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Published: Saturday, Feb. 12 2011 7:00 p.m. MST

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Federal Way, WA

I am just amazed at how these illegal Latinos feel like they have a "right" to be here just because this is a land of legal immigrants.

Then they charge America with racisum and civil right violations when people want to enforce the protection of our country by enforcing the law.

There are other immigrants that want to come here legally and have more to offer that should get preference before these groups.

Salt Lake City, UT

Why is it that these Illegals want a Utah Compact, but yet Mexico and Calderone has a closed border with his neighbors to the South and executes those who come into Mexico Illegally.....and Yapias and his ilk call us Racists?

Mcallen, TX

Don't like it? Go home!

Tempe, AZ

First of all, I believe the church only sends American elders, no sisters, to Mexico anyway; though that could possibly be for only certain missions there. Also, if 100 signatures are successful (unlikely) I think the church will actually see if as a opportunity. This will require Mexicans and other Latin people to step up to teach their own people the gospel. This will be kind of like when the church pulled all the American missionaries out of Venezuela a couple years ago due to political unrest there, it didn't seem to have any negative effect on the work. The gospel will continue to spread.

Santa Monica, CA

Although I believe that the petition is a dumb idea, I understand the frustration. The LDS Church has spoken, but apparently it takes a two-by-four to get the message across to some people, including commentators on this post, many of whom purport to be members of the Church. To my illegal immigrant friends: we need you and want you; and I apologize for the meanness, hatred, and bigotry of many of my fellow Americans who deserve less than many of you the good fortune of being "legal" by being born on American soil or by immigrating (or their ancestors) under a more fair system than what is now in place. How sad that privilege breeds such contempt.

Riverton, UT

I would like it if the Church took the following FIRM stand: We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law. Yes, that's the firm stance I'd like to see the Church adopt.

Murray, Ut

The Pope has the same stand as the LDS church. Come legally, and countries have the right to control borders.

Like the Catholic church, that has local leaders that feel different, so does the LDS church.

It would not be fair or right if the same petition was not drawn up and sent about the Catholic church.

Santa Monica, CA

Nottyou, you cite an article of faith, which is an affirmation of belief. All of the articles of faith are enveloped within and are ultimately trumped by the two greatest commandments, both of which are at play here and are the obvious predicates for the Church's support for the Compact. This does not denigrate any of the articles, but it does put them in context.

Bountiful, UT

The LDS church has an apparently little known belief (12th article of faith) in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law. How clear do they have to be?

Eagle Mountain, UT

Wow! A hundred signatures. That ought to make them stand up and take notice. Seriously; blaming the LDS church for immigration problems because they won't take a stance. Grow up!

Erda, Ut

Ridiculous. I would love to see the names of these 100 who signed. There is nothing wrong with requesting people coming here legally. As I do name extractions off census records, all people born out of the United States had naturalization papers and were documented on the census. Why has that changed?

Salt Lake City, UT

Just don't come knockin on my door.. Here or in Mexico!

Ventura, Ca

I see this as an attempt by illegals and their supporters to strong arm the church into making Utah a sanctuary state for illegals. They have seen that when the church makes a stand on an issue many people in Utah follow suit, so if they threaten to hurt missionary work, they believe they can make the church (and Utah) knuckle under to their demands. I can't believe the nerve of these invaders who come to this country and decide that WE are the ones who need to change to accommodate them!
Send them and their families back to the countries of their birth. IMMEDIATELY.

Danbury, CT

How about we get the petitioners to take a stand and spread it from there into their community? I want to know where Latino's stand on legal immigration and to speak with one voice. I've lived in 4 countries and in each, our entire family was required to apply for legal status and carry an ID.

I seriously doubt the President of Mexico is even going to give this a serious hearing. And it is a weird trade anyway - missionaries for a stand on immigration. It's like a hostage situation - no negotiation will ever be forthcoming with a threat.

Holladay, UT

I am french , retired, I was just spending my money in Utah , legally , with a visa , going back to France every 6 months as required by the law , I paid my rent , my bills and one day the immigration in Salt lake city said : OUT of USA , because you spend too much time in Usa , go and look after your grand children in France ! and the LDS church did not even help me to carry one suitcase . so I left , but I still love your country and the people .I will be always happy to welcome american in my country .we have visa for retired people !!

Hyrum, Ut

TRM, Love for your fellow man has nothing to do with letting him trample all over you. Do you give your children everything they want simply because they want it? How much candy do you allow them to have? Do they have a bed time? Do you have family rules? Do you send the to school or do they beg to go? You are missing the point. If we fling open the borders, soon there will not be room for anyone and the economic system will collapse. With the criminal element that would come (many of whom are already here) you would not be safe even in your own home. Why is it that no one recognizes the word ILLEGAL? There is a process for foreigners to come here legally - and those we welcome. And Please, don't presume to apologize for 330 million people. That's the governments job; if it needs to be done.

St.George, Utah

Latinos have a right to be concerned about the vitriol that is being bandied about here in Utah against latinos. They feel a petition to the LDS church would help them tone down the hateful rhetoric. However, it is wrong to threaten a refusal of visas to mormon missionaries. I just hope a peaceful solution can be reached. Latinos have become the whipping boys of the Great Recession.

Somewhere in Time, UT

I can't remember the last time I heard of an American going to Mexico on a mission. thirty years ago, there were many who went to Mexico. Now those missions are filled almost entirely by Mexicans. So, I think this is probably a moot point.

The petition is tacky and childish. It will go nowhere. Even Tony Yapias gets this one.

The Utah Republican
Alpine, UT

Mr. López-Vargas is missing the simple fact that if missionaries from the United States can't serve in Mexico, the missionaries in that country will be filled with missionaries from other countries. If all missionary visas were cut off, the positions would have to be filled with only Mexican members. Right now many members from Mexico broaden their knowledge and vision by serving abroad. It would be sad if someone with a political agenda messed that up.

San Diego, CA

I recommend this request of Mexico: treat the illegals at their Southern border with the same respect they expect of the US.

That will throw a different perspective on illegal immigration and Mexico!

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