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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 8 2011 10:00 a.m. MST

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For what it's worth, I was also impressed by your 1:04 post. Thank you for your insights.

I agree that a program's successes and failures are better measured by trends over several years. Many erroneously want to focus on single seasons, or even single games, when making these evaluations.

About the Bogut vs. Fredette debate - Jimmer is a great player and scoring freak, but Bogut was a more complete college player.

We already know that Bogut is a very good but not great NBA player. Whether Fredette makes it in the NBA remains to be seen. But he has several factors that make me question how well his game will translate to the next level.

One Nil to the Arsenal!
Gilbert, AZ

Re: williary

I couldn't agree with you more. Infact, I was there at the Huntsman Center when Utah destroyed the Lobos that game. Second best game I saw Miller play (Next to his Triple Double agains AZ at West Regional). Andre could take over a game like no other. He was an outstanding defender (what Jimmers not), and great rebounder (what Jimmers not) for a guard his size. Remember him beating Nolan Richardson's full court press in the round of 32 that year? Amazing. That is when I realized how good that Ute team was. Sorry Cougs...Jimmer is an amazing scorer...and great kid too, but he will not be a #1 pick like Bogut. Bogut only played 2 seasons, imagine if he would have stuck around another 2 years? This one's easy to call guys. BYU gets to the sweet 16 this year on Jimmers back, then gets beat my an athletic, bigger stronger Big East, ACC or PAC 12 team (maybe UCLA again). You just don't have the Mojo that my 98 Utes had. Miller, Doleac, Jensen. Utah is the 12th winningest program in NCAA history. History says we'll turn it around.

Payson, UT

If it is simply 'the greatest player', then of course bogut and granger will be ahead of fredette, but if it is the best player while in college, then it goes hands down to Fredette.

Jimmer will make it to the NBA, but will be lucky to be in a sixth man role. Steve Kerr type player. He'll be as much a force in the NBA as other BYU greats Shawn Bradley and Rafael Araujo.

(Kerr does have championship rings.)

west jordan, ut

I agree with Utes21, trying to compare these two is like trying to compare an apple to an orange. Two different items with two different flavors unique in their own way. Trying to compare the two is a flaw that doesn't need to be brought up. I thought Bogut was an excellent player and he had all the tangibles that made him an inside threat. Jimmer has a style that is completely different. Bogut was a hard nosed player who dominated the boards. Jimmer is all over the place bouncing off the walls. Both unique in their style but awesome to watch. I am not a Ute fan but even I recognize talent when I see it.

South Jordan, UT

This is really a silly comparison. Both are great players, but if you were to compare the stats for both players as Sophmore's, I think you would have your answer. 4 years of college experience is also a little different than 2.

Had Bogut stayed and played through his Junior and Senior years, he could have easily been a 20 point, 20 rebound per game player at the College level and would have drawn comparisons to Tim Duncan. He could also have 2 more Sweet 16 appearances under his belt (or better) with 2 more player of the year awards and multiple all american honors. Bogut was dominant and unstopable as a Soph, much like Jimmer is now as a Sr.

Just a little perspective.

South Jordan, UT

Hard to compare. BYU is an offensive machine where Utah preaches defense. Bogut is a 7 ft center that played great defense and was a great passer. Bogut also scored a lot of points from getting offensive rebounds.

Jimmer is a great shooter with deep range. He's a guard and his team gets a lot more shots than Boguts team due to the style. Jimmer is improving his passing. Will play pro ball somewhere. If not NBA, it will be in Europe. He must improve his defense and work on his point skills because guys that short don't come in as 2 guards in the NBA.

centerville, ut

Bogut took Utah to the sweet 16. If Jimmer can carry his team past there, he's the best. Remember we are talking COLLEGE, not what they did in the NBA afterward. If we were, Granger would take the #1 spot easily.

Santa Monica, CA

I'll call it a tie based on the fact that I'm a Ute fan and Jimmer is the first Cougar player I've kind of liked. He's a great kid and a wonderful competitor.

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