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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 25 2011 3:00 p.m. MST

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Payson, UT

Anyone else having problems reconciling the title of:

"3 Cougars, 2 Utes, 1 Aggie to play in Super Bowl XLV"

and the statement:

"He was injured mid-season and will not play in the Super Bowl"

Kiesel and Komeuatu are the only major contributors out of these players listed. So what does that mean?


Sylvester is also on this team, and although the story doesn't state it, Sylvester has been a solid special teams player.

He even forced a fumble earlier in the year that led directly to one of Pittsburgh's victories.

Komeuatu was an animal against the Jets and was a major factor in that win. Kiesel consistenly puts in solid performances. It will be very tough for the Packers to win against this Steeler team.

CdA Ute
Gilbert, AZ

I don't care if they're a Ute, Cougar, or an Aggie. Pittsburgh Black and Gold supersedes old rivalries. Go Steelers!

Beverly Hills, CA

@ wwooki "Sylvester is also on this team, and although the story doesn't state it,"

Did you actually read the story???
From the story - Stevenson Sylvester, Utah, LB, Pittsburgh Steelers In his senior year at Utah...

Beverly Hills, CA

@ wwooki
Poppinga played half of the season for the packers and is still on the team even though he's not technically playing.

There's a chance Sylvestor or Barret might not get any playing time either. The point is their on the team.

Vernal, UT

Where are the rules for College and National basketball games found ? My husband disputes quite alot of the basketball players...double dribbeling, holding (too long), traveling, etc. I've looked at NCAA .org and .com and I've yet to find the rulebook for 2011 basketball.

Layton, UT

I think if you read his post, he is actually saying Sylvester is a special teams player, (which is not stated in the article) not a back-up and definitely will be playing on the field in the Superbowl for the Steelers.

Wild Blue
Abilene, TX

I think what it says is that the Utah LB is playing back up to the All Pro BYU linebacker. I suppose that's just the way it is.

Mike Johnson
Stafford, VA

While none may actually play, for whatever reason, 3 very likely will play, 3 others might get in, and one is on injured reserve and will not play.

West Jordan, UT

@Wild Blue

BYU's LB was injured mid-season and won't be playing in the Super Bowl.

BYU's DE was the one selected to play in the All-Pro Bowl.

Layton, UT

Re: Wild Blue
And as a steelers fan and very happy with Kiesels All Pro season, he is actually a back up to injured Aaron Smith. fyi

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