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Published: Friday, Jan. 14 2011 4:00 p.m. MST

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Kaysville, UT

Why was Jim Hansen even at the meeting?? And more to the point why was he allowed to ask a question????

He's an EX----- An EX with an attitude....

Toquerville, UT

The people in this country had better wise up to what's going on. The Marxists leading this country view real property as something citizens and states should not have, but the federal government should own or control it all. This charade of "inventorying federal lands for wilderness designation" is only one of many ways environmentalists use to take control of large chunks of land. Obama and the Democrats (Democrats for decades) are in bed with the environmentalists and give them carte blanche access to this process. There is absolutely no need for any more public lands, and certainly not any more wilderness areas. We should be going the other direction on this issue, and removing lands from federal control

Durham, NC

dumprake - I was reading your comments up to the point of " The Marxist leading this country...." which was the signal to now ignore everything else you have to say. It is too bad, because you might have some valid points, but so long as you feel the need to resort to name calling, it is clear your comments will not be balanced nor fare.

It is too bad, you might have had some good points.

Salt Lake City, Utah

I don't want to be rude, dumprake, but there's very little in your tirade that shows you've educated yourself about the issue. While you rail against the feds, you say nothing about the ecological implications of wilderness, and certainly you're not thinking about future generations. Every bit of land that's been protected has given much back to our culture. Add to this healthy watersheds and wildlife corridors and we're talking about a big deal. I'd like to see the part of Marx you're referring to. A passage or quote would go a long way in helping you prove your point.

Kaysville, UT

Define Marxist Dumbrake!! If you truly knew you wouldn't be using it.

Oh ye of little minds and tiny hearts.

I really feel sorry for those of you that stand on the Constitution and have never read it or even understand its meaning.

I feel sorry for those of you that say baaaaa baaaaa and follow the lead sheep and don't know why you are following, other than the lead sheep baaaaaa's the loudest.

We need a strong Federal Government. If all Federal lands were released tomorrow who do you think would end up owning most of it IF NOT ALL??? Not anyone reading this. You don't have the money it would take. To top that off, where are you going go fish, camp and hunt once there are no Federal lands?? The private owner isn't going to let you on his land to hunt or fish or camp. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!!!!!


I was at the meeting. The questions were fair and balanced until Noel got his turn. He used incorrect and inflammatory language. As a republican ORV user I was appalled by this republican whine-fest. Clark brought all sorts of unrelated issues to the table and seamed to forget about the millions of acres all set for energy resources that aren't proposed as wilderness. Also, those who think this was a land grab may have forgotten that the land already belongs to the AMERICAN people not just Utah, and that the BLM already manages it. Also this "new" policy only restores authority they have had for years until recently. And they cannot simply designate official wilderness under this new policy.

Layton, UT

If we somehow have to do it in the shadows than it is probably not the right thing to do, Herbert said.

Can we expect the Governor to remember those words, when the bills come through which had no meaningful debate other than behind closed Republican caucus doors....

I wish I could hope for that. But i can't.

Salt Lake City, UT

In this case... more Fed regulationis better... less state involvement... state legislaters have proven they are not responsible enought to make decisions... too much greed and personal motives.

Bountiful, UT

Newslover is right - very difficult to trust our Legislators when the temptations to abuse their power and misuse natural resources is so proximate. I'd rather have professional scientists far removed make less biased decisions.

pleasant grove, utah

Thanks to Amy and the Deseret News for this story. It would be informative if the D-News would run as a follow up an unbiased presentation of what the future ramifications might be if the BLM has their way. Consequences exist on both sides of this issue and it would be helpful for all us Joe Citizens to know what they are. An asside. I find it very appropriate that Jim Hansen was ask to give an oppinion. The man has experience here.

Springville, UT

DC, SUWA, Sierra Club and others like them obviously know what's best for Utah - and the West.

Toonces the Cat
Salt Lake City, UT

I want more Government in my life! I also want the Sierra Club and SUWA deciding what is best for me. I have no brain.

VA Saint
Chester, VA

What's the point of making an agreement (2003) and then not sticking to it? The Federal government is wrong on this.

Kearns, UT

When ever there is a major policy change it is natural all previous policies are nullified. It should not have surprised this State or the Governor at all.

All the land in Utah belongs to the federal government and the country, the states are the wards of the land. And at the discretion of the BLM and federal controls decides its uses. Its the only way there can be any meaningful interstate controls so one state doesn't overpower another state. Land use agreements are zoning laws that owners control, not titles of ownership. The state should understand full well the meaning of zoning laws, they use them at will to steal land.

Utah is out of water, and we are out of our element trying to develop as if there was no limits to resources to support over development.

I speak for myself and I am tired of these idiots who keep trying to blame watchdog organization of land use out of context and misinformation as my voice. You don't have to belong to any group to know right from wrong and greed. Greed is the enemy, and I hate those who live by it.

Ivins, UT

Sounds like the reception committee was on the job.
thanks Governor Herbert for being on our side. We need to keep these take over freaks under control.

I was at the Condor release years ago when one of these easterners told me, "You Utah people need to realize this is not your land, it belongs to everyone". that told me something about how enviornmentalists feel in general....forget Utah's needs. Most of them live in states where there is little or no Federal land. they should put their efforts where they live. Condemn large parcels and destroy what they have built on their own wilderness. I love Utah wilderness and the people that make their livings on, and around it. good for the Gevernaor and the people of Utah who elected him big time. We knew what we were doing.

Moab, UT

As they say, elections have consecenses. Oboma won and the Wild Ones "donated

Taylorsville, UT

One downside of living in a beautiful state with its unusual topography is that people on a national level forget that those of us who live here have to make a living.

Our redrock and semi-arid land looks unique to everyone else, and we have encouraged that through our tourism and through encouraging the western movies to be made here, especially in the 1930s through the early 1960s. While that wasn't wrong,it seems to have perpetuated an idyllic view that most of the land must be preserved in a mythical pristine state for future generations. I guess that would make sense if no one lived here, and Utah were just a monument for others to view.

Heber City, UT

My2Cents "All the land in Utah belongs to the federal government"

You are exactly wrong. Our country was founded on the premise that all powers reside in the states and the federal government only gets what the constitution and the states explicitly give it.

Monticello, utah

What is all this crap aboout the land belonging to "all the people". I wonder how successful an effort by westerners to dictate any sort of land use terms, i.e. "ownership", to the eastern states would be. This is nothing but a land grab, pure and simple. I agree with intelligent regulation of our federal lands but the descisions should be made at the state level. If you don't like what is done at that level then it is alot easier to effect change through the ballot box than try to change things that are dictated by political appointees at the federal level. Salazar is a flaming lib and beholding to the libs that got Obama elected. All else is BS

Cedar Hills, UT

I was going to consider your words until you said that "marxists have not taken over our country," after that I could'nt read any more of what you have to say because you are in such a state of denial that you have become blind.
No wonder the people of this country sent a strong message to "the marxist in charge" this last election. Enough federal abuse of power!!!

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