for years. FSN isn't ESPN but it's miles ahead of what we've been stuck with on the mountain.

The best case scenario would be Local Fox stations broadcast their local teams and FSN carries all of the non local games.

I also think the Pac 12 will force Fox/FSN to upgrade their camera technology.

American Fork, UT


Did you read the same article the rest of us did? Some quotes from it.

"According to my sources, there is no indication that ESPN will be willing to pay what the Pac-12 wants or provide the exposure opportunities the Pac-12 is seeking. ESPN has no place to put them, one analyst said."

"1. ESPN doesnt view Pac-12 basketball as a valuable entity Im not sure if anyone does, frankly"

So the pac10 is not considered a "valuable entity" and a major nationwide network like ESPN has "no place to put them".

I'm struggling to see how that is going to be such a great thing.

Lehi, UT

Too bad the Jazz can't get Andre Miller. I loved watching him play as a Ute, and I'd love to see him back in Utah.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Realistically, both BYU and Utah are smart to leave the MWC.

It really was a no-brainer, and I'm happy both had viable options.

I know there will always be arguements over who made the better move, but I think both schools paths fit the goals of each University.

I couldn't be happier.

Come April, I'm letting DirecTV know I have no problem with them dumping the mtn.

Murray, UT


Man, you always see things with your blue BYU glasses on don't you. The article states that the PAC 12 will more than likely get what they want in terms of exposure and money. In fact, enough money that they won't have to meet the agreement to pay UCLA and USC extra TV revenue. FOX regular channels may go head to head with ABC for Saturday night football games. FOX regular channels reach 110 million homes vs ESPN's 90 million homes.

"ESPN doesnt view Pac-12 basketball as a valuable entity Im not sure if anyone does, frankly"

The same can be said for the WCC. It is located in the west has has a significantly worse conference RPI than the PAC 10. Look for the WCC to hook up with FOX when their contract expires this summer. And please, bring some objectivity to your analysis. It is so over the top BYU that you are losing creditbility. I for one would enjoy reading your comments if they were more objective.

American Fork, UT


Who cares if ESPN values the wcc as a basketball entity. They value BYU as a basketball entity. BYU's deal calls for multiple home games to be broadcast on ESPN and the ones that aren't they can broadcast themselves. BYU's wcc road games are the only ones subject to the wcc tv deal.

But you simply claiming the following "look for the wcc to hook up with fox when their contract expires this summer" is just you making stuff up so doubting my credibility when I posted actual quotes from an actual article while you simply made some stuff up is laughable.

Also considering BYU's exclusive contract with ESPN I have little doubt that espn will be motivated to re-up with the wcc seeing as though they will hardly want to just forgo half the games of one of their most valuable properties.

The truth is ute "fans" like yourself want to try and minimize the value of BYU as an independent entity and an exclusive contract holder with the largest channel in sports while inflating utah's value as a gravy trainer on the pac10. It is a constant effort on here.

Cali Coug
Visalia, CA

Here is an FYI for all of my Yewet fans...

John Valentonic of the Bleacher Report ranked the 25 worst BCS teams for 2011No. 24. Cal, No. 23 Univ of Washington, No. 19 Univ of Arizona, No. 16 Oregon State, No. 12 Colorado, No. 9 UCLA, No. 5 Washington State. In other words, 7 of the worst BCS football teams are in the PAC-12, all are scheduled to play the u. Can you say the Conference of Cupcakes!

The u better be playing for the Conference Championship this year...anything less is unacceptable.

American Fork, UT

Also the article most certainly did not say the pac10 was going to get everything it wants from fox. To the contrary it said they would be taking less than what they want and gave the reason being that neither ESPN, or anyone else, considers pac10 basketball to be a valuable entity. Pac10 football on the otherhand is a valuable entity so the fox contract appears to be based on football being the only real value. Obviously that means less money than if both sports had value.

Centerville, UT

Hey Cali Coug,

here is a tissue, it still hurts doesn't it?


did you really just call BYU one of ESPN's "most valuable properties"? Really? come on man, you are better than that.

American Fork, UT

The article also states that Time Warner is by far the largest pay tv outlet in southern california and seems unlikely to carry the pac10 network if it even gets off of the ground. Not having that network in the pacs single biggest market, I actually think that market is bigger than all its other markets combined is it not? will not bode well for success or revenue. The guy that wrote the article seemed pretty bleak on the prospects for some of that stuff and that was my point.

I may have blue tinted glasses but it seems the crimson ones are a complete blinder to reality.

Centerville, UT


if you truly are secure in BYU's future, you wouldn't spend your time on articles about the University of Utah trying to convince all of their "fans" that they are doomed.

Look, BYU has a great program and a great future. Enjoy it! Stop trying to bring other people down to your miserable level.

American Fork, UT

Uh big ben...BYU's exclusive contract with ESPn would appear to confirm that. Tell me again who utah has an exclusive contract with? Tell me again how utah is adding any value to the pac10's current tv negotiations? Considering no one considers the pac10's basketball programs to be of any real tv value I can't see how adding an extremely poor utah program is doing anything other than dragging it down.

Ann Arbor, MI

It's GREAT to be a Ute!!!

Murray, UT


Do you really think your beloved BYU would be proud of the vitriol that you spill? Come on, don't be like Max Hall. You can support your team without being so hateful. I for one would enjoy reading your commentary but every time I do I can feel the hate you have for the U. You live in the State of Utah. I would think that you would have some affinity for the flag ship school of your home State. Or do you just hate everything in the State except BYU?

Fresno, CA

Let's face it. BOTH teams are better off now that we've both escaped the mtn.! Good job by both ADs.

dallas realist
rockwall, texas

why are you not an irish fan? just wondering

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


I hate to burst your bubble (not really, it's actually a lot of fun), but I'm surprised you are so ignorant of this. BYU's ESPN deal is for football, not basketball. They will be playing basketball in the WCC and will be subject to whatever contract the WCC has for it's basketball teams. So unless the WCC deal is with ESPN, BYU's basketball games won't be on ESPN.

Also, if you read the article carefully the PAC-12 isn't worth the money for ESPN, because of the time slots the games would fit into. Either ESPN already has them full or they won't bring in the advertising dollars to cover the cost. It has little to do with the quality of the product.

You are right about one thing, Time Warner could kill the PAC-12 channel. That's why the writer says it would be better to stay with Fox. He also did say FOX would likely be offering max money to the conference so you need to go back and read that again.

Fresno, CA

Mormon Ute

Actually, WCC does have a deal with ESPN. It'll be nice to be able to watch both football and basketball games next year.

Grantsville, Utah

an espn deal where they play on espn u around 9 ish moutain time

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