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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 8 2011 10:00 a.m. MST

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Provo, UT

Andrew Bogut was a an excellent college player. His team was ranked number 18 in the country. He was 7 feet tall. Utah put on a huge publicity blitz to make him player of the year. (ESPN is doing well for Fredette.)

Bogut was taken number one by the Bucks in a year they could have had Chris Paul or Deron Williams. Both were better college players and one of them should have been college player of the year.

Bogut has not been a star player in the NBA. Never made an all-star team. Averages about 13 per game over his career. About 10 rebounds. Similar to Jazz role player Paul Millsap. Recent number one overall picks like Dwight Howard, LeBron James, and Blake Griffin are stars. For a number one pick he must be considered a bust.

That said, it's nice to have Fredette considered with Bogut who was a man among boys in the MWC. When considering Bogut, though, you have to remember Marc Jackson. Bogut could not have dominated without Jackson's return to the team. After Ahasuerus left and slid into college basketball oblivion.

Logan, UT


Look up your facts before you dump on someone. Rodgers was not offered a scholarship anywhere out of high school. The only D-I school that showed any interest was Illinois and that was as a walk on. He had to go to a JC to prove himself and then earned a Cal scholarship.

Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

Love Fredette . . . but Bogut was a NUMBER ONE draft pick.

It's not close. Bogut was an outstanding college player and has a solid professional career.

Fredette has been a great talent but his NBA career will be limited to that of a Steve Kerr (plus a handle).

Both will make more money in their careers than I will ever see. Grateful to have seen them both play, but I love Jimmer!

Orem, UT


Once again you demonstrate your lack of maturity with your juvenile name calling; not to mention your lack of football knowledge.

As Aaron Rodgers finished off a prolific high school football career in 2002, the Division I scholarship offers he dreamed of never came, sending the Chico, Calif., kid to Butte Junior College in search of his dream. A year later, after a prolific passing year, an accidental recruiting trip to California earned Rodgers the full ride he didnt get out of high school.

Las Vegas, NV

Moody zoo: "For a number one pick he must be considered a bust."

What? How can you argue with someone who has such a lack of basketball knowledge? What do they give you to drink in Utah County?

Fredette will be in Greece within five years. Book it!

American Fork, UT


So do you really think answering a post by making the claim the person that makes it "lacks basketball knowledge" is all that credible when you show your own lack of basketball knowledge in your reply?

Good lord that was obtuse. LOL

Park City, UT

For a number one pick, Bogut shouldn't be considered a bust, but he's certainly not a star either.

Centers, on average, are drafted higher than their true talent, simply because of the scarcity of quality big men.

Sam Bowie being picked ahead of Naismith and Wooden College Player of the Year Michael Jordan is a perfect example.

If Jordan had played center and Bowie had been a forward, there's no question Portland would have picked Jordan ahead of Bowie, and NBA history would have been changed.

Kaysville, UT

As a Cougar fan, I wouldn't mind seeing that "bust" play for the Jazz.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Duckhunter @ 1:04 pm- That's the most intelligent post I have ever seen from you on a Utah article. It wasn't mean, negative, or petty. I'm impressed.

Iowa City, IA

What if:

The Bucks select Fredette in this year's draft. Him AND Bogut.

Pretty decent.

South Jordan, UT

Bogut was just amazing. The way the whole county took notice of him. They even started calling it "getting Andrewed" when someone got schooled in hoops. I remember the press clamoring for his time--his face was everywhere and people slept outside for a week just to get a ticket to see him play.
Andrew was like a rockstar and Chuck Norris combined.
"Andrewmania" wow, what an amazing time that I'll never forget.

Springville, UT

He he he, ho ho ho, ha ha ha...respected sports blogger predicting a 6/6 Ute PAC-10.2 season next fall.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Mark it down!

Provo, UT

@ Hedgehog

Conference of Champions? Of what... gymnastics? Time to start wearing your red rock shirt and show off your pride and joy.

American Fork, UT

Bogut is a lot taller than Jimmer.

West Jordan, UT

@Digbads | 8:15 p.m

Nice post! I doubt that many readers will catch on to your subtle sarcasm though. I agree with other posters who say it is pointless to compare the two. The best comment was the one that said Bogut would make a terrible point guard, while Jimmer would make a terrible center. Also, it is premature to compare Jimmer's career to anyone as it is not yet finished. He still has his biggest games of his college career ahead of him, and much of his legacy is yet to be determined. Finally, if you are going to compare Bogut and Fredette you have to leave Bogut's NBA career out of the comparison. Truth be told NOBODY knows for certain what kind of professional career Jimmer may or may not have after college, and Bogut has not exactly lit the NBA on fire anyway.

West Jordan, UT

As for the Utes in their debut season in the Pac 12, I hope they will do well, but I have my doubts they will finish better than 6-6 (which may still be good enough to get them to the same bowl they played in last year after a 10-2 season - LOL). They are losing too many of the play makers on offense, and I don't think even the great Norm Chow can make them an offensive powerhouse in one season. Plus I still have my doubts about Jordan Wynn. Last year was supposed to be a breakout year for him but he made little progress from his freshman year and ended up getting booed by his own fans. I foresee Utah having another rebuilding year and struggling to compete in a far more competitive conference.

Kearns, UT

Bogut? You have got to be kidding.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Funny isn't it how an article about utah has to lead with the JIMMER to get read and commented on. Nice try Dirk! Next time compare Danny Ainge to Mike Noolan!

Tooele, UT

Moody blue..

A bust? No, a bust is considered a player taken in the lottery and out of the league a couple years later. See Hafa Arujo however its spelled!

Bogut has had a nice career. He's been on a team with two prolific scorers. When Bog's plays, the Bucks are decent. When he's been hurt, they've struggled.

Please name one byu player making any impact in the nba right now....

As for Bogut v Jimmer, there is no comparison. Bog's played in just two seasons, won the Wooden Award and other awards as the best player. Utah was a .500 team without Bog's, and a 30 win team with him.

That said, Jimmer is a remarkable college player but won't last long in the nba where guards are bigger, faster, and more physical than he is. The fouls called in the MWC aren't called in the NBA unless your last name is James, Bryant, Durrant, or Wade of sorts. Jimmers a great college player, but as I've said many times, if Jimmer is off one game, they could lose to anyone in any round in the NCAA's.

Seaside, CA

This is the dumbest thing I might have ever seen. No bias, but dude Bogut played for two seasons. And when a team has a dominant big man, it's much easier to build a better team around that. Jimmer has made his team better and made his team a top 10 team being a guard. No easy feat. He's been dominant offensively and is an underrated passer. It'd be a better argument if Bogut played 1 maybe 2 more seasons. This is really an argument of size. Jimmer, best ever in the MWC so far. Period.

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