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Published: Saturday, Feb. 12 2011 7:00 p.m. MST

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Murray, UT

Very misguided idea. Even if it were implemented, the LDS Church would send missionaries to Mexico from other countries thus suspending the opportunity for LDS young men and women in the U.S. from the opportunity of doing missionary work legally in Mexico. A great opportunity would be lost to expose these young people to the good people of Mexico thus strengthening ties and bonds.

Santa Monica, CA

To Worf: Even though they do not live in my neighborhood, I have had a handful of illegal immigrants to my home, and they do not belong to gangs, as you presume. Some are members of the LDS Church and all have been upstanding, decent, and hardworking folks.

To IJ: California's problems stem from poor governance, not from illegal immigration. Most illegals are very productive and contribute to the economy, i.e., agricultural jobs, etc. that are difficult to staff. Both the economy and I welcome them.

I have also lived in Europe where there are also issues of immigration. The difference is that the receipe for America's strength has been in part its immigration for reasons that go beyond this post. Suffice it to say that I believe that despite the bigotry, fear, and hatred (which always attend large masses of immigration in every Country throughout history), these immigrants can make America even stronger.

Beaverton, OR

I agree with Tony Yapias.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Illegal immigrants have no rights except for basic
necessities. When they learn to respect this Country
and get legal and contribute to It the way we did
at the Statue of Liberty, then we'll respect them.
What a foolish little petition.

Harwich, MA

re: Cats
When was the last time you heard of a missionary going to Wales, Finland, Switzerland, Lithuania, etc. etc.
Just because your particular ward isn't sending them doesn't mean they don't go.
Half the young men I grew up with went to Mexico and South America.

Heber City, UT

All I have to say is LOL.:)

Beaverton, OR

If you are too lazy to read the article, and just assume that it is Tony Yapias who is leading this petition, because the DN lazily threw up an old photo on hand of a Latino signing something(Yapias), then you assume wrong. He's not part of this.

From the article:

Tony Yapias, director of Proyecto Latino de Utah, said he understands López-Vargas' frustration, but he doesn't believe taking action against LDS missionaries is the right thing to do.

"My personal concern, I don't like to see missionaries be used as a means to resolve our immigration problems," said Yapias, whose own son recently returned from a LDS mission. "I don't think it's a good idea. There are other ways."

Mcallen, TX

TMR--I live eight miles from the border and have a good understanding of illegal immigrants. I know there's alot of good people, but there are alot of gang members and drug dealers. I don't know how you can miss that in California, and yes, they have cost our country alot. Do your homework and you can see that. These people are breaking the law by coming here and should go through the process of becoming legal. Wanting immigrants legalized does'nt make anyone a bigot filled with hatred.

Shelley, ID

Why did the liberals WANT the Church to speak out on THIS issue? Because it fits their agenda.

Lehi, UT

@ Cats: Two weeks ago I dropped my nephew off at the MTC. Going to Mexico, along with five other young men we met while having lunch that day. With what is going on there Iwouldn't mind him going somewhere else, but that is where he was called and that is where he wants to serve.

Bountiful, UT

Its not the church that is hateful and biggoted but unfortunately enough of its followers are that bad perceptions are created.

Murray, Ut

I grow weary of the attention that 100 people signing a petition can get over illegal immigration. The local media would ignore 100 Americans signing a petition. Maybe one line of mention in another story.

Layton, UT

Actually, I believe that a great majority of illegals coming into this country from wherever their home country of origin feel "entitled" to what the Estados Unidos offers it's citizens. That is bigoted, racist and truly idiotic. There is no "entitlement" due to any illegal alien, none at all.To assume that many of the LDS "followers" are bigoted and "hateful" is in itself, exactly what you are complaining about. Not terribly civil nor tolerant are you?, that's most unfortunate.

Murray, UT

The arrogance and audacity of the Mexican government and its people who come here by ignoring our laws is breathtaking. Every American and Utahn should be outraged at this kind of behavior which is nothing short of extortion on a grand scale.
The Church does not have mind control over its members and the plain truth is that a majority of church members want the law enforced and illegals out of here regardless of what the church leaders have or haven't said. The removal of missionaries will clearly harm Mexico more than it will the church. The benefits Mexico gets from having the church there far outweighs the small amount of donations the church receives back.
I think the church should take them at their word and refuse to give into such outrageous threats and demands, if the missionaries leave, so be it. We need to show them all who is the boss and send all their lawbreaking citizens back where they belong and let the chips fall where they may.
Perhaps we can send Robles and Yapass with them and really improve the situation here.

Clearfield, UT

TMR I agree. Who are illegals immigrants really. Drug dealers and gang members or hard working people cleaning motel rooms and filling service sector jobs. To all those who say go home I ask go home to what, Poverty, violence, corruption. Mexico is a broken country, that is the problem, not illegal immigration. We all want legal immigration, myself included. The problem is what do you do when you are hungry and desperate. Of course they don't respect our laws when our laws aren't fair and anything over here is better than being murdered by drug cartels. It's easy to say fix their own country, the question is how. The solution to illegal immigration is a revolution in Mexico. Stop blaming our government for being able to control an 1,100 mile border. We can't, it is to long and porous. Theh mexican people have joined the LDS church by over a million members. They are not all lazy or just looking for a handout. Stop demonizing people for being poor and lets help them out.

Clearfield, UT

As long as there is economic disparity between the United States and Mexico there will be illegal immigration problems. That is a fact you can bank on. Illegal immigration has nothing to do with respect or disrespect for laws. Mexico is a broken country and unless that changes the problems will continue. Given a choice would you rather sneak across a border for a better life or stay home and risk being gunned down by drug cartels. We need to stop demonizing people for being poor. They are our neighbors like it or not. The hard liners just want to close the borders and ignore the poverty, corruption, and violence next door. Out of sight out of mind.

Farmington, UT

It this statement strong enough?

We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law.

That ought to do it. See Articles of Faith No. 12, written by Joseph Smith in answer to a newspaper reporter in 1842.

Incidentally, why should Mexico worry about American visas if America doesn't worry about Mexican visas?

All 13 articles of faith are still appropriate today. Too bad religious radicals don't believe in Article of Faith No. 11.

Dave from Taylorsville
Taylorsville, UT

ClarkHippo | 9:27 p.m. Feb. 12, 2011
Tooele, UT
100 SIGNATURES? That's it?

Why is this even a news story?


I am very tired of reading non-stories.

100 signatures. Is that half of half of half of half of half of one percent of the latino population in Utah???

Murray, Ut

Mexico still has the 12th best economy in the world, and other than the border, it's murder rate is not much different that some larger American cities.

This is about people coming here illegally, demanding citizenship, and striking out when they don't get it handed to them.

It's a sad situation that they cannot endorse our laws and ask others to do so.

Provo, UT

Dutchman: You are aware that the LDS missionaries do not get to choose where they go? There are many Mexican LDS missionaries that can preach the gospel in Mexico.

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