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Published: Friday, Jan. 14 2011 4:00 p.m. MST

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Manti, UT

#1: OHV use is mutually exclusive to all other uses of the land.

No it isn't... only in your mind.

#2: Remember wilderness is beneficial, even if you never set foot on the land.

Wilderness in nice... but not necessarily beneficial. Beneficial is a defined use, just like "wilderness characteristics". It depends a a person's point of view which may totally differ from the next persons perception. ...and something that I do not set foot on or gain something form directly or indirectly is not beneficial. I'm living just fine without the dodo bird or the dinosaurs. I can probably live adequately or even better without wilderness. Especially if I have never visited or will never get to visit it.

Holladay, UT

Hey justamacguy, some people like me go to the land for peace and solitude and whining machines destroys that experience. Having less then 20% of the land set aside for that experience is not fair. Also wilderness means clean air and water available to those living around the wilderness areas. This is proven. The BLM land in Utah belongs to the people of the United States, not just those in Utah.

Uncle Charles
Where freedom and liberty reign, utah

@Dukie: you try so hard to be "above" the fray but you just can't help yourself with each of your posts. You claim to be independent but just constantly rip the Right and support the Left.

There is a clear case to be made that Obama is a Marxist and using his own words to do it.

The word is fair, not fare or perhaps that was a Freudian slip on your part since you are for taking our money to buy votes for your causes.


As for the land grab, I say we just tell the BLM to take a hike and reclaim it as state land. Afterall, that's exactly what they do in the name of taking more and more state land. Just tell the Feds to shove it and we will do with our land, within our state boundaries, as we wish.

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