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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 5 2011 4:00 p.m. MST

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ardenwood, wa


The government is building the biggest data storage center, EVER, to be able to keep a record of every electronic communication or transaction you ever made.

Welcome to the police state.

Thank you, liberal President Obama.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington DC, MD

Remember everyone, It's not tyranny if our government spies on us, It's only tyranny when other governments spy on they're citizens. That seems to be the mentality of people that are stuc in the Reoublican/Democrat paradigm.

They can build this Big Brother fusion center somewhere else like china where spying on citizens has become legal.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington DC, MD

Kentex1146 @ 10:38

"All I know is our guvment would never lie to us. They've never lied to us before and they never will."

I think you need to read more and brush up on your history skills.

Kearns, UT

Interesting to read all of the conservative voices who told us that there was nothing to worry about the Patriot Act "if your not doing anything wrong" under Bush going all Orwell about a data center being built under Obama.

Grand Prairie, Tx

A government's greatest fear is of the people it governs. And quite possibly that may be more truer of our government today than any other country in the world.

Holladay, UT

This article brought out the real addlepated cretins. Most are so paranoid they would not know the truth if it grabbed their personal information, and watching the hypocritical ANONYMOUS group working out there to protect wikileaks, I would worry more there ;)
But hey, you all know better than me youve obviously been audited before

Orem, Utah

Hath's comment: "It is so unique and so intensive," Hatch said. "This will establish our state as one of the leading states for technology."

Come on, if you believe that I've got a bridge in Alaska to sell you. Hatch is being the typical political porkster. It will probably end up being named the Hatch National Spook Center. Does he really believe that this will provide a boost to Utah as a leading state for technology? Are they going to share technology that is highly classified with Utah's open forum computer technology community? Hatch has been drinking too much of his own koolaid. These 200 jobs are only a drop in the bucket and these employees are not going to be running around promoting and sharing computer technology with the rest of us.

N/A, ut

This is ridiculous! Anyone who believes this is good isn't thinking straight. This place is set up to spy on us, Americans, MIAC report says that people who are for freedom are terrorist. It also says that the Number 1 threat to America is Returning Vets. WAKE UP PEOPLE THEIR SPYING ON YOU! YOUR RIGHTS ARE BEING TAKEN FROM YOU!

cleveland, oh

Great, more money down the drain for the National Security State(tm). Security Theater is more like it. What a sad waste of money...

Dr Franklin
caliente creek road, ca

I would like immediate disclosure of any connection with the Lord Mayors office in the City of London between Balfour Beatty construction Company and in particular any connection to BBCc with the and the livery guild; worshipful company of security specialists. and further if they, the BBCc, are in fact under a second employment contract with the worshipful company of security specialists for covert operations inside the United States for the subversion of our Republic.

Henderson, NV

What makes you all think you are so important that the government wants to spy on you? It is a fact that much of our essential functions of infrastructure and national defense are dependent on computer networks and software. Do you think maybe it would be important to protect ourselves from people looking for vulnerabilities in these systems in order to do us harm? Do you really think this isn't an issue? Do you think maybe the NSA and this new center would have some legitimate function besides spying on some dude in Utah? I repeat: Get a grip.

Logan, UT

Jobs for Utahns = good
Attention and bettered reputation for Utah = good

Those who work at this center are just as likely to spy on Norwegians, Indians, Brazilians and the Dutch as they are to spy on Americans... That's just my opinion.

Hear hear to the man who said, "If you want it to be private, don't put it online."

Bronx, NY

@liberal ted
So could you give us an example of a LEED building that fell apart day one because my experience has been just the opposite.

Provo, MA

I sorry but I feel I have to highlight the fact that the federal government is doing some good things here:

1. Providing better security to our bloated government and its tyrants who support destroying the constitution, while the borders are wide open.
2. Providing much needed jobs in a struggling economy to further spy on its own citizens, while the borders are wide open.
3. Promoting and executing the construction of sustainable buildings while our nation is broke and the borders are wide open.

Those are good things...aren't they? It seems worth noting that the federal government does, in fact, do good things and that the existence of "federal land" is one of the factors in choosing this sight. Congratulations to Senator Hatch and the other members of the Utah congressional delegation that helped secure that project and congratulations to the the state of Utah for fostering the circuimstances that helped win this project.

Spartanburg, SC

One thing is for sure, with USACE involved the project will be mismanaged, over budget and filled with claims from the subcontractors who survive having to deal with the unethical practices practiced by USACE.

Murray Dad
Murray, UT

Re:Dr. Franklin
Could you translate your post to American?
Is there conflict of interest with Balfour Beatty and NSA?

Re: Liberal Ted
LEED certification doesn't mean inferior materials / construction; I have seen the opposite - usually energy efficient concrete shell type structures.

Sugarhood, UT

The NSA is like the TSA: ask them for some proof they the do enough genuine good to justify their existences and costs, and they'll reply with a line about how proving they contribute in a meaningful way to our safety would compromise our safety, so for the sake of our safety, we'll just have to trust that they're ensuring our safety. Safety safety safety!

A reply which, to an actual American, should be completely unacceptable. But somehow we've become so timid that we'll blindly throw very real money down a metaphorical hole, and cross our fingers that it's helping somehow. It's like the world's largest, least aesthetically pleasing wishing-well. You can't prove it DOESN'T work, right?

I'm happy for the construction workers, at least. Those folks have had a tough go of it lately.

West Sacramento, CA

Yea, right, Utah. Sen. Hatch has done it again. A BILLION and a HALF dollars to build a hugh GOVERNMENT facility to SPY on the rest of us. Smart and makes sense. If anyone thinks this is not the case, you should move to California where there are no taxes and the state is not in debt to anyone and they have no crime - WAKE UP AMERICA! Stop allowing these pork bailouts!

West Jordan, UT

The funny thing is that if Chaffetz and Lee get their way on not extending the debt ceiling, the construction will grind to a halt because the government will not be able borrow the money to finance this project.

Wait for it everyone...

Kearns, UT

I think this is wonderful news. I believe that our security in the surrounding area's will be stellar due to this center. We need more technology here. It keeps getting sent to India via the companies in Utah. Lets hope this can't be outsourced. Lets hope we can keep the fires away from it.

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