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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 18 2011 9:00 p.m. MST

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Murray, UT

Sounds like MUSS envy.

American Fork, UT

There's only one reason that BYU would make this change, and it's not to get students closer to the tunnel. It's to get students out of the expensive lower seats in the east stadium, so they can be sold to Cougar Clubbers and others at premium prices. No judgment here, just cold hard fact and cold hard cash.

Ephraim, UT

Why don't they just move the student section out of the stadium and seat them at the Marriott Center for the football games. Since I was a student there the student section was moved from the east stands, which were pretty good seats, to the end zones where you got to see half of a game and now they want to tuck them up in a corner.

I suppose students don't pay enough to have a seat at the game.

Sandy, UT

Muss Envy?

BYU has had 15000-20000 students at every game for 30 years.

You have the muss which is great, but is still only about 25% of what BYU draws.

They just have not had them in the same section.

BYU has 4 sections that equal the 1 total muss section.

Where is your mighty muss for basketball?

boy it will be great to put Utah in our rear view mirror.

good riddance

Orem, UT

Sounds like a plan to create MUSS envy.

Salt Lake City, UT

Sounds like BYU is doing what almost every big time college does. Hate to brake it to you, but the MUSS isn't the only student section out there. BYU is makin a ton of changes next year, and I think this is a great change as well. It will make the games much louder and better. And as for them being terrible seats - yes, they are, but honestly most students really don't care about where their seats are. They are just there for the environment and to cheer on the 2011-12 National Champions! (just kiddin but a man can dream)

Overton, NV

Locating the students in just one area is a mistake. When I was at the Y, student season ticket packages included seats that rotated from endzone to east stands to endzone, with the west stands the only spot that didn't have any student seating. Having students all over the stadium is better, because you have pockets of intense cheering from all over the place. Older fans, for the most part, aren't as vocal. I certainly no longer am as vocal as I was when I was a student. Keep them spread out. It will be better that way.

But, as Florwood pointed out, it's all about getting more money for those seats closer to the field. I guess they don't want students to have the experience I once had of sitting on about the 40 a few rows back from the Cougar bench. We had as much fun watching the medical staff do in-game treatment than we did watching the game. Too bad they are trying to take that kind of thing away from the students.

Lubbock, TX

Regardless of what they do, BYUs stadium is bigger and louder than Urs (The incorrect spelling is intentional).

Provo, UT

For those of us who sit in those sections and have for a LONG time, we think it stinks. It is a money making scheme by the university. Maybe I don't need football tickets!

P.s. AND it isn't going to be like the muss. BYU students have to PAY for their tickets unlike the muss who gets in free!

Salt Lake City, UT

We travel to a lot of away games and the Arizona student section was awesome. The students gather outside of the stadium and walk in as a group which was really powerful. They all sit on the eastside of the stadium along the whole front behind the bench and down low. They made a very strong part of the game experience.
I have seen the student section at BYU moved to make money and thought it was a mistake. As a 30 year season ticket holder I would rather see the students all put down in front on the East side again. It's embarassing to see the empty hole where the "rich folk" sit before kick off and at the half.
As for the MUSS at the U, it's not envy. Utah had no one in the stadium in those sections when Utah decided to move thier students there. They took the students out of the Endzone and it was to their benefit. Each school should do what they should to make what money they can realizing the budgets they have to maintain and keep the student experience as positive as possible.

Oh, please!
Saint George, UT

One problem with mixing the non-student, older game patrons is that the students tend to stand for a lot of games, especially if the score is close. That doesn't bode well for full-price ticket holders who want to see and don't want to stand. This isn't a diss on the students, it just doesn't do well to mix them for that reason.

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

"We travel to a lot of away games and the Arizona student section was awesome"

And that has helped them become a national power...

Omaha, NE

What he needs to do is go to Texas A & M. They know how to have a stadium. That is one of the coolest places I've ever seen in my life. What a great feeling in that place. We need to change the culture in general at that place, make it more unified, and tell that band director to stop playing such lame songs like Star Wars.

Sammamish, WA

Stop Mulling and Start DOING! This has been an issue for years. How complicated is it? The students (my two kids included) HATE going to games and sitting by families and blue hairs who want to sit and applaud politely on occasion. This goes for FB and Basketball. As is I can at least join the students and stand the whole game but I'd sacrifice that if the kids could have a solid expectation of decent seats among other students. (Class of '84 and spoiled by the old Card Stunt section seats)

Orem, UT

A consolidated student section is a great idea and one that will produce an awesome cheering section like we see and hear at the Marriott Center.

As was pointed out by a previous poster, it's better not to mix the students, who prefer to stand the entire game, and the season ticket holders, who prefer to sit most of the game.

That's not a knock on either group; it's just the way it is.

Sandy, UT

I think it is a great idea to seat the students together. I have attended games and sat with our BYU students. I don't like to stand all the time, but the kids do; so let them all sit together and cheer the way they would like to. I just think that the students out to get some good seats and not be stuck in a corner where they can't even see what is going on. Our daughter is a major football fan. She pays attention to the game and would not be happy sitting where she couldn't even see it. I think that is a shaft to the students.

Orem, UT

Unified (baloney) student section at LES?...bad idea, Bad Idea, BAD IDEA. I'm an alum, and my opinion is sincere. This is obviously a plan to make more money from otherwise "good seats". LES is an intimidating, LOUD venue and it's because the students are spread around. Besides, come on, the students deserve great seats now and then. Student packets only seat students in amazing spots maybe once a season anyway. Rotating seats is fair, while stuffing all students into a corner for every game isn't fair. (that's how we treat the utes) After all, IT'S THEIR TIME at BYU. There are bound to be better ways to increase revinue...so please, from an alum, don't steal the college experience from the students by shoving them to the side so more money can be made from seats the students deserve! (And, it's not true that most students don't care about where they sit!) Independence is gonna be amazing...the experience for the students has to be amazing too...not just for those with the bucks, who also sit on their hands at games and never cheer anyway.

Agua Dulce, TX

Here's a thought - kick the blue hairs out of the lower sideline seats and put the students there. The blue hairs can watch from the corner end zone seats...

St.George, Utah

Why do BYU students have to pay to attend their football games? The Utah State University and the University of Utah allow their students one free ticket to every home football game. Weird.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Hmmm how many times have they played at Rice-Eccles? Haven't they noticed the MUSS section? or the FUSS section? Or most any other school they have played at....this one took awhile for them to get.

Maybe their theme for this year will be, "Quest for a student section". Something catchy like that:)

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