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Published: Sunday, Jan. 30 2011 6:00 p.m. MST

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Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Could Heaps achieve Fredette level hype?

Sure..... but just like Jimmer, Heaps will likely never achieve any meaningful post season success.

Washington, UT

who actually wrote this: the BYU PR people?

Ann Arbor, MI

I just never stops does it.

What is the tds obsession with being accepted? The endless day dreaming about epic grandeur is nothing more than delusion.

Just imagine if the tds was invited into the Conference of Champions and not the Utes. I could only imagine the maniacal, self love articles.

It's sad really.

Cris B.
Sandy, UT

Can heaps achieve average qb status?

Cedar City, UT


Whats really sad is a person almost 2,000 miles away constantly and obsessively tracking a school he claims to hate. Than there is the fact that he has nothing better to do than spew negativity and false information. The painful truth is, you dedicate way too much time typing hateful and delusional comments on a paper 2,000 miles away from where you live.

In the future you should try your hardest to present accurate, meaningful material for discussion. Hateful comments just make you look like a little person.

Provo, UT

@fender: BYU's Daily Universe did basically write this column two weeks ago (Can Heaps eclipse Jimmer's feats? 1/18).

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Re: fender @ 6:43 pm

It's the DN..... So, yes.

Sandy, UT

Can we just let the guys plan without heaping (pardon the pun) enormous expectations on them before they even accomplish anything? Fredette seems to be handling it OK but the team obviously did not in the defeat - although give UNM credit.

In my opinion lots of publicity is never a good thing until something is won and done. Let the team advance a little in the finals before putting them on the stage. Let Heaps lead them to the BCS before saying he should be a Heisman candidate - which is what you are saying when you say he could reach Jimmer status.

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

A new "Quest" begins and we are still 7 months away from the beginning of the season. Must be a slow news day.

American Fork, UT

I don't know if Heaps can but one thing I know for sure is the wynn won't. LOL

Ann Arbor, MI

"Let Heaps lead them to the BCS before saying he should be a Heisman candidate - which is what you are saying when you say he could reach Jimmer status"


Not a good comparison. Jimmer lead his team to a field of 62. If he had gotten them to the Elite Eight than I would use the BCS comparison for heaps.

As it stands now - Jimmer can shoot the ball really good...nothing more.

South Jordan, UT

I'm sure the Utes would have someone to gush all over about, but they never get the best athletes, so they hate on elite programs that do!...Sad really!

Billy Bob
Provo, UT

As a BYU fan but a realist, I will try to be realistic about it. No, Heaps will not reach Jimmer status. Don't get me wrong, I think Heaps will be good. Optimistically, he may even lead BYU to a BCS game. But he will never have the hype Jimmer has. And he will never be considered for the top award in College Football, or at least not win it (and rightfully so). However, with all that said, I am excited for the next few football seasons with Heaps, just as I am excited to see how far Jimmer can bring BYU in the NCAA Tournament. Go Cougars!

Alpine Coug
Alpine, UT

Although I agree that this is really pre-mature, I am so totally sick of the 3-4 perennial haters who pop up on this board (we all know their names) to trash any and every article on BYU.

Interesting article in a recent Bleacher Report that noted the Fifty all-time greatest football programs-which the usual suspects leading the way to include: Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio State, USC, et al. What was most intriguing was that BYU was listed at # 20 all-time most influential program while the Utes were nowhere to be found in the top 50. As a life-long Cougar, I applaud our friends to the north for their very recent success, but I suspect that it will be a very long time before Utah is noted for memebership among the elite programs. Gentlemen (and Chrisie, please cease the hate. It is not very becoming or civil.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Re: Howard S.

At least he'll get a college degree.

Sandy, UT

Oh the loser Ute Trolls are off their medications again.

It ain't braggin if you do it or have done it.

You see Ute trolls....

BYU already has...In Football

A National Championship

(by 5 Seperate Organizations, Waterford Chrystal Ball and all)

A Heisman Trophy

Two Outland trophies

Four Davey O'Brien trophies

Seven Sammy Baugh Trophies


Super Bowl champions w/winning QB's

7 Hall of Famers

16 consensus All-americans 60+ all told

And ESPN at it's back. U've got a Conference that won't fully share with you for 5 years.

Danny Ainge already won POY with the Wooden and Eastman.

It's not likely Heap's ever reaches Jimmers status, but those who were here with Detmer, saw something close, but even that did not measure up to Jimmermania.

His name will forever be mentionsed when incredible shots are made or when a team gets lit up.

It's a lasting thing, a new phrase has been coined a new cliche has been born, not many people will ever have that distinction.

Read it and weep uties read it and weep.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Re: Bluto -

Ancient history is the last refuge of those whose greatest days are in the past.

You can have it all. In fact, it's all you have.

I'd rather be in the PAC12.... and so would you.

Corona, CA

I have never seen a people pound their own chests as much as I have seen BYU fans. YOU HAVEN'T WON ANYTHING!!! You won a NC 27 years ago! BYU has to win to keep this TV deal and I promise you they won't. You are biting odd more than you can chew. i even read an article by some BYU writer stating BYU is the Duke U. of the west ???? Are you serious?

Syracuse, UT

So Howard S. You would rather be in the PAC12 but you really didn't finish your sentence. You should have finished it with I'd rather be in the PAC12 and finish in the bottom of the pack than have all the trophy's and accomplishments that BYU has had and will have.

Face it u fans, you will always be the little brothers and dream of being like your big brothers at the Y. Keep dreaming....it will never happen.

The Expats
Apo, AP

re: Howard S.
BCS bowl wins, as nice as they are, are afterall just bowl wins. A BCS bowl win from 2005 or 2008 is not a national championship.
Do you remember who won the 2001 Fiesta?.......(Oregon)
So why should we care who won the 2005 (or 2007) Fiesta? (Certainly fun games to watch.)

A fiesta bowl trophy is nice, but it's not a NC trophy. So, as long as college FB fans are content with just going to a BCS bowl game, then the BCS system won't change.
What the Utes should want, is not a BCS appearance, or a BCS win. Rather, they should want what BYU has (and wants again) a National Championship.

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