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Published: Saturday, Feb. 12 2011 7:00 p.m. MST

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Murray, UT

We need a new compact. One that calls on everyone to honor the laws of the land, and encourage all those who come here, to do the same.


100 signatures, must have been a family reunion. The only people who can rival Mormons with the size of families are those from south of the boarder. I used to attend family reunions in East LA that had at least 300 family members.

salt lake city, UT

Don't bite the hand that feeds you...(and gives you free education, free medical care, etc etc etc)

Provo, UT

It's past time for the Latino's to come out in favor of following the law, and encouraging those thinking of coming here illegally to come legally.

Until then, actions like this cause distrust and resentment.

They also prove the theory that they have no intention of stopping the illegal immigration and following our laws, and any kind of amnesty would just result in more of the same.

Jaime Lee Bonberger
Houston, TX


When Brigham Young arrived in the SL Valley in July 1847, the entire states of what are now Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, and New Mexico were under American control. The treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo 6 months later formalized the acquisitions.

Please name one square mile of US Territory that was not taken over by force at least once in its history.

Mexico in the 1840s was forcibly taken from the Spanish a mere 25 years earlier. The Spaniards obviously acquired their territories via conquest of the Aztecs, Maya, etc.

If we are to follow your line of logic, we should restore control of Utah to either Spain, to the Ute tribes, or to whatever people preceded the Ute tribes.

Cedar Hills, UT

I can see why the Mexican people are tired of our verbal persecution. We, LDS, DO NOT BREAK FAMILIES AT THE EXPENSE OF MONEY. Yes, the law must be implemented but it is our obligation to obey the Federal Laws of our country. This land is not ours, it is a choice land own by Jesus Christ, our master.
Article of Faith # 13:
We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and DOING GOOD TO ALL MEN.
We do not follow the ABOMINABLE CHURCH, MONEY! All these persecutions against Mexicans, our neighbors, is for money. We should be ashamed of our unrighteous behaviors and dominions. We should help our Lamanites families with logical solutions to this complicated issue and no to dune them, otherwise we are a fake people that only follow the law for appearance. Utah should be the most international and cultural place on earth with all the people who have served international missions.

Jazz Bass Man
Wellsville, Utah

Just like the illegal alien marches that took place all over the country a few years back, this action by the illegal alien community will only backfire on them. When America saw the true nature of these people, marching with mexican flags and "viva la raza" or "viva la reconquista" signs, we all were infuriated at their demands of amnesty, and ever since then, the majority of our citizens have been in opposition to granting them amnesty.

This is the same in Utah, regardles of what church leaders say about compassion or amnesty. The more they push, the harder we all will push for enforcement bills like Stephen Sandstrom's.

Moab, UT

RE: DixieAggie
"There are tons of illegal Canadian immigrants, and yet the focus is on anybody with olive-to-brown skin and a Spanish accent" This is a falacious statement and your arguments serve to do what falices do-circumvent truth. The illegal immigrants from Canada and Europe amount to only 6 percent of the illegals living in the US. 78% of the Illegals in this Country are either from Mexico or other Latin American Countries and there is no debate that this represents the biggest single illegal immigrant problem as they all come through Mexico illegally into the US.

When we start having Candadian gangs and the thugs sent here by Canadian drug lords terrorizing our neighborhoods and killing innocent US citizens on a dialy basis, When we start having serial sex offender raids by ICE(which are rarely published in the news) and they end up being Canadains instead of Mexicans and other latinos, when the Canadain illegals burden our counties and states with social services, health care, and police services and burden the working US tax paying citizen to even 1/10th the degree that the Mexicans and latino illeglas have, you might have a legitimate argument.

South Jordan, UT

And immigrants wonder why people are concerned about more of them coming to this country? We have peace and opportunity here and they want to use these privileges opportunities for others in their home country.

Why don't you boys just take the truck back to good old Mexico?

Hugo Stiglitz
Ogden, UT

You know its funny, LDS members will refrence the 12th Article of Faith all day to support "anti-Mexican" feelings. Yet the LDS church has said that they support the UTAH COMPACT. Also Typical UT LDS members think they are so much greater than everyone. I have a surprise for many of the LDS Zionist Utah members. You can hold a temple recommend and be illegal. You can hold church callings and be illegal. You can serve a mission and be illegal. You would not know this in UT because the church in UT is more social pressure than actual testimony and conviction but the church does not care what your legal status is to be a member of the church and serve in it. So is the Church a walking contradiction accordint to its 12th Article of Faith?Also I guess the church has nothing to do with laws in this country.....unless its Prop 8 right?

P.S. I am LDS and I think what this group is doing is idiotic and Stupid.

Ogden, UT

If this was really an organized group why did the news story not mention who this group is? That would seem to be an important part of this story.

It could be that there is no group, and the press is just creating a story out of nothing.

Why would they do that?

Pocatello, ID

Marie 12
You seemed to have glossed over part of this AofF.. that of being HONEST!!!!! Or is this only for the LDS in America? Where is the need for the illeagle alien responcibility in being HONEST (as in obeying the laws of the land)?

We can be caring and compassionate and loving without letting these people walk all over us! Moses was once refered to as the meekest of men.. yet he was not one to be taken advantaged of either!

Is it hateful for a parent to punish a child for bad behavior? Is is hateful for a teacher to give a child an F for work that was way below what their normal work is? Is it hateful for someone to be excummunicated for commiting adultry? You can do all of these things and still show love and compassion to the person involved. Christ said.. render unto Ceaser's what is Ceaser's... in other words Obey the law of the land.

Why do I get punished for disobeying the speading law and have to pay a fine - and yet we are suppose to look the other way when people come here unlawfully.. that is reverse bigotry.

Salt Lake City, UT

They need to be careful of what they wish for....

Fort Worth, TX

The LDS church is not a political organization, despite what it's involvement in California might suggest. It is dogmatic to hope that a church (regardless of the denomination) would exert any type of political pressure. The focus of a Christian belief system should be the salvation of souls not commenting on a border control issue.

slc, ut

People are frustrated on both sides. But, punishing the missionaries and the LDS Church is insane. When we lived abroad we were told we needed to speak the language and we learned it. Immigrants here need to learn English and to go through the proper channels to be here legally. There needs to be a process that helps the immigrants that isn't expensive and not over many, many years. Once here legally, they need to pay taxes, get involved in their children's schools and contribute to the communities that they live in. There is an answer out there if we would all think about what it would be like to walk in each others shoes.

North Hollywood, california

It's incredible what those people are doing. As mormons, we have to be obdient of the law from the land we're living. If they don't have a legal status, why are they here? And even trying to protest against our missionaries obeying every aspect of the law. And they want to punish those missionaries because they are in USA illegally? Do are they Mormons? Shame on these people and they should be reading the Articles of Faith, and they will have the answer...

Clearfield, UT

To: Jaime Lee Bonberger

So are you saying that might makes right? If so then the outcome doesn't matter. The state of Georgia over ran the Cherokee Nation even after the supreme court ruled that they were soviergn and subsequently many died on the trail of tears. The Mormons were driven out of several states unlawfully. Slaves continued to be imported into the country and enslaved even after the bill of rights. Japanese were rounded up during WWII and put in concentration camps. During the red scare people were rounded up and jailed because they were thought to be communists. Abraham Lincoln suspended Habias Corpus during the Cival War due to espionage. And ...... illegal immigrants are encrouching on your precious resources, but might makes right.

A proper Bostonian
medford, MA

The illegals forget one thing, They're ILLEGAL!!! Why don't they do what my ancestors did? Cross the culture gap and become naturalized by the proper channels? It takes time and effort. Don't want to take the time, then take a hike. I make no apologies to those who would feed off a system my ancestors and I put into this country by sweat and hard work. Why should those lazy people who don't want to bother getting naturalized or visas enjoy what My family built for nearly a century? It's like letting uninvited strangers into my home to take what they want simply because they're in my neighborhood. Want to live in America? Become a citizen! It's not the Church's problem, it's the governments! Again, I make NO APOLOGIES! A system that shows selective deference to illegal immigrants is wrong.

Buena Park, CA

We believe in obeying the law -- if it's a "good" law (D&C 134:8). That's why we resisted the anti-polygamy laws and the Edmunds-Tucker Act that by law dissolved the legal status of the Church by law turned over the Church's property to the feds: they weren't "good."

I don't see how a law enacted to shield current occupants from "because I have been given much I too must give" to disadvantaged people -- who were the legal owners of AZ and UT before being dispossesed by armed force not obeying the existing Mexican laws of those lands* -- could be considered a "good" law.

A law whose purpose is to prevent the realization of "if ye are not equal in earthly things ye cannot be equal in obtaining heavenly things" D&C 78:6 cannot be "good" because it precludes its enforcers from the Celestial Kingdom in which God will make its inhabitants equal in those heavenly things (D&C 76:94-95).


* Done by a country formed by not honoring, obeying, and sustaining the English laws of their land. This also was OK because those laws were not "good."

Buena Park, CA

If AoF 12's "obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law" is not conditional upon it being a good law -- per D&C 134:8 -- then why is Helmuth Hubener considered an LDS hero for breaking Nazi law?

(See "Helmuth Hubener" in article in Wikipedia)

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