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Published: Thursday, Feb. 10 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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Lubbock, TX

Yes. Yes he is. BYU could lend some of their ESPN/byutv money to Hill to help the removal process otherwise.

Now, go get Jimmered.

South Jordan, UT

No he is not the right fit. He is a good NBA assistant. Allow him back in that role.

south jordan, utah

Boylen leading the Utes to the Pac12 is too ridiculous of a thought to even entertain!

Murray, UT

I posted this on another site so apologies if you have already read it:

If Utah Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin is looking for an assistant coach with years and years of NBA experience look no further than right here in town. Jim Boylen is minutes away at the University of Utah. I am sure with his current situation there that he would love to return to the NBA without uprooting his family. Please give him a serious look and then hire him. Chris Hill could then begin looking for a new head coach. Thanks.

Tooele, UT

Why is this even a question... I agree with Dutchman though, Boylen might actually be a good fit with the Jazz with his experience working primarily with post players with the Houstaon Rockets and the Michigan State Spartans.

Boylen whether he can coach or not has lost the confidence in his team, the fans, and the boosters. He might be able to specialize in one thing, but as a head coach he's not there. I think its obvious that he can't recruit so thats another issue he wouldn't have to worry about.

Go Ute's

Centerville, UT


Not a bad idea. Jim has proven to be a great assistant coach. Then we could give someone the title of "interim" head coach up on the hill and then find someone to take the helm in the offseason.

Oh please, hire Jim Boylen.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

As the Yahoo article suggested, Dr. Hill needs to give Boylen a vote of confidence by extending his contract another 5 years. With that added push, the 2012 Utah recruiting class will surely be the best in Utah history.

American Fork, UT

ute fans I definately feel sorry for you and your current situation in basketball but not nearly enough to saddle the rest of us with this guy. I don't want him anywhere near the Jazz and if any of you are Jazz fans you shouldn't either.

I realize that your judgement is probably clouded because of your angst over the current state of the utah basketball program, I understand it I really do, but think about what you're asking for here.

There just is no reason for the rest of us to fall on our swords simply to rescue you guys.

I'm kidding of course about the fall on the sword stuff but really I don't want Boylen anywhere near the Jazz in any capacity.

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

For a team (San Diego State) that has no basketball tradition or real accomplishments it is funny to me that their fans are now so proud and feel they have the right to dog on Utah. Attention SDSU fans your team has no history of doing any thing but stinking before and overall your program is a joke compared to what Utah has accomplished over the years. That said I think Boylen needs to go as things do not seem to be getting better.

Murray, UT


Boylen seemed to perform just fine in the NBA as an assistant coach especially at the Houston Rockets. I haven't personally checked his record I am just going on what I have read and heard. Some guys make great assistant coaches just not head coaches.

"I don't want Boylen anywhere near the Jazz in any capacity".

If I subsituted the name Crowton for Boylen and Oregon or LSU for the name Jazz would that change your perspective or do you just hate Utah so bad that it clouds your judgment?

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah


I agree, Crowton has been a good Offensive Coordinator and Boylen could probably be a good assistant coach for the Jazz.

Supposedly, Boylen specialized in working with big men at Houston. If that's the case, we've seen almost no improvement with Utah's current big men.

Gilbert, AZ

I think that the five year extension suggestion from Yahoo is very wise. The guy just needs some time to make this work. The fans need to be more patient.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Does anyone have contact information for Tyrone Corbin or Kevin O'Connor? Maybe even Greg Miller? We need to put the bug in their ear that their is a good coach already in Salt Lake who would do a great job helping the Jazz big men and currently needs a way out of his current job to save face. It would help Boylen get out of a bad situation and help Utah minimize its cost.

American Fork, UT

Are you ute fans serious? The rest of us don't want to suffer because of the mess you guys got yourselves into. I'm not worried about it though, the Jazz aren't going to hire boylen. He's your problem, deal with it.

Fort Worth, Texas

Rome wasn't build overnight... but over 4 years progress was made. Bolyen has had plenty of opportunity to show Ute Nation some progress, he has not so "You're fired".

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Duckhunter, just as serious as Oregon and LSU were about hiring Gary Crowton. Careful, your true hatred....I mean colors....are shining through.

Murray, UT


I was hoping and praying (yes, some Utah fans do pray) that BYU would give contract extensions of five years to Gary Crowton and Steve Cleveland. It didn't work out. Sometimes prayers aren't answered in the way we want.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

I'm sure Corbin knows enough people to find someone who he wants to be his assistant. If it's Boylen, thats fine, but he needs to produce. His decision will not be based on taken a problem off the Utes hands.

Besides, Boylen has been recruiting Ty's son, and they know each other.

Rock of the Marne is dead on right. SDSU fans went over the line when it comes to classlessness. Who would have thought a Utah fan would ever complain about fans with a lack of class, but I do agree with him.

Boylen may be a "dead man walking", or he might be the one who saves the Utes program. Either way, that was a classless act.

Personally, I have been calling for TC, or anyone else since the end of last season, but then I was a troll, when in reality, I was just looking for good basketball in the state... Still would like to see it.

Ragnar Danneskjold
Bountiful, UT

The answer is no. Get rid of him. Maybe you could get Stew from USU. Not sure what the answer is, but it surely isn't Boylen. Utah has a proud basketball tradition that should never end up with pathetic seasons like they are currently having.

American Fork, UT

@mormon ute

So you want boylen gone because he is running the utah basketball program into the ground and that isn't "hate"? But I don't want him anywhere near the Jazz because I think he is a terrible coach so that is "hate"?

That must make perfect sense to a ute"fan".


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