Comments about ‘4 Layton Walmart employees fired after disarming gunman caught shoplifting’

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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 9 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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If Walmart can't judge this on circumstances, then they lose my business. As a customer in the same position, I hope there are people around like these men who judge the situation correctly.

These are security people, correct? Does Walmart have that little faith in their training procedures?

Provo, UT

Very sorry to hear this. Courage, loyalty and quick thinking are at a premium nowdays - I'm sure these men will find better jobs in the near future.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I am a big supporter of Walmart, but this is outrageous!

Being fired for acting in self defense is totally unacceptable.

I hope they get a really vicious wrongful termination attorney to sue Walmart for millions.

I salute these brave employees for their heroic and instantaneous response to a life threatening situation which successfully prevented a criminal from killing any of them, or getting away. (The latter clearly a secondary benefit from their primary action.)

To the Walmart big wigs who fired them at leisure based on "policy" and not a careful review of the actual situation as it unfolded in mere minutes- you just lost this customer. I don't want to shop where employees are mistreated.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

Walmart is crazy. THEIR employees were at risk. This is the idiotic type of policy that makes one wonder how Walmart remains in business. I hope these four find work at a place that does care for their employees. Each should be given a medal.

American Fork, UT

Perhaps it is time to boycott Walmart until they re-instate these employees to their former positions. If Wal-mart is worried about money (lawsuits) then hurt them in the wallet by not shopping there.

Salem, UT

I think a Walmart boycott would be in order.

Alpine, Utah

I really believe defending one's life trumps company policy. What idiocy on the part of Walmart. I will be writing their corporate office next...

Orem, UT

Walmart has Green lighted the criminal to to do anything they want.

I will stop going to Walmart until they dig their head out. This is ridiculous.

Walmart has been making a lot of stupid mistakes lately.

Bountiful, ut

No further reason to ever go to Wal Mart again. It's been borderline for me for a while, but their callous disregard for these dedicated employees has cost them my business.

Alpine, Utah

Just got done writing to corporate on their website.

I will be contacting the regional supervisor next.

I encourage you to do the same.

Duncan, OK

The Walmart Execs are exhibiting typical liberal stupidity, demanding irrational passivity. When your life is on the line, the minutia in some irrelevant policy manual is the last thing you are going to be concerned about. Get real Wal-mart!

Monsieur le prof
Sandy, UT

Policies are general recommendations that hold true for a majority of instances. They protect both the customers and the employees. But they are not iron-clad laws of the universe. It appears that some close-minded underlings are afraid to analyze the situation and make a logical decision. Sam Walton is probably rolling over in his grave.

I hope they reconsider and hire these men back. Until then, I'll do my shopping elsewhere, where they treat their workers with respect.

Salt Lake City, UT

Lori, Justin, Shawn and Gabriel are all too cool for Wal-Mart anyway. I'm glad they did what they did to save their own lives and I wish I were in a position to hire each and every one of them for a top supervisory or CEO position. They've got what it takes to improve any company that employs any of them.

Ogden, Ut

I just wrote corporate too, just like Happytobehere did. I let them know my thoughts on this matter. One thing I know, and that is corporate takes their comments seriously and they do read them. I just hope they listen to them and the messages inside of them.

Highland, UT

This is absolutely absurd. There was no justification in Walmart firing them when their own employees lives were on the line. Get real!

Salt Lake City, UT

Perhaps these heroic people should have received a "slap on the wrist" for running afoul of the policy in the company handbook. They then should have received a commendation for the brave action they took in preserving life and property. I also will no longer be shopping at WalMart until I hear that this injustice has been rectified.

Saint George, UT

Walmart's actions are unbelievable!

Provo, UT

I wrote them as well. Click on "Contact Us" on the bottom right corner of their website and make your voices heard!

Wasilla, AK

I feel so much safer knowing that if gunmen are wandering around my local WalMart that their security people will not bother them.

Riverton, UT

So WalMart would have fired the people who tackled the gunman in Phoenix who shot the Congresswoman??? I hope these people win a huge award so that they can live a lifestyle that does not include shopping at WalMart. Their actions were at least self-preserving and at most heroic. This means that WalMart is the exact opposite of heroic.

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