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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 2 2011 11:00 a.m. MST

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Spanish Fork, UT

Even if BYU loses early BYU will still have more fans in the stands then any other state in the western part of the US throughout the rest of the year, even during the easy and cold games.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Yeah, bucks kid goes to the u. No wonder his opinion is sorely biased.

Give it 3 years and let's talk again!

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

BYU will certainly need to win early in 2011 in order to maintain visibility in 2011. BYU will not continue to have late schedules loaded with smaller WAC schools as this progresses. Anyone who assumed this change wouldn't take a few years to flesh out was seriously mistaken. BYU has the formula to win in this arrangement and will be much better off for it. Texas seems to hold BYU's model in high regard, other big name schools will probably follow in the next 10-20 years.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

Well, Jason needs to get on board! This was a smart move and give us more money immediately, exposure that we've been sorely lacking, while keeping all potential options on table for future.

Fillmore, UT

good to hear from jason buck. when he speaks, i listen. he should be a sports announcer or color commentator.

Riverton, UT

BYU fan's interest in Jason Buck's opinion is weak. He's a Ute now (or at least he should be with his son playing) so what do you expect him to say? Of course, playing in the PAC 12 is better than being Independent, but BYU didn't have that choice. I think they are making the best of the situation. The Utes and the Cougs will do just fine.

Ann Arbor, MI

"Even if BYU loses early BYU will still have more fans in the stands then any other state in the western part of the US throughout the rest of the year, even during the easy and cold games."

How do you explain the poor turnout at the New Mexico bowl?? Half empty stadium and the worst TV rating in 20 years....

Frisco, TX

As a huge Cougar fan, I mostly agree with Buck's assessment. There is more risk with being independent than belonging to a conference.

Some Ute fans may mistakenly believe that they were chosen by the PAC12 because of their superior athletic programs. But the reality is that BYU was excluded because of its conservative values and unwillingness to play on Sunday - nothing to do with sports

BYU has far more championships (across all sports), BYU has a better television following and BYU fills its stadium and visiting stadiums, better than Utah.

BYU will get more exposure, more money, more publicity and an a better opportunity to take its football program to the next level as an independent than they would in the MWC. A couple of 11-1 or 12-0 seasons and BYU will easily surpass any prestige they would have received as part of a conference, even the PAC12 or Big 12.

But 7-6 seasons won't cut it. Even the mighty Notre Dame has seen their "stock drop" since they're no longer considered contenders like they were in the Holtz era.

P.M. Francis
Idaho Falls, ID

Interesting article. I think BYU will do just fine. Anything is better than being stuck in the Mountain West Conference where limited television access starved its fans for the past several years. BYU has many motives behind independence. The cougars will step up and be successful. Great athletes signed with the cougars in the last month. Recruiting is top-notch, led by an incredible coach who has his priorities straight. Hats off to a great BYU decision to go independent. Keep doing your thing Buck, hope your son does well in the Pac 12.

Salt Lake City, UT

Adding the TCU game is huge. With 6 home games and big money games with Texas and TCU, the Y is in a position to bring in a lot more revenue next year alone than they ever have. It may even come close to what a PAC12 member will get.

Unfortunately for Utah, they won't see the big money for a couple more years. So they may struggle more finance wise that an independent BYU at least for 2011 and 2012. They are also behind in facilities. I am sure there will be pressure from the PAC12 to increase seating in RES, build a baseball and track facility, etc.

Actually it is scary times for both teams.

Walla Walla, WA

I see BYU joining Texas before I see Texas joining BYU.

Draper, UT

As a fan, not having a conference championship to play for would not be cool. With no league title to play for, the season largely turns into a 12 game exhibition schedule. And in BYU's case, mostly against crappy competition. If BYU fan thought the bottom of the MWC was bad...

BYU fan better hope the Utes do not have success in the Pac 12. If they do, the Utes will continue their 20 year process of catching then passing the BYU program, and will ultimately leave it in the dust. Who would you want to root for and play for? A successful Pac 12 team, or a team playing a mostly bad, exhibition type of schedule? If I were a BYU fan, I would not be happy. But thankfully I am not.

American Fork, UT


utah actually just built a track last spring/summer. I contracted some of the work. It is a very nice facility. I think utah realizes they need to upgrade facilities but it has to happen when funds become available to do it.

Lehi, UT

Buck has some good opinions and expresses them well. Utah does have an easier path to follow in a weak conference like the PAC12. Utes should go unbeaten over the next ten years and win at least 10 NC. If not I'll be very disappointed in them. Hope little Buck gets into the games over the next few years. Hardly likely considering the strength of the recruiting classes going to rush the Ute door. Better expand the stadium to compete with Michigan (100,000 plus).

Cougars will struggle winning any games with the poor classes going there. What were they thinking leaving the mighty MWC for Independence? Mountain for ESPN? What a bunch of losers.

Kings X.

Houston, TX

Independence has risks but those pale when compared with staying in the MTN saddled with the horrible TV contract that nobody outside of UT watches.

BYU's biggest problem next year is not independence it is getting WRs and TEs who can run a route and catch. Also some DBs.

We will see how Utah is ranked next year. I do not believe they will be any better than last year and will have a better schedule.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

@H-hog 12:03:

You need stay focused on the 3 points your team scored in the Vegas Bowl and forget about the New Mexico Bowl. Remember - stay focused, stay focused.

Cedar Hills, UT

None of this really matters IF the Y wins. If they win then they will have national prominance and if they lose ...well then they lose and losers never prosper. I actually think if the Y wins for two years in a row there is a good chance they will get invited to the Big12... that is if Texas doesn't go independent. The same is true for the U. If the U can compete week to week in the Pac 12 and be in the top 25% of the conference then their program will prosper but if they get the injury bug and lose a bunch of conference games and finish in the lower 25% then they will sort of lose their luster nationally. I don't think teams like Washington State and Arizona are really on anyones must watch board anymore as far as football is concerned.

Sandy, UT

@Einstein Hedgehog

BYU is located in Provo. Not New Mexico.

When BYU plays at home they average 20k more fans per game than Utah does, even in the Crowton years, they still averaged nearly 60k per game.

Last 30 years BYU has consistently been top 25 Nationally in Football and Basketball

I think you and the U trolls should worry about filling your own venues.

Utah has 15-20k Fair Weather Fans, that Disappear, when Utah falls below the 8 win mark.

Watch this coming year. Most are predicitng Utah at 6-6 or 7-5. You'll see. Talk is cheap.

BYU as a visiting team nearly always boosts the Home teams attendance, it's usually their largest crowd of the year.

Most of the fans at New Mexico were still BYU fans, ask Albuquerque why they don't show up for their piddly bowl.

Jason, now set an example for your boy, finish your degree, so we can put you in the BYU Hall of Fame.

Then we'll promote you for the College Hall of Fame, you deserve it.

Rules require a degree first. McMahon missed the graduation degree requirement by one year.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

You guys really believe indy is better than a BCS conference?
7-5 in the PAC is far better than 8-4 against Idaho State and Northern Arizona.
The shadow is just going to get bigger and bigger for you guys.

American Fork, UT


I'm pretty sure BYU fans are going to enjoy watching their team every single week, and win most weeks. I'm more concerned about utah "fans" like yourself only being able to watch your team every few weeks although considering the majority of those games will probably be losses you may not want to watch them anyway. My guess is that res will be mighty empty after a couple of years of .500 or worse records. utah "fans" have proven they are only bandwagon types.

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