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Published: Monday, Feb. 14 2011 8:00 p.m. MST

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Provo, UT

"We have to understand that there is a lot of people scared and afraid in our community," Yapias said.

Yes and most of them are "we the people" who are afraid that our elected officials are going to continue to let Illegals get a free ride while we the citizens of Utah pick up their bills! We want Rep. Sandtroms and Herrods bills passed now. Continue to email the Utah house and Senate demand that they fix the Illegal problem this session!

Tooele, UT

Why do they always try to make it a race issue. It's about coming here legally and obeying the laws of the United States. Just because most of the illegal aliens are Hispanic shouldn't give them a free ride on American resources because of their race.

Sandy, Utah

I came here in 1964 from Holland, had to wait 2.5 years to get my VISA, spoke very little English, no job, no credit. I had 15 dollars and a place to stay for two weeks. I did not receive any government benefits. I had no health insurance. I worked and went to school. Nobody provided me with a translator, and there was no state or federal agency to give me anything. I just worked and was glad to be in the United States. If an individual commits a crime, that crime needs to be reported and the criminal needs to be punished - that's the law. So it is with illegal presence of anyone arriving and staying in the US. I resent the Spanish language on all packaging, on signs in stores, and now some cities want to have traffic signs translated in Spanish as well. I hate listening to Spanish messages when I call a large company. I have nothing against anyone who comes here legally, just like I did. I love Mexican food and the Mexican culture. My stand has nothing to do with having a white culture only.

Eagle Mountain, UT

What's the deal with trying to blackmail the LDS church? These are probably the same people that are always whining about the separation of church and state, but now they think this tactic will help them get their way. I thought it was interesting that Mr. Lopez-Vargas says that Mormon missionaries are treated with respect in Mexico and that "We would like to be treated in the same way here in Utah." Does Mr. Lopez-Vargas realize that those missionaries are in Mexico legally? They actually went through legal channels to obtain appropriate visas. I would certainly hope that any immigrant that is here legally would be treated with respect. Those that are not here legally are breaking the law. That has nothing to do with race.

Kearns, UT

As long as the citizens of Utah don't care about our jobs being taken, our children in High School not having any work, construction workers thrown out of the workforce, crime and violence coming into Utah and our taxes being used to take care of the illegal alien population then we don't get threatened. As soon as Americans stick up for ourselves and country we are called names and spit on. Our legislators lives are being threatened and our way of life is being changed. Do we go hide in our holes and them exploit the American Citizen? I think not.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

Picardi's "totally white" outburst is just uncalled for.

There are people other than Latinos and whites in Utah. The Native Americans were there before anyone else. The fact that Picardi can act like there are not Tongans and Vietnamese in Utah, as well as Kenyans, Sudanese and Nepalese is interesting.

Beyond this there are Latinos in Utah who are legal residents of the US. In fact there are Latinos in Utah who were born in the US, including Latinos in this situation who are adults.

There needs to be a compromise, the drag them out and round them up like animals approach is not good, but making baseless accusations that there is an attempt to expel all Latinos and make the state all white (as if somehow one leads to the other) just need to be avoided.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

The majority of Mormon missionaries in Mexico are Mexicans. Whether they are treated with respect is probably a disputable issue.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

Where are the liberals who always complain about enforcement being on the backs of immigrants and not company owners? Why are they not out in force praising Herrod's bill?

Personally I think what we need is to reform the immigration system. Amsterdammer should also realize when he came to the US the immigration system was racist, with huge quotas for Northern European countries that were never filled, and virtually no chance for immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe with immigrants from Africa and Asia almost totally banned.

Syracuse, UT

Illegal aliens SHOULD be afraid of getting deported! They knowingly chose to break the law by coming here, and in doing so they should face the consequences. For them, the consequences should include deportation.

Sandy, UT

Uncontrolled, unmonitored "immigration" is actually just invasion. We're spending $2,000,000,000/week on the other side of the planet invading other countries that are supposedly a threat to us--yet we let the cheap-labor lobby and the cheap-liberal-vote and bawl-baby lobbies convince us that we have no need to worry about the invasion of our own homeland. We have to be some of the naive and gullible people in the history of the world.

City, Ut

"...a Latino activist delivered a letter to Salt Lake City's Mexican Consulate urging Mexico's president to suspend the visas of Mormon missionaries until the LDS Church takes a stronger position on immigration."

Perhaps a better idea would be to get signatures to take to the Consulate to urge Mexico's president to take extreme measures to deal with drug cartels, government and police corruption and fix economic failures that induce those from Mexico to want to come to the US in the first place.

100% of US citizens and Mexican illegals would sign that petition.

It is not the LDS Church's fault there are immigration problems.

It is the Mexican Government's problem that people want/feel compelled to escape their dysfunctional country.

Salt Lake City, UT

It just shows what a mess society becomes when there is no respect for the law.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

"We would like to be treated in the same way here in Utah," Lopez-Vargas said.

Does this mean, that Mexicans will start printing everything in English? Will I get free medical care in Mexico? Will I be allowed to buy property in Mexico? Can I cross the border whereever and whenever I want to? Can I drive in Mexico without a license? Will I be able to buy a home and house 3 families in it? Will your schools be forced to teach in English? Will I get scholarships to Mexican Universities? Will the police not rip me off and demand money from me? Can I drive an uninsured car in Mexico with no penalties?

As long as you want US citizens to be treated the same, let's make sure we're being treated the same.

So Mexicans are no longer able to practice their beliefs in the US. Since you can focus on a religious group and deny them their freedom of worship....

If you want to play hard ball, we certainly can play hard ball. Trouble is for you, the US holds all of the cards.


"These bills are all targeted to our Latino brothers and sisters. It's time we called a spade a spade," he said. "They're trying to make this a totally white society with totally white workers."

Utahns are on edge. Until the Hispanic community wakes up and realizes we are not going to open our borders to them, and let them control out immigration by coming when they want, there will be contention. Respect the country, the people, and start telling people to come here illegally. It is the illegal actions were resent, not your ethnic group.

People from other ethnic groups and races come here illegally also, but not in such numbers. And most Hispanic's are white also.

I have Latino family, we are legal, we do not fear. It is law enforcement you fear, because you know you have done wrong.

Salt Lake City, UT

I am saddened by the many comments I have read on this article. It may be an unsafe assumption, but I assume the majority of these comments come from LDS people, as that is the demographic for this paper. Shame on you for not following Christs teachings...are we not all brothers and sisters? how can you let politics and "borders" override your religious beliefs? We are taught to love our neighbor, not support racism through legislation.

Regardless of your "political party", LDS members should take a step back and really ask what would Jesus do...maybe do some research in the scriptures about charity and the united order...and pray that we can all be equal.


windsor, it's the Mexican government that encourages illegal immigration. And tells the people to send the money home to their families. It makes me wonder if the war on the border is just wagging the dog.

I don't see US business moving out of there.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

The law is the law. I am an immigrant myself but I came here legally. I believe in immigration, but the legal kind, not the creeping illegally over the border and expect to get away with it.

Seasonal Migrant workers with correct papers is also a good idea, that way they are here LEGALLY.

This business of taking away LDS missionary visas is not the way to do this. The missionaries are there legally for a period of time then they go home. Illegals come here and stay illegally.

Powell, OH

Criminals SHOULD live in fear of getting caught and prosecuted.
Those here legally and those who became US Citizens legally are shamed by these whining criminals who think the laws should not apply to them.
Find them, prosecute them, dump them in prison and then deport them after their prison time. Get harsh and maybe the numbers will get lower.

gramma b
Orem, UT

@ardmore. Our religion does not require us to be patsies.

American Fork, Utah

The LDS Church's 12th article of faith says "We believe in...sustaining the law." There is no way they are going to come out in support of illegal's.

Amsterdammer - you are spot on. All good things come through some form of sacrifice and you are a good example.

What illegal's need to accept is that they are illegal. Period! Go home...come back legally...live ever happily.

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