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Published: Thursday, Feb. 10 2011 3:00 p.m. MST

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Layton, UT

I call B.S. !!!
The whole world economy is bad right now. How can people pin point losses to their laws? They can't.
AZ had a huge housing bubble just like NV- are NV losses as a result of their laws that favor illegal immigration?
Give me a break. This "article" is nothing more than a bunch of liberal BS ... this is what liberals would like to have had happen. But it didn't so they are just pretending it did.
It's all policital hog wash.

Vernal, UT

Illegals shouldn't have any political power to flex. They're not even supposed to be in the country, let alone have any influence on anything.

Teton, ID

The only thing wrong with our immigration law is that no one abides by it !

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

I am sure after telling the legislature they'd be idiots if they went forward and cost the state millions of dollars that they still will push the legislation and pass it into law. They act on passion not logic.

Reasonable Person
Layton, UT

How many of our own ancestors came here "legally"?

Utah was Mexican territory when the Mormons came in 1847 (the Hildalgo treaty wasn't signed until the next year).

My grandmother came here with all of her possessions in a trunk. All she had to do was pass a "cough test" at Ellis Island, to check for TB.

There were no quotas.

Now, we have all these anti-immigration laws, and then we cry about enforcement.

For people who want small government, Utah legislatures and conservatives sure look like a tighter-government crowd.

You call BS? Watch the price of food rise! Watch your hotel rates climb, when illegal workers can no longer clean your rooms. What about your restaurant food costs?

Salt Lake City, UT

If I have to get pulled over everyday for the next ten years to eliminate Illegals? SO BE IT!

This is a great DAY! Pack your bags and come back legal and with a renewed respect for the laws of the USA!

Taylorsville, UT

Law enforcement costs big? Tally up the cost of murder, rape, drugs, welfare, education of illegal's children etc. etc. and there is no comparison.

Iowa City, IA

Reasonable Person,

Are you suggesting that you support the exploitation of a vulnerable class of people as long as it allows you to purchase cheaper food and spend less at hotels?

Also, do you realize that if they are allowed to stay legally (getting ID cards, etc.), then minimum wage laws will apply and costs will increase anyway?

Salt Lake City, UT

Googled AEZIR....so this guy represents a sympathetic group of illegals for amnesty (rolls eyes)

Googled Somos America and Respect Respeto.....Illegal aliens for amnesty! (unbelieveable)

Could you at the least create an objective forum of experts representing Arizona rather than those of one political and financial persuasion? I mean, these two are making money off the backs of Illegals....where is that in your article?

Dnews reporting is starting to resemble the Salt Lake Weekly......

Henderson, NV

"Some people abhor the notion that somebody who doesn't look like them, who doesn't have their background, could have some political power," he said."

What an absolutely self-righteous and ridiculous statement. I understand if you have concerns that the immigration issue be handled the right way, but to call everybody who disagrees with you dumb and racist is blatantly rude and uncivil.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Some people abhor the notion that somebody who doesn't look like them, who doesn't have their background, could have some political power," he said."

No. I abhor the notion people who are not citizens have political power.

Hereford, AZ

Arizona is going broke paying for the health care, education, subsidized housing, etc. for illegal aliens and their children. Not to mention the increased crime, immigrant smuggling (not always of Latinos, either), and drug running. Just in the last week or two, Catapults were discovered in both border towns in our county, sending even more drugs over the border.

My husband's grandmother came out of Mexico during the Revolution and it was extremely difficult for her to get citizenship--but she did it--legally.

Amnesty for illegal aliens is unfair to all people trying to come here legally and breeds disrespect for all our other laws. Peple who disobey one law frequently exhibit disregard for other laws, and if you don't believe that, you haven't lived along the border.

I say--liberalize our immigration laws to enable law-abiding people who want to become citizens to immigrate legally. And SHUT THE DOOR to those who disegard our laws.


Colorado Employers for Immigration Reform
Texas Employers for Immigration Reform
Florida Employers for Immigration and Visa Reform
Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform

These are groups of business that want cheap illegal labor subsidized by the American people. Their agenda is public bailouts for their lack of business management skills.

Manti, UT

So he mentions these cost... but he does not mention the cost of illegals in entitlement programs, welfare, health care, drug trafficking, etc., etc,. and on and on...

Murray, Ut

Business wants to drive down the price of labor, make more money.

The price of lettuce (box) $16-$18 on the commodities market. Winter lettuce is always less.

Why give these special interest groups print space?

Bountiful, UT

Most of the people caught under the Arizona immigration law have to be put in Arizona jail (costs a lot of money) or released (is a waste of law enforcement resources). This because the federal government says they only focus on deporting those people who are criminals and it is only the feds who can deport people, not states.

Given the budget in Utah, we would not jail those people caught that the feds don't deport but we would release them. This is a sledge hammer to swat a fly.

This law isn't needed to catch the criminal element. The police can already go after them. To detain the others is as has been stated many times a waste of law enforcement resources. A distraction from police going after actual criminals, even ones who are undocumented.

Also this bill would be unfair to minorities, because face it, they would be the only people stopped and under this new law. Would a police ask for documentation from a white family with a lot of people in a mini van? They would if the family is hispanic, because this is one of the factors that can be used.

Bountiful, UT

Yes the undocumented do take government services. Education and also hospital services. So what is the point? So do those of us who are citizens. Lets legalize these people so they will be above board and not in the shadows.

These people work and contribute to the economy. We need these peoples labor. Our economy would contract without them being here working. We have a national debt to pay. If we were to have fewer people who are working our debt doesn't get any smaller and we still have to pay it, but with fewer people.

The undocumented who come here are young. They will be working a long time. Getting them out of the shadows would do wonders for our social security. The problem with social security is given the aging baby boomers, there won't be enough workers to pay into social secuity. All the more reason to document these people and get them paying into the system.

We all complain about illegal, okay so lets pass laws that make them legal.

When was the last time any of us complained about amnesty when a cop gave us a warning ticket for breaking the law while driving?

Murray, Ut

The figures come from the Center for American Progress an open borders progressive leftist think tank. They figured all the artists that were boycotting, and figured the loss of a concert, whether it was scheduled or not. Most had no concerts scheduled. They also figured cancellations, but never added the new bookings that came in to replace them.

In 2007 Arizona had over 120,000 businesses with employees. 350 companies sounds impressive, until you figure out they are but a small percentage.

Kearns, UT

I guess this guy is following the playbook by making the race/bigot arguement. How typical.

Austin, TX

The way your greatgrandparents came has nothing to do with the way they come now that the country CONSIDERED THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA W/ITs BORDERS & CONSTITUTION. What happened prior to a law has nothing to do with what it was like now a law has been made to protect our borders.
The illegals & their friends seem to think it the laws have no bearings well they are wrong.The illegals are costing AZ over 1 billion a year in goods & services & paying little if any thing in returns to mention as to what is was costing UT maybe the citizens should look into that.
While serving in the armed services in Europe and the Far East I was checked daily sometimes 4 ands 5 times for ID and pass. I did not like it but I had to abide as I was in a foreign country what makes the illegals any different here. I was sent there w/orders they come here in the dead of night w/out permission does that make them better.
Frank Bowers, FIC Austin, TX

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