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Published: Friday, Feb. 11 2011 11:00 a.m. MST

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Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Before the vote, Minority Assistant Whip Brian King, D-Salt Lake, read a letter from Browning's grandson, Robert Pack Browning, opposing the bill. The House consented to the amendment, 48-20.

Why didn't you print that letter it was well written?

my slc
Newport Beach, CA

From the earlier article regarding this:

"Turns out Ogden native John M. Browning never manufactured an M1911, so the measure was amended to say he designed the gun. The amended bill now goes back to the House."

So all the jingoism and flag waving regarding this bill and Utah is nonsense?

Murray, UT

It's gratifying to know that our lawmakers are spending their time and our tax dollars on such important state business. I imagine that the electorate would appreciate it if the folks on the hill would worry less about guns and more about bringing jobs to Utah and educating our students. I know I would. What ever would we do without our wise and wonderful politicans?

Kearns, UT

The state honors criminal mexicans, why not citizens of America?

Yes, many lives have been destroyed in Utah by armed criminals and many lives have been saved by armed citizens as well. The recognition of this gun also projects the spirit of America and defending the constitution. People who do not believe in guns are the ones to pity, they are the first victims of oppression and that they are too cowardly to defend their rights and country.

There is no civil means of defending the constitution, it must be done and maintained by armed american citizens and honoring the man and the gun also honors our rights.

Santa Monica, CA

How terribly embarrassing for Utah.

Springville, UT

What a tremendous waste of time on an idiotic idea. No wonder nothing of substance ever gets done.

Rexburg, ID

How embarrassing. One party rule on display.

open minded
Lehi, UT

One more example of how out of touch our legislators are with the people. It doesn't matter what we want, they are going to do whatever they want anyway. So much for being servants of the people.

Provo, UT

The elected GOP-controlled representatives on the Hill have acted contrary to the will of the people: 57% opposed this and 36% favored it.

So much for conservative values in Utah.

Gary Moore
Bountiful, UT

Relax. The worst thing this bill does is give liberals material to ridicule us about.

Consider the motivation. Political ridicule is not done because one has cause. It's a proven effective tactic to discredit an opponent, in a culture filled with intellectually lazy voters who take their cues from comics on television.

If leftists, masquerading as journalists and entertainers in order to engage in stealth activism, didn't have this, they'd use something else in their efforts to marginalize a state which consistently votes Republican.

Adding a state firearm will not cause the slightest burden on the budget. What it will do is to serve as a response to people, such as Mr. Browning's misguided descendant, telling them clearly that we Utahns believe that humanity is better off because an instrument that equalizes a smaller victim to a larger and stronger attacker exists.

Kearns, UT

Honor the man, not the gun. The poll shows we don't want an official state gun. Please, legislature, please finally start listening to our opinions.

brookings, SD

Excuse me, but this is about as ludicrous as Utah's leg. has ever been. TMR has got it right: embarrassing.
Guys, gals, leg people: go work on improving society and our schools, etc. and put the posturing on the back burner, or better yet, quit it!! Utah has real problems and you are just posturing. How did you get elected? Old boy network?

Ogden, UT

TMR: I find it ironic you see anything Utah does as embarrassing.

I'm as pro-gun as they get, but this is just a stupid waste of tax money.

There are other issues that need handling. If the legiscritters have time for this crap, then maybe they should just shutter the doors, dock their pay accordingly, and stop spending my tax money.

None of your business, UT

I'm a gun owner, CCW holder, etc. and this is a dumb as it gets. Out legislature is so high on themselves and out of touch with the reality of what they should be doing. How embarrassing for Utah.

Ralph West Jordan
Taylorsville, UT

Re: Gary Moore 7:47

No gun, No testosterone!

Run for the legislature next election, you are certain to win, you have all the qualifications!

Maybe you could be the long gun specialist, yea!! how about an official state mussle loader, or even better an official assualt rifle.

Previous posters hit it on the head! EMBARRASSING.

Fishers, IN

I've only owned one gun in my 38 years, and it's a Browning pistol I bought last June. It's a fantastic piece to shoot.

But could there be a bigger waste of lawmakers' time and taxpayers' money than the effort to designate a Utah State Firearm? I mean, are the pols behind this serious???

West Jordan, UT

Absolutely STUPID that our legislators are spending time on this. Why do we need a state gun? It's such a small things but it makes me sick every time I hear it. With all of our problems they are wasting their time on something as ridiculous as this. I just don't get it.

Provo, UT

A state gun? Waste of time. And even if it were important, they would do better to pick a nice hunting rifle over a handgun.

Gig Harbor, WA

I call on many Fortune 500 companies. When the topic comes up that I am originally form Utah they ask, why is it that the Utah leg. is always in the news doing weird things. Here there are potential companies that would look at moving their operations to Utah for the recreation, climate etc. What is often commented to me is why are Utah elected leaders are always trying to prove itself through such stupid stunts almost as if there is an inferiority complex.

American Fork, UT

The legislature doesn't care what the people want. What do people think this is? A democracy?

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