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Published: Saturday, Feb. 12 2011 7:00 p.m. MST

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San Diego, CA

So, he wants to suspend legal, temporary visits to Mexico until the church comes out in support of illegal, permanent moves to the U.S. Is that the definition of irony or hypocrisy?

South Jordan, UT

Desperate times calls for desperate measures.

Speak English - USA
West Jordan, UT

Hey TMR, California will never recover because of what illegal immigration has done to that state.

Go down to Arizona and see what is going on there as well.

Utah is smart enough to want to avoid at all costs turning out like either of you.

Illegals are NOT welcome in my state. Period.

Marc Jenks
Las Vegas, NV

Mr Tony, who is your President? You are a citizen of one country or the other. If you are US, then you 'renounced' your citizenship to Mexico. That is something illegals don't have to do. They get to keep their allegiance to Mexico, and they prefer to. That screams volumes on how misunderstood our perception of the illegal issue is. Most don't want to become citizens.

The Mexican President won't see any advantage gained by sitting down like you propose. Think it through.

Magna, UT

It is interesting that this group of individuals are trying to get the Mormon Church to peddle their influence within the State government. Too bad there is a constitutional seperation of church and state. Shame on them. They should work at making sure the people they are representing are in this country legally and that would resolve this problem. Unfortunately that will not happen nor will trying to put the genie back in the bottle by passing laws that will adversely effect a very large number of people. There needs to be a more humanatarian effort made. It is disheartening to hear about families torn apart by forced deportation. This is not the way to handle the illegales in this country. I don't have the answer either but kicking these people out, it is too late to do that and it is an act of inhuman babarianism on our part.

Herriman, UT

Double standard anyone? These groups are so tow-faced, they grab headlines yet help nobody.

The LDS Church rarely gets deeply involved in political issues, and when it does so, it is focused on morality issues. Illegal immigration is a problem for the Church just like everyone else. We feel for the immigrants, yet cannot ignore the fact that many of them willingly violate US law (and therefore a key principle of the Church's Articles of Faith).

Pocatello, ID

To get involved in this politically would mean having to do 'something' with that document we all learn in primary..."We believe in honoring, sustaining and obeying the laws of the land". It's just too bad the government that made the immigration law doesn't believe it as well.

C. Darwin
Sandy, UT

The entire illegal alien problem has been clearly demonstrated by this blackmail petition. Disreguard for all American laws and a lawless invasion of American lands by illegal foriegn nationals.. I am forever offended by illegals trying to force their agenda on Utah. The LDS church should remove all U.S. missionaries in Mexico and let the Mexicans carry on their missionary efforts using Mexican members.

Manti, UT

From the LDS Church Newsdesk last November:

The Church regards the declaration of the Utah Compact as a responsible approach to the urgent challenge of immigration reform. It is consistent with important principles for which we stand:

We follow Jesus Christ by loving our neighbors. The Savior taught that the meaning of neighbor includes all of Gods children, in all places, at all times.

We recognize an ever-present need to strengthen families. Families are meant to be together. Forced separation of working parents from their children weakens families and damages society.

We acknowledge that every nation has the right to enforce its laws and secure its borders. All persons subject to a nations laws are accountable for their acts in relation to them.

Public officials should create and administer laws that reflect the best of our aspirations as a just and caring society. Such laws will properly balance love for neighbors, family cohesion, and the observance of just and enforceable laws.

Mcallen, TX


I'm sure there are many needy people in your town. Many may be gang members and drug dealers. How many of them have moved into your house and you've fed and clothed them? I hope you're not mean spirited and a bigot by turning them away.

Jim B
Pleasant Grove, Utah

The LDS church has taken a stand on this issue many years ago. "Obey the law of the land". Just what part of Illegal Immigrant do you not understand.

Holladay, UT

You have got to be kidding me! always blaming other people for their problems. LAME.

Pocatello, ID

There are many differences in illeagal aliens and missionaries.
Missionaries get legal visa to go into the country that they have been called to. Thus OBEYING the law of the land they are serving in.
They also stay for a time limit of two years. How many of the illeagles have been here for that amount of time and then return home?
To try and force the church to make a statement of acceptance of criminal behavior by these people is utterly immature of these people. They sound like they are throwing a temper tantrum. IF the President accepts this and does not allow the missionaries into there country - SO WHAT !! we will send missionaries from England, Cananda, Spain etc... and from withing Mexico itself. It will not stop the work from going on but WILL only increase the anger of ALL Americans for them pulling this off. This is only going to slap them in the face in the long run.

St.George, Utah

I know illegal immigration is a problem, buy why all the focus on Mexicans? There are tons of illegal Canadian immigrants, and yet the focus is on anybody with olive-to-brown skin and a Spanish accent. If you think I'm joking, just Google illegal immigrants from Canada.

Let's not kid ourselves, it has more to do with racism and bigotry than anything else.

Hyrum, Ut

Screwbal8, I agree that tearing families apart is not a good thing. So should we not send the married murders,rapist, and etc. to jail because it might tear a family apart? Those who break the law need to suffer the consequences. I'm very sorry if it tears a family apart but that should have been considered before they choose to engage in illegal activities.

Lehi, UT

When we didn't like how we were treated in the USA we packed up under threat of death and moved to to this place (then part of Mexico). The USA followed. Some moved to Mexico to escape government persecution of how we practiced marriage. We must remember that Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah were taken by force from Mexico. Maybe they have just as much of a right to live here as we do. WE must reform our immigration laws and we must enforce our laws.

Santa Clara, UT

Does that group mean legal immigrants or illegal aliens? I think just everyone is fine with the legal immigrants, it's the illegal aliens that 83% of Utahns have a problem with. And that group appealing only to the President of Mexico pretty well describes that group as R.....! How about the other 175 counties of the world? By the way, I think Mexico has a policy of banning ALL illegal aliens.

Salt Lake City, UT


[The LDS church has taken a stand on this issue many years ago. "Obey the law of the land". ]

The church took a stand on this issue many years ago by knowingly baptizing and issuing temple recommends to illegal immigrants.

Layton, UT

It's most unfortunate that the "leaders" of Mexico have pilfered (stolen) the billions in Foreign Aid we've squandered needlessly on the corrupt regimes in Mexico. This petition is laughable, even those signing it, wouldn't go to Mexico "now", in a heartbeat to try and make things better. Besides,being an illegal in the Estados Unidos is far better than being a narcotrafficante foot soldier in the civil wars currently on-going in Mexico. We need to cease all foreign aid payments and assistance of any kind to Mexico. Use that money to secure our own border. Then we can speak with Mexico about their own internal rampant corruption.(not that it would do a bit of good) Viva le Estados Unidos!

Brer Rabbit
Spanish Fork, UT

The official position of the LDS Church on illegal immigration is neutrality. There are a lot more members of the LDS Church in Utah that would like the church to take a position in opposition to the illegal immigrants, than those that want the LDS Church to support illegal immigration.

The Church has to be neutral, because of that 12th Article of Faith. We believe...in honoring and sustaining the law... Illegal immigrants do not believe in this principle. The proof is that they are here illegally.

Threatening the LDS Church leaders if they fail to take a political position of some group has never been a good idea. These threats only show the weakness of the position of the illegal alien enablers.

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