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Published: Monday, Feb. 7 2011 11:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Children of homosexuals reported that their
childhoods were more difficult than the childhoods
of children of heterosexuals. In nine percent of homosexual-parented families, children mentioned having one or more problems or concerns.

Of the 213 "score problems," 94 percent were attributed to the homosexual parent(s). Among appellate cases, the courts attributed 97 percent of the "harms" to children to the homosexual parent. (Narratives from 52 homosexually-
parented families and files from 40 appeals court cases involving custody disputes between homosexual and heterosexual parents.)

"Children of Homosexual Parents Report Childhood Difficulties," Psychological Reports 90, 1 (2002): 71-82.

Salt Lake City, UT

Twenty nine percent of the adult children of
homosexual parents had been specifically subjected
to sexual molestation by that homosexual
parent, compared to only 0.6 percent of adult
children of heterosexual parents. Having a
homosexual parent(s) appears to increase the
risk of incest with a parent by a factor of about
50." "Homosexual Parents," Adolescence 31 (1996): 772

Salt Lake City, UT

Marriage reflects the natural moral and social law evidenced the world over. As the late British social anthropologist Joseph Daniel Unwin noted in his study of world civilizations, any society that devalued the nuclear family soon lost what he called "expansive energy," which might best be summarized as society's will to make things better for the next generation. In fact, no society that has loosened sexual morality outside of man-woman marriage has survived.

Analyzing studies of cultures spanning several thousands of years on several continents, Harvard sociologist Pitirim Sorokin found that virtually all political revolutions that brought about societal collapse were preceded by a sexual revolution in which marriage and family were devalued by the cultures acceptance of homosexuality.

When marriage loses its unique status, women and children most frequently are the direct victims. Giving same-sex relationships or out-of-wedlock heterosexual couples the same special status and benefits as the marital bond would not be the expansion of a right but the destruction of a principle. . If the one-man/one-woman definition of marriage is broken, there is no logical stopping point for continuing the assault on marriage.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

one major problem with this bill is it treats children as chattle, extending the "right" to "own" them beyond their parents.

Nashville, TN

BrentBot the data you are quoting does not come from a reliable source. The Family Research Institute uses religious propaganda in their research. If you want to use statics then use the correct information by true Physiologist and Physiotherapists and not information from Religious Fanatics who have formed a group and constantly change their names. All the information The Family Research Institute has ever issues has always been one sided with bias.

Las Vegas, NV

Some people get so carried away with studies and statistics that it makes them lose their humanity.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

"These judgmental comments from my so-called fellow "saints" make me sad. Since when did you all get so knowledgeable about what goes on in the hearts and minds of those people you deplore so much?"

It's a shame that we don't all heed the word of God and love everyone, you're right. However, we CANNOT ignore some of the words of God. Some of those words:
"We, the First Presidency and the Council of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, solemnly proclaim that marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God and that the family is central to the Creator's plan for the eternal destiny of His children."
And "The family is ordained of God. Marriage between man and woman is essential to His eternal plan. Children are entitled to birth within the bonds of matrimony, and to be reared by a father and a mother who honor marital vows with complete fidelity."

We would all do well to heed these words and do all in our power to protect the family unit, not degrade it as society attempts to do so often today.

Sylmar, CA

re - cambodia girl | 5:15 p.m - Phnom Penh, Cambodia
"Once the same-sex community can rewire the "laws of nature" where same-sex partners can conceive is when the governmental law should allow same-sex couples to adopt."

ok, girl. so lets just let married male/female couples adopt. so now we have 100,000+ children from single and same sex households that need a home. are you going to adopt them? are you even married? what do you suggest we do with all these kids you just took from loving households and put into the system?

are you going to take them? and isn't your country full of kids in need of adoption?

you need to stop looking at the family unit and start looking for anyone that will provide a loving home for a child.

worry more about the kids and less about the marital status or sex of the parents. anyone that will provide a clean, loving, and abuse-free home to a child should be able to care for a child. only that way will all kids find a supportive and loving home.

your prejudices are harming children. can you see that?

Sylmar, CA

re - NP | 7:28 p.m. Feb. 7
"Anyway you left-wing, anti-God, anti-family folks want to twist, turn & justify it, the truth remains: Children do better in a loving home with a Father and a Mother."

??? no one has EVER said they didn't. but perfect scenarios are few and far between in the real world.

so no matter how you right-wing religious fanatics still stuck in the 1950s want to twist, turn, and justify it, the truth remains: children would rather have two loving parents of the same sex than no parents at all.

don't you get it? have you ever been an orphan? do you have ANY idea what that is like? to feel like no one cares about you, shuffled from abusive foster home to abusive foster home?

would it be nice if all orphans were adopted by heterosexual couples who stayed together forever? sure. but most couples don't stay together forever, and heterosexual couples are less likely to adopt because they can have their own kids!!

you need to stop looking at the world through rose colored glasses and see that anything that will help orphans is a good thing.

Salt Lake City, ut

@ charlie
I am curious were you an orphan or were you raised by a Mother and Father? Are you gay? Were you in a abusive home? Do you let your hate of religion and anything LDS control you?
I dont condone you or same sex adoption. In fact I agree with your stance letting children be adopted into loving homes no matter if its traditional or same sex as long as they raise that child to the best of their ability. I do disagree with all your hate you and many others vent at Religion. One more thing what is your opninon with the childs sexual preference when he comes to that age? Would you let him or her choose to be hetrosexual or homosexual? I am curious on your answer and please be honest.

Bronx, NY

The "data" you quote by the family research counsel (a conservative Chirstian think tank) has been discredited and thrown out of the courts several times as inadmissable due to their failure to follow even the most basic principals of research. If you want real data try actually going to credible research done by professionals in the field of human behavior and childhood development ( and held up as inadmissable by the courts several times) such as the American Pediatrics Society, the American Psychological Association or the National Association of Social Workers. Quoting a conservative Christian think tank does nothing to prove your point it only show the lengths some are willing to go to inorder to distort the truth (nice Christian values by the way).

Bronx, NY

sorry that was suppose to be held up as admissible by the courts in reference to the professional organization I sited, I have to admit that it was a pretty humorous mistake however.

Rexburg, ID

Whether by choice or biology, homosexuals have been opted out of the child-rearing game. Therefore, adoption makes no sense.

Sylmar, CA

re - Utes21 | 11:41 a.m

no and yes
no, not abusive. good roman catholic parents.

and no, but I find religion's assumptions about God to be ridiculous. obviously a guy didn't build a boat for all the animals, God didn't rip a rib out of anyone, etc etc... then there's the whole 10 commandments, with the first 3 simply about God. You really think God wouold waste the first 3 on Himself?

and yes, it is up to each person to decide how they want to be, and who they want to be with. I would hope the child would be heterosexual, as it makes for a much easier less ridiculed life, but it is up to each individual. same with if they wanted to be mormon. I would hope not since no one likes to be made fun of, but it's up to each individual...

so answer a question for me... what do you mean by "I dont condone you"? that seems like a strange statement. do you mean you don't "condone" my beliefs? if so, that's ok. I don't "condone" yours either...

Grand Junction, CO

Respectfully to our brothers and sisters struggling with homosexuality, homosexuality is defined by sexual intercourse, period. It is defined by nothing else. It cannot be defined by children. It cannot defined by true love. True love is defined by God and God defines heterosexuality. And too, homosexuality cannot be defined by marriage. God defines marriage as between a man and a woman. Homosexuality is defined BY sexual intercourse, an act. May the love and mercy of God shine like a rainbow on those struggling with sexual perversion (i.e., addiction, etc.).

Homosexuality is defined by sex. Heterosexuality is defined by God.

Salt Lake City, ut

I meant I dont condone your beliefs, but I dont accept that you dont condone mine. You just mocked my comments on the other page about miracles? You didnt even ask what I experienced personally and came up with comments mocking me and what I believe in. Yes these things may seem like normal or foolish to people like you but they are sacred beliefs to millions of others. I am not against same sex marriage but I am against hate and predjudice against anyone. The thing I dont understand about the homosexual community is the anger they hold against religion and churches. Religion has always had its values and beliefs yet you blame them for most of your problems, and what I saw with the blacklash from their community was not acceptable. LDS members have the ability to choose what to believe in and so does does everyone else. You cant force them to believe you, our Church doesnt force you not to be gay. Why do you even care what religion thinks in the first place. Live your live you are free to do whatever you like with it. Enjoy life and let your hatred go.

Nashville, TN

@dankintz True love is defined by God and God defines heterosexuality. And too, homosexuality cannot be defined by marriage.

Scripture and verse. I didn't ind this anywhere in the KJV of the Bible.

Utes21 One more thing what is your opninon with the childs sexual preference when he comes to that age? Would you let him or her choose to be hetrosexual or homosexual? The decision is not the parents to make. It is what is determined by what the person's general makeup is. Who in their mind would choose to be homosexual and be attacked by your kind on a daily basis.

Salt Lake City, ut

My kind sir what do you mean? Just because I am member of the Church and hetrosexual I attack gay people? Thats sound like a poor assumption to me. Anyone who is a member of the church attacking and persecuting another one of Gods children will be held accountable for his actions, either in this life or the next, and trust me that person is not follower of Christ and no friend of mine.
Many people I work with are homosexual and are my friends. I dont judge them for what they choose to do with their lives nor do they mine. We can agree to disagree but that would get us nowhere. They are wonderful people who deserve my respect and kindness. I dont look at what people choose to be, but I look at people as our Heavenly Fathers Children and how much love he has for all of us. Again you cant choose your skin color, your heredity and traits, who your parents are. You can choose your sexual preference. Until hardcore facts are presented on this subject that your born gay it will always remain a life choice. With your choices live life be happy.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Does the lady in the picture not see the emotional trauma she is causing the kid in her arms???

Leave her home! Or is she a prop needed for the drama?

The lady is obviously very upset. Leave your kids home. This is not something they need to see.

I don't know which side of the issue she's on, but bringing the kid to use as a prob is not the right thing to do (for the kid).

Sylmar, CA

re - dankintz | 1:08 p.m
"homosexuality is defined by sexual intercourse.."

so two women that live together cannot have "intercourse". does that mean they are not gay? two guys always hang out together and love reach other but never actually have "intercourse" they just do other "things". they are not gay?

intercourse is one of the LEAST things that defines gays. you should know that. (and no, I'm not gay)

re - Utes21 | 1:26 p.m
"You just mocked my comments on the other page about miracles? You didnt even ask what I experienced personally and came up with comments mocking me and what I believe in"

I didn't mock your beliefs. I mocked your use of the word "miracle". Yes, there are things that seem "miraculous", but that is WAY different than a religious person saying they witnessed a miracle.

so what miracle did you witness?

"The thing I dont understand about the homosexual community is the anger they hold against religion and churches."

and the thing they hold against you is that you simply won't accept that homosexuality is a normal natural thing. unusual? sure. but then maybe you would even call it "miraculous"...

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