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Published: Friday, Jan. 21 2011 11:00 a.m. MST

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Holladay, UT

Its ok little brother with a smaller stadium and a smaller fan base... at least you'll be in the pac 12 huh? Good for you. 6-6!

Ann Arbor, MI

Interesting how a storied program like UofM continues to post sell out seasons even after suffering several poor seasons.

BYU suffers one bad season and the affects are felt quickly.

Who can forget that New Mexico game...LOL!

Centerville, UT

I predict that this thread will bring out the most immature on both sides of the argument. I think the Des news does it intentionally sometimes to stir the pot.

hedge and whoisjohngalt are already hard at work making thier respective sides look bad.

Billings, MT

Who can forget that Vegas Bowl. LOL!

govt rocks
Salt Lake City, UT

I say it is time to expand the stadium. We need to enclose the south end zone!

Cedar Hills, UT


Funny, since byU was in the MWC and went 7-6. lol

2 out of 3 and SCOREBOARD!

Riverton, UT

One .500 season and RES turns into a ghost town...

Draper, UT

Utah at #11, 100.98% of capacity. And that is with season tickets sold out at a 31,000 cap, and the amount of student tickets capped. If Rice-Eccles expanded tomorrow, the U has the season ticket waiting list and student demand to fill it immediately. It's a gooooood time to be a Ute fan!

And Cougar fan living in 1984 will continue to claim Rice-Eccles is half-full and only sells out when the team down south comes to town.

Saint George, UT

I've gotta say, these numbers are pretty impressive. To have two schools in one state who consistently sell out games and provide such difficult environments for opposing teams to play in is a great thing.

Go Utes!

Trent Madsen
North Salt Lake, UT

Even in a down year BYU still had a large pecentages go to the games, and get a lot of people! Utah also did great avereging over its capacity. Way to go college football fans in Utah.

Cali Coug
Visalia, CA

And another beat down by the Y.

A 7-6 teams outdraws the u by about 96,000 fan for the year...so the u needs to play 8 home games a year, and sell out the RES, to equal a down year for the Y.

The average ticket price at the Y is 3x the price of the u, so the u will need to play 24 home games a year to generate the same revenue stream as a 7-6 team from BYU.

Instead of expanding the RES, just fill it in with sand, save the tax payers money. The Ath Department of the u is a money loser...time to shut it down.

Oakley, UT

Not often is big ben the voice of reason, but this time I concur. Let's get it out of the way now.... higher percentage.... more total people.... a bunch of classless kids.... a bunch of newly weds and nearly drags....
now that we got that out of our system.... congratulations to both teams, byu for numbers, and Utah for percentage.

In all seriousness, does anyone know the timetable or fiscal estimates on the RES expansion?

Pocatello, ID

Thriller you're spot on. That is 2 schools within 40 miles of each other selling out all the time. When both teams are playing that's over 100,000 people going to football games from a population base of about 2 mill. I'd say mobilizing roughly 5% of the wasatch front is pretty good.

I hope the expansion happens soon.

govt rocks
Salt Lake City, UT

Skierelmo: my guess would be as soon as they know how much revenue the pac-12 tv contract brings in. If it is as high as estimated, then it will start as soon as the ink on the tv contract is dry. The U can float the construction costs until they start receiving the full revenue share from the conference. I would bet by the start of the 2013 season, RES will have 10-15,000 more seats. If they take down the entire south endzone seating and locker rooms, then it will be 2014.

Boise, Id

So in a down year at 7-6 BYU still sells 16000 more seats a game than Utah? The Raw numbers are the raw numbers. Who cares if you are at 100 percent capacity if you play your games in a cracker jack box stadiam that only holds 30,000 people.

Colorado Springs, CO

Way to go Utes! This speaks volumes for the need to expand RES. You're in the PAC 10 now and need to get the stadium up to 60k or so to really make it a great home field advantage. Imagine Oregon coming into a sea of red. Get it done.

Kudos to the Y as well. A 7-6 season and still they nearly sell out every game. I think LES could use another 20k seats as well in order to generate a bit more cash with all the big names that will be coming to Provo in future years!

Good Luck to both (but mostly the Cougs) next year!

Lubbock, TX

Even in BYUs worst home season in a while they do better. Especially since BYU students have to pay. Imagine if they got into all sports for free like utah! Wow, that's crazy it's free and they don't sell out. I understand about basketball I suppose.

Fresno, CA

Not only do we both have high attendance numbers, but we both have the beautiful Wasatch Mountains for a backdrop. Looks like I'm not the only one who loves a football game on a bright Fall afternoon in Utah.

It would be great to see both schools get the funds to expand their respective stadiums!

PAC man
Anaheim, CA

Utah fans love spinning recent attendance figures based on capacity, but the bottom line is BYU in a 7-6 year drew an average of 16,000 more fans per game than Utah with a 10-3 record and a once Top 5 ranking.

BYU 61,381, Utah 45,459

The Utes blame their lower attendance on their smaller stadium, but the reality is the Utes have a smaller stadium because there's not enough interest in Utah football to fill a larger stadium.

BYU was drawing 46,000+ way back in 1980, BEFORE demand for increased capacity drove expansion of Cougar Stadium to 66,000.

For the last 30 years, BYU has averaged 15,000 to 25,000 more fans every year than Utah.

The reasons Utah won't expand its stadium are:

1. The Utes don't have enough money to expand their stadium.

2. Chris Hill doesn't want to waste millions of dollars expanding RES just to see 20,000 to 30,000 seats sitting empty when the Utes become a perennial middle of the PAC, unranked, 7-5 team.

Huntsman Center capacity 15,000, attendance 6,000.

Spin away, but that's reality!

Spanish Fork, UT

Let's not forget that at least 40% of the fans at LES are kids under the age of ten who do not understand football or even care about it, and are only there because they have no other choice. This is speaking of many experiences of being there not opinion. So congrats coug fans, your fan base at LES is somewhere on the lines of, 20,000 "real" or "diehard" fans, 35,000 obnoxious rowdy kids or babies, and about 10,000 senior citizens knitting blankets and or listening to the game on headphones while sort of watching it.

The U may have a smaller stadium, but from my many experiences at both stadiums, I think RES has WAY more diehard and real fans of the game there watching.

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