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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 25 2011 7:00 a.m. MST

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Ann Arbor, MI

Tom Cella ( Rivals) believes that Denham, Pomee and Latu are all but shoe in's for the Ute class. ( all 4 star players)

Unfortunetly Floyd Raven has just given a solid verbal to Texas A&M.... that hurts. Utah really needs to find that shut down CB.

I'm also hearing that Mike Eubanks is still in play. If the Utes can land Eubanks it would be an upgrade over Brown.

Eubanks is 6.5 / 225/ 4.7. ( 4 star)
Often compaired to Cam Newton.

Pocatello, Id


don't count Raven out yet. The Closer still has his home visit down there later this week.

Springville, UT


Out of curiosity, who are you referring to as "The Closer"? Scalley? If so, let's hope he pulls it off!


I love how hedgehog rationalizes losing Brown by saying the Utes will get someone better....Cam Newton comparison is priceless. Good luck with that!The Utes are going to NEED Cam Newton, not a comparison to, next year if they are going to have any hopes of winning any games. Keep on rationalizing Hedge. I will look forward to the excuses next year when your team is nursing a losing record with Jordan Wynn still wondering which way is up. Norm Chow isn't the savior of your team anymore than he was for UCLA.....rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic is what your team is now doing.

Eagle Mountain, UT

This hurts the Utes a little bit. Other recruits who are sitting on the fence may be swayed by this. The Utes will need these guys to be competitive in the PAC. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out next week.

Ann Arbor, MI


Your right, I guess we shouldn't speculate about ACTUAL 4 star recruits the Utes are meeting with THIS WEEK.

It's probably better to jump into "tds delusion" in believing that bronco only needs a couple of bingham high school kids every year to go 10-2.

The TDS recruiting class is a trainwreck with no hope in sight.

Cedar City, UT


you really have no room to talk. remember last spring when Heisman Heaps was the Savior of BYU football?

Utah 10-3, BYU 7-6....Enough said

Littleton, CO

Like I've said, COMPETING for big time recruits doesn't give you big time credibility, but SIGNING big time recruits would be a step in the right direction....

Spanish Fork, UT


Are you really trying to say that Heaps is not a great QB. Any sane Ute would take Heaps over Wynn in a heart beat.

Also, you can spout off win-loss records all you want but we all know that BYU finished out the season on a much higher note than Utah.

Salt Lake City, ut

Dude why do you care what Ute fans say about Heaps? He isnt that great and your season was mediocre at best. To bad Brown decided to go but oh well they will figure it out.

Eagle Mountain, UT

We can add paranoid to the list including jealous, obsessed and insecure when describing hedgie and coachcarter etc. Your comments are the cause of much laughter for serious fans of both schools. Especially the ones that "guarantee" wins and losses. Here is a PREDICTION ladies.
2011 football
BYU 10 or more wins top 20 ranking in final BCS poll
Utah 8 or fewer wins top 50 ranking in final BCS poll.

Houston, TX

I expect Utah recruiting to improve by virtue of being in the PAC and they seem to be competing with other PAC teams.

BYU's recruiting is not as good as it needs to be.

However, based on the the number of NFL players placed over the last few years by both schools, I think it is fair to suggest that BYU has done reasonably well with less talent.

BYU needs the right recruits at key positions to compete. If they don't get those key positions they tend to falter.

Utah tends to have more NFL players.

BYU will be okay with a couple of the right recruits. They are still hurting at TE and WR. DBs are always a problem.

Chow is probably an improvement at OC if you give him enough talent.

Utah is losing about as many great players as they are recruiting (so far). The team should be about as good as last years but with a tougher schedule.

BYU's defense should be better. The offense should improve if they have people who can get open and catch the ball. The schedule strength is about the same.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Recruits are bailing... sounds like a downturn in the program. Apparently there are better opportunities for these blue chip players. What happened to all the talk about how an invite to the PAC-12 would help with recruiting?

springville, UT

The Chow effect starts.....

Rigby, Id

I'm a Utah fan and they will not win more than 6 games next year. Kyle really blew it with Wynn. He weighted 155 lbs in High school and has put on 40 lbs to bulk up. His body is not built to play D-1 Football. He can't run, He can't pass out of the pocket and when the pocket collapses he curls up like a little girl and waits for the whistle. His arm is not strong enough to hold up over the entire season. The mistake made by Whit is that he was just to small and delicate to hold up to the rigors of D-1 football.
Little known fact. Wynn lost the team and the receivers months ago.

One more question. Why run the option or pistol or wildcat when your QB has zero running ability or size or speed to run those plays.

Bottom Line
Draper, UT

Look this Brown kid left for the same reason Langi joined....a chance to start. Although, I am unsure what Brown saw in the pipeline at Utah that made him think he couldn't get a serious look right of the bat.

Ann Arbor, MI


just a reminder; It was last year at this time the tds was crowing "look at all the Ute decommits". Then came signing day the the only thing to be heard from the tds was crickets.

Y, you ask?

Let's look at what happend on or after signing day last year - shall we:

Po'u Palelei 4 star
Reggie Dunn 4 star
Mo Lee 4 star
Dexter Ransom 4 star
V.J. Fehoko 4 star
John Cullen 4 star
Lucky Radley
Tevita Finau 4 star

Iowa City, IA

Utah has now had three players decommit and move on. The logic is clear, if you can play in the PAC 10, why play at Utah? If you think utah had an inferiority complex in the MWC just wait.

I also think Utah now becomes the "Mormon" school of the PAC 10. Utah fans have worked so hard over the years to develop that as a negative that it's going come back and haunt them.

These decommits are a major blow the program.

Sandy, UT

Expect Chow to have sway?

Have you Utes been to Husky Stadium, the Coliseum, Oregon, Stanford, or Arizona State?
UCLA plays their games in the Rose Bowl.

U can't compete with that.

U has the 2nd smallest stadium in the pac-12.
Not impressive.

U better just hope that once you have a commit, that they don't actually take visits to your Pac-12 brothers, once they compare.....oh well.

These 18 year old's could not care less about Chow's legacy, that's 2 generations ago to these kids.

All this nonsense of being in the pac-12 will help your recruiting?

These kids are bailing on Utah, once they compare their Mid-Major facilities and fanbase to Genuine Big-Time programs.

Looks like U-Pretenders are being exposed.

The hype is now running head-on into the wall of reality, known as the World of Washington State.

Get used to it Utah, put your feet up, drink a cool one and relax, it is what it is. 5 and 6 wins is will have to do.

Get the promotional department ready to ramp up the old "Buy a Taco get a free Ticket" campaign.

Cedar City, UT


Actually Utah only had four 4 star commitments from 2010 according to rivals,

John Cullen
Terrell Reese
Kenneth Scott
V.J. Fehoko

And Utah has five 4 star recruits according to scout. Problem is, 5 of the 5 are JC transfers.

BYU's recruiting class for 2010:
One 5 star
four 4 stars
Not one of them were a JC transfer.

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