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Published: Friday, Jan. 28 2011 10:00 a.m. MST

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Pocatello, Id

I hope Smith gets traded to a condtender. I love watching him play.

Salt Lake City, ut

Glad we no longer have to read Andrea's thoughts anymore ESPN never respected the non AQ's like they should. Hope for that kind record though besides the loss to byu.

Salem, UT

9-3 with all the issues that come with the transition- that might be a pretty good outcome- better than most Az and Az St. seasons that for sure

Salt Lake City, UT

If the Utes are going to be 9-3 in the PAC 12, they better find a new Quarterback.....FAST!

American Fork, UT

Sounds like andrea is giving the ute football team more love than they deserve. I doubt they are any better than .500 next year. Honestly I don't expect them to even be .500 5-7 is my prediction.

Ann Arbor, MI


As always, thanks for your interest in following the Utes. You seem to know a lot about a team you claim not to care about.

And yes, the BCS "conference of Champions" is very interesting follow....I can't really blame you.

Now if we can only get the DNews to create a BCS & Not BCS sports pages- that would be nice.

Redwood City, CA

Lolz @ Hedgehog... Seriously, dude, you need to get some change and buy a clue - "conference of champions" is so amazingly overrated. Besides Oregon and Stanford carrying the rest of the conference, the Pac-whatever is a bunch of wanna-be's... Spoiled, self-indulgent whiners most of 'em - I know, I live in the middle of it.

Lindon, UT

I believe the Utes will also lose to UCLA, so that would give them an 8-4 record. Then depending on whether they win their bowl game, they would be 9-4 or 8-5. Not too shabby for their first year in the PAC 12. Hope that BYU can do as well, with their schedule, which may be more difficult than that of the Utes. It will be an interesting year. Go Utes, except when you play BYU at LES.

Cedar Hills, UT


"Hope that BYU can do as well, with their schedule, which may be more difficult than that of the Utes."

Guaranteed, Utah has a waaaaaay stronger schedule compared to byu next year. The only down time the Utes will have will be Montana and of course byu :)

Ann Arbor, MI

Hey Dick,

You really need to step it up on your recruiting coverage.... your competition at the other paper is running circles around you.

Not sure if the Dnews has restrictions on what and how much you can report on the Utes... but your simply getting beat.

Salt Lake City, UT

I just hope that win by BYU is 47-0......to match the two games Jimmer dumped 47 on the Yews!

It will give new meaning to the Days of 47!

Cedar Hills, UT

Utah will surprise some people next year in the Pac 12 but will find that playing places like Oregon, Oregon State, Standford and Arizona very difficult. I think injuries will play a factor the U when they have to withstand the weekly pounding of conference opponents.

Just Wondering...
Gilbert, AZ

Just wondering why Andrea didn't predict next year's record for the basketball team? Oh yeah, like most of the Ute fans and the rest of the country...she doesn't care either!

Ann Arbor, MI

I do agree that depth (excluding the D-line) will be an issue next year. Utes are probably two-three years away from have the same quality of seconds/third strings as the elite PAC teams. Not much you can do except continue to build and develop.

Ogden, UT

I totally support your notion of having the ability to select between AQ and Non-AQ coverage. I don't understand, in this electronic version of the D-News, how you can't just stop clicking your mouse when the hand icon is over an article about BYU.

You can stop reading and blogging about the non-AQ stuff RIGHT NOW. Just click on those UofU articles or go read the SL Tribune. Either way, I for one look forward to the day when your anti-BYU comments are a distant memory.

In parting, I look forward to the day when I only have to tolerate anti-BYU dribble once a year (in September).

For now, let's just say I wish Coach Whit well. I have always, and will always, prefer to beat a 9-1 Utah team rather than a 2-8 team. For now, I'll just have to settle for BYU beating the U early in the season.

Salt Lake City, ut

Man Ute haters are out in full force. And you wonder why we trash talk on your boards..?

Eagle Mountain, UT

At least Andrea was being non-biased when she predicted a loss to BYU next year. I think the Utes will be more like a 7-8 win team but that would still not be to bad in the PAC with all the seniors they lost this past year.
Good Luck Utah.

Cedar City, UT

Well 9-3 next season is very generous. Honestly, Utah will have a really hard time playing against PAC opponents every week. Utah's offense looked horrible this season against TCU, ND, AF, SDSU, BYU, and Boise. With most of the talent of offense leaving, its not looking much better. Good think Utah has a solid D or they would be in serious trouble.

It is way to early to make any kind of accurate predictions as so much can change in the next 8 months. But here is what I see happening in 2011 for the Utes.

Losses to USC, Cal, Arizona, and BYU. Best case scenario 8-4.

Possible losses to ASU, Pitt, and UCLA. Worst case scenario 5-7

I will give Utah the edge against UW, WSU, Montana State, Colorado, and Oregon State.

Utah is extremely fortunate to avoid both Oregon and Stanford next season.

It will be 3-4 years before Utah is really competitive in the PAC. But I'm afraid they will always be in the shadow of USC, Oregon, and Stanford.

Cedar Hills, UT

Who cares what Andrea says! What does she know? I think the U will go 7-5 so there!

Pocatello, Id

9-4 with their bowl win.

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