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Published: Monday, Feb. 7 2011 11:00 a.m. MST

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cambodia girl
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

To my critic - Charlie from CA

I will answer your questions:

1. Yes, children should be adopted into male/female married households. Did I say that 100,000 + children should be taken from the home where they are living in single and same sex household?NO!
But don't add to the problem.

2. Yes, I am married.

3. I have often thought that adopting children into my loving family would be of benefit to both myself, my family and to the child. Right now, I am providing loving care for many here in Cambodia.

4. Yes, Cambodia has many children who have disrupted by selfish adults who care more about their own lives and not about what their child needs.

5. If you knew me, you would never think I was prejudice. You have no idea how I am such an advocate for children.

Nashville, TN

@cambodia girl 1. Yes, children should be adopted into male/female married households.

Glad your working with orphans in Cambodia. I think that shows a lot of about who you are.
But it is ridiculous to say that children should be adopted to male/female married households because unfortunately here in the US they are not the ones adopting. And the ones who do adopt are looking for perfect children. The single people and the gay community are willing to take any child including the ones with aids to give them a home. And yes I am single and adopted my daughter at the time of her birth, not knowing what her health or genetic make up would be because I didn't care, I just loved her before she was born.

Salt Lake City, UT

Demosthenes: "Whether by choice or biology, homosexuals have been opted out of the child-rearing game. Therefore, adoption makes no sense."

LDS: The same is true for heterosexuals. Many infertile couples (biology) can't have kids and adopt. Many couples (and singles) choose to adopt rather than face the ramifications of pregnancy.

Many straight parents aren't ideal and many would be worse for kids than being raised in a loving same-sex home. Here's a solution -

Let's make a point system. The couple with the highest point score get's the child. If the couple will have one parent be a stay-at-home parent, add 20 points. If they smoke, minus 1pt./cigarette. If the couple has college degrees, add 10 points each. minus 20 for high school drop outs. etc...

Base the point totals on studies and if gay parents really are a negative, then let the points reflect that, but still let them adopt a child if the heterosexual couples wanting the child score even worse. Don't reject a perfect family/couple whose only flaw, if it is a flaw, for being gay, in favor of heterosexuals who are objectively worse.

Casa Grande, AZ

These are babies that are allready born and put up for adoption. The adoption agenecy will choose the best home available.

Have you in your "stable religious god fearing household" signed up to adopt? Or are you leaving those babies for unstable foster care and what you think are "marginal" families to adopt?

You realize that gay people can arrange to have thier own kids anyway....

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