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Published: Thursday, Feb. 10 2011 3:00 p.m. MST

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West Jordan, UT

"Some people abhor the notion that somebody who doesn't look like them, who doesn't have their background, could have some political power," he said.

In this statement he called everyone that supports enforcement of the law a racist. That offends me. I am not racist in the least. I have several adopted granchildren of various races. They don't look like me and they don't have my background, but I love them as much as the ones who do. I hope they and other legal citizens of their races will have lots of political power.

All I ask is that they come here legally. Make it easier for those waiting in line to come, but don't make it easier for those who have ignored the law to stay.

Powell, OH

You enforce the law or you change it. If you have a group of law enforcement who refused to enforce it you have the Prosecuting Attorney file conspiracy charges against them and get rid of them.

If you can't or won't enforce the law, what have it? Knowing Arizona is going after these criminals I will make sure to vacation in the State and help support their efforts by spending our money there.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

The reality is that these people have come here because of political, economic and social forces that are much bigger than they are. They came here because the U.S. economy requires their labor and they are willing to fill that need and at the same time provide for their families and futures. Immigration law is as complicated as tax law. Both are broken and need to be fixed. These are good people. I know many of them personally. I wonder how many of those who are so willing to lay such a heavy burden on good hard working people instead of fix the problem have ever sat down and tried to get to know an undocumented person. How many of you have ever had a meal with their family. For those who recognize these people as human being, sign the Utah Compact.

Iowa City, IA


The Center for Immigration Studies found that illegal immigrants impose a net federal deficit of over $10 billion annually (around $7000 per household). When the federal government pays a group more than it contributes, the national debt doesn't shrink - it grows.

Perhaps you could explain how the government is better able to pay its debt because of a group that receives more from the government than it contributes?

Iowa City, IA


And I can't help but wonder how much hunger and suffering abroad has emerged because the U.S. is draining poorer countries of their "good hard working people" and only sending back the criminals. How are struggling countries expected to improve without "good hard working people?"

There will always be people who believe that by taking a few good people out of poverty, they are doing the best thing to alleviate poverty. I ask, why turn a blind eye to the hundreds of millions of people who remain in deteriorating conditions and cannot afford to pay human smugglers? Every nation needs people who desire better circumstances in order for improvement to occur.

Are low prices really enough to justify both the worsening conditions abroad and the exploitation of a vulnerable population?

salt lake city, utah

Since opinion polls have consistently shown that Americans support the Arizona law by an overwhelming majority (70-75%), it is hard to imagine it is hurting the state. This sounds like more scare tactics from people without a good argument.

salt lake city, utah

Reasonable Person @ 4:54
There is already a legal path to immigration. Consequently, there is no reason to reward illegal immigration. Also, the idea that illegal immigration means lower consumer costs is absurd. You fail to take into account things like increased crime, traffic, pollution, resource consumption, tax evasion, social costs, higher unemployment, cultural dilution, etc. etc. etc. Illegal immigrants are in NO WAY an asset. They are a massive, massive liability.....

USS Enterprise, UT

The interesting thing is that AZ has said the illegal immigrants cost the tax payers there between $800 million and $1.3 billion annually.

So, if they lose $490 million of business revenue, but save at least $800 billion of tax payer money, isn't the state coming out ahead?

Also, if they want to get the lettuce picked, they can always hire out the inmates to do that for $1/hr.

salt lake city, utah

Tom@9:22 am- The reality is that they came of their own free will and for their own benefit and they broke the law to do it. They are criminals. Period. They want a better life? So what? Don't most of us? The difference is that most of us understand they do not have a right to acquire by illegal means those things that they find difficult to acquire by legal means. Why do you think that illegal immigration is vigorously fought and prosecuted in every country on earth? Except ours......

Ontario, OR

The Center for Immigration Studies is an organization with a very strong anti-immigrant agenda. If you want accurate numbers, look at government statistics (U.S. Census Bureau, for example). Most people don't really want accurate numbers, varied sources of information, or a fair discussion of immigration reform. Many who comment here claim to be Christian, but have no compassion even for a baby born in the U.S. to undocumented parents, let alone the parents themselves, even if they're supposed to be brothers and sisters in Christ. I believe such people will be judged as they have judged and will have much for which to repent. "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these...ye have done it also unto me." No one ever thinks, "Oh, He is talking to me!" How ironic that Latter-day Saints would lead out with such venom against a people that is joining the Church in such large numbers and filling one Spanish-speaking branch after another in AZ and UT. It is a terrible shame.

Iowa City, IA


Do you feel that the desire to enforce the prescribed consequences of all laws is un-Christlike, or only the enforcement of the consequences of laws that you disagree with? It is easy to spot a closed-minded individual when they claim that those who think like them on an issue have cornered the market of compassion, truth, kindness, or any other virtue.

By the way, you should realize that the Census Bureau has openly admitted that its numbers are especially inaccurate with respect to illegal immigrants because of the low population response rate. It is not an accurate source of information, as you suggest.

Farmington, UT

Arizona's commercial and tourism industries are only taking a hit because their friends and neighbors aren't taking a stand as well. If every state in the country started enforcing our laws, then we wouldn't even be having this discussion, because illegals would have nowhere to go but home.

Pocatello, ID

Janet @12:57
Talk about calling the kettle black!
Your WHOLE comment was judgement upon judegment on anyone who disagreed with what YOU thought was right!
COMPASSION and LOVE For all people.. is what Christ taught... not just those who make you feel sorry for them but ALSO for those who do not agree with you!
I am ACTIVE card carrying LDS returned missionary have Gospel Doctrine teacher for many years and I disagree with you! Does that give me the right to pass judgement and call the wrath of God down on you? NO!!! It does not.
Where is YOUR compassion for all the people in this country that have been hurt by the influx of illeagel aliens? Maybe you need to look in the mirrow a little bit more. God Bless ya sis.

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