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Published: Monday, Feb. 14 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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Happy Valley Hillbilly
Alpine, UT

I do not support any multi-decade politician who does not know when it is time to step down. Hatch, Kennedy, Byrd and others like them do not do their constituents any good, rather they only attempt to boost their own ego and status. Hatch is not a conservative and is bordering on RINO status. I wecome a strong challenge to Hatch by Chaffetz, or other qualified candidates who will work for the residents of Utah, and not aspire to become one of the old fixtures in Congress.

Beverly Hills, CA

You'd have to really be unlikeable to finish second behind Hatch for pete's sake.

Problem for Chaffetz is the only thing he has accomplished is running his mouth and doing nothing for Utah. At least hatch and Bennett did something or Utah. Now the uninformed rage voters of Utah have lost Bennett's seniority and placement to hand power over to other parts of the GOP which will rob Utah of our fair share.

Cedar Hills, UT

Why all the priority on what Chaffetz has accomplished? If you mean by accomplish...bring home the federal redistributed money, then maybe Chaffitz isn't for you. If you want a stand up guy that will try to curb the appetite of the masses for 'free money' then vote for Jason.

brookings, SD

I don't have dog in this fight. It looks like the males are at it again. Old leader, new wannabe leader. Do the democrats have anyone beside old man and young buck?

CHS 85
Sandy, UT


Inquiring minds want to know what exactly has Jason done to "to curb the appetite of the masses for 'free money'?" What legislation has he introduced to do that? Bluster is worth the paper it is written on.

Salt Lake City, UT

Voting for Hatch again is akin to condoning what has happened to government in the last 34 years.

Chaffetz has pledged to cut spending, stop illegal aliens from overwhelming our country and takes a hard line against big government.

I think the choice is simple.

Kamas, UT

Age is an issue. It may be the defining issue, all other considerations being equal.

No one his age has ever been elected as a senator from Utah. . . never, ever. . . yet. He's hoping to break through and set a longevity record. . . but. . .

Hansen's statement is correct -- he's 76 today, but in a month he'll be 77, then on election day next year he'll be 78 years old.

If re-elected, he would be 84 at the end of his next term, and will have served 42 of his 84 years as a U.S. Senator. That's half his life!

It's the elephant in the room, but is is going to be an unavoidable reality when the voters step into the booth in November 2012.

Kamas, UT

Orrin has introduced a Balanced Budget Amendment 17 times during his 34 years (and counting) years in the Senate. He's running hard to the right to get re-elected, and he's introduced the BBA again this year.

You'd have to say he's got some pretty serious conservative credentials. . . but then there's that darn TARP vote.

He told CPAC and the Tea Party Express conclaves in the last two weeks his TARP vote was a "mistake."

There's no doubt he's in trouble, and he knows it. All it's going to take is a respectable alternative from among the ranks to oppose him, and no matter who emerges this election cycle they'll have a shot at unseating him.

You can find plenty in a guy's voting record over 34 years not to like -- that's the easy part. Give us an acceptable replacement and he'll be gone. Incumbents are dropping like flies.

America, in case you hadn't noticed yet, is hungry for a change of direction. We're no longer fascinated with seniority and longevity.

I'm betting the voters' mood won't change much between now and then.

Stockton, UT

After 34 years, it is time for Hatch to retire gracefully. If not, the GOP delegates need to force retirement. Money and name recognition carry far less weight in convention than in the primary or general. That is the beauty of the convention.

Hatch voted for TARP. He has introduced a balanced budget amendment multiple times, but not when the GOP actually controlled both houses of congress during the Bush years near as I recall. He has been far too quick to confirm the most liberal of federal judicial appointments; and far too slow to actually push through conservative judicial appointments.

He has done a great job over the years of convincing the national and local media that is conservative. And maybe standing next to Ted Kennedy he is. But for Utah, he has been far too liberal for far too long.

Given his tenure and seniority, he must accept significant blame for where the nation is today.

I don't know whether Chaffetz is the right guy or not to replace Hatch. But certainly somebody is and it is time for Hatch to go. Remember, Hatch had ZERO elected experience when he was elected Senator.

Cedar Hills, UT

chs 85
My point is that we are calling an accomplishment, spending taxpayer money until we are in severe debt. Bluster? I want our representatives to lay off the legislation for a bit and start to dismantle the bankrupting building they have constructed since hatch has been in DC.

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