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He said he helped move her body after witnessing someone else kill her

Published: Friday, Feb. 11 2011 8:00 a.m. MST

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Colorado girl
Small Town, CO

Please, oh please, let this family get answers! Prayers for all involved today!

Salt Lake City, Utah

As little as 1 year for killing a girl and then not telling her family where her body is?

At some point down the road law of karma will repay the evil he's done.

Draper, UT

This is long overdue, but please give the family closure and reveal where she is buried.

Richmond, VA

I'm with Rifleman... how on Earth can the justice system let this guy back out of lock up? Doesn't compute.

West Jordan, UT

FINALLY! Someone finally admitted to something in this case. The one to 15 years seems a little crazy. It is too bad that he didn't tell the family where Kiplyn's body is but I guess they agreed to the terms. As for the attorney saying Olsen doesn't know... AND YOU BELIEVE HIM? Hopefully, this will get the others involved and more willing to say what happened to Kiplyn. Im sure the family is grateful to finally have some answers.

Mendon, UT

Seriously, he "saw another person strike Davis twice in the head".... that's it? What does that mean? Who is this mystery person? Why does he not have to reveal the location of her body? Why did her family agree to this arrangement and yet they still are pleading with him to reveal the location? This plea seems to create more questions than it answers.

Burlington, CT

I hope Olsen has to serve the maximum 15 years, still too little time for such a brutal crime.

Bluffdale, UT

Those involved will get it in the end. Even with this plea deal, this low life is getting away with murder. I pray the family will have some peace.

salt lake city, UT

Ridiculous !!

salt lake city, UT

Timmy is Obviously Lying.. Again.
Why didnt he admit to seeing the killer years ago when he was arrested or when he testified at the grand jury?
So your telling me he saw another person bash Kiplyn and he helped?! Amazing story. Looks like his lawyers found a loop hole. This is why the American Justice system is all messed up.
Karma will catch up with Timmy.

Provo, UT

These low-lifes have protected themselves all the way. But the longer they weight, the more the technology improves to find the evidence that will put all of them away forever or send them to death row.

I ask the parole boards to be very clear that no parole will be offered any of these men unless they reveal the place they buried the body. Extend all the sentences out to the maximum allowable.

The entire community needs to be cleansed. Not much of that yet.

Pleasant Grove, UT

After 15 years of working this case you really think the County Attorney WANTS to let this guy go after a year?

Unfortunately they are dealing with four selfish and morally bankrupt men who are willing to live with what they did rather than do the right thing.

Something is better than nothing at all. The County Attorney is doing their best to hold people accountable, but as long as these 4 are willing to maintain their conspiracy of silence not much else can be done.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

There's something wrong with this picture... start with withholding evidence in a capital crime for one thing. The price should have at least been either identify who the actual killer was or the location of the body...Obviously this guy was part of the crime. There's got to be more than this.

David B.
Cedar City, UT

Never should have gotten the plea deal! If they had concrete evidence that he committed this act, the only deal he would get is taking the death penalty off the table if the body was recovered.15 years is also pathetic,what was the prosecutor thinking here? The family still doesn't have closure and this clown is laughing at the system!

working class
Salt Lake City, UT

Nothing, but nothing, has been settled for the Davis family. Thus is "justice" delivered to the public. This stinks. This shows more than ever that people must rely on themselves, and not depend on government to deliver justice. Indeed the "justice" system cannot deliver it. If Ed Smart had depended on the police and prosecutors Elizabeth would still be missing, but most people don't have Smart's resources and skills. Justice please, for these people!

San Jose, CA

Lived in Spanish Fork at this time while in the Police Academy. A Spanish Fork officer, who taught us said they knew who and they were watching them. The Father of Heaven is watching us all and nothing will be left undone and uncovered. Justice has already been satisfied. We are just unable to see it. They are starting to feel it...justice.. enjoy boys.

Salt Lake City, UT

I would have to guess that the reason he will not reveal the location of the body is that evidence there (DNA?) would incriminate him to an even greater extent.

West Jordan, UT

Shouldn't his disclosing the name of the killer be part of his plea bargain? I hope and pray that the Davis family will find some peace even if justice hasn't yet been served.

Thankfully, there is One who sees and knows all.

Draper, UT

What an unbelievable case!! My head seems to spin the more time goes by. If I am reading the article right, Jeppsen was not present according to the plea, and yet he was previously charged with murder?

What a crock that someone gets to plead without saying who the "other person" was, nor the location of Kiplyn. Suppesedly, Olsen admitted to others that he committed murder, but the plea says he didn't; and this is an acceptable plea? It is hard to see how the good guys are gaining ground with this plea, but I am sure they know a lot better than I.

I am not sure which case cracks my head more; this case or the Eugene Wright/Kenneth Dolezar/David Nowak case where Mr. Dolezar was killed outside Village Inn. Law and Order ought to look into using these cases.

Layton, UT

Dadof8 calls them men.

They are large males but they are not men!

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