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Published: Monday, Dec. 27 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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South Jordan, UT

Was the man on temple grounds?From the photo, it appears not so.

Samuel Adams
Layton, UT

The police are frequently called upon to make tough choices with little time to react. I salute the officers for protecting the crowd and doing their job. Some may "armchair quarterback" this in the days to come with the luxury of hindsight, much more information, and no accountability for such opinions. My feeling is just to say "Thank You" to the men on the "thin blue line". I'm glad that only one person lost their life. Sad that such things must happen to protect us.

Mcallen, TX

The officer should have should have checked into his rights before shooting. Maybe he was insane or had some other mental problem and did'nt know what he was doing. Perhaps police officers should'nt carry firearms. Were regulations and procedures followed?

Woods Cross, UT

@ Worf: that is why all officers are placed on admin leave when their weapons are used. In any case, police should always carry weapons.

@wer: not sure. It doesn't look like it but he may have been on the grounds at one time. It really doesn't matter.

I trust an investigation will take place. We really do not know much of the 'why', only a little of the 'what'. Patience is called for.

westvalley, Utah

Why are some of us are so differnt.
Good thing hes been caught soon enough!
Would have been a lot of innocent LDS killed or really badly hurt.
If this crazed man started using that weapon!!!

Good to know were being protected by a Community watch to take care of the area.

Thank you to those Officers of West&South Jordan~

Kearns, UT

The reporter seems to be prejudging what happened, or simply accepting as fact the police version of events (stating that the officers were "fearing for the crowd" when they fired). That may be true, but the reporter should add "according to police," and we should wait until an investigation before opining as to whether the shooting was necessary.

Mchenry, IL

Why aren't Temples open on Christmas.

In this case meant less people in the area and that is good in situations like this.

Somewhere in Time, UT

The journalist obviously learned that the police feared for the lives of the public by hearing that from the police. How else could that be known? The motivations of the man with the gun may never be known. It is certainly understandable why police would feel they needed to fire when the man didn't comply and was running away holding a gun with innocent bystanders nearby.

There will be an investigation and we'll find out as much as possible at that time.

All the same, it's a really sad tale. For someone to be killed at the Temple on Christmas is really tragic. I feel sorry for him and his family.

Mesa, Az

Worf......The officers acted in the best interests of those present. Remember their motto...protect and serve they were doing just that. I don't think that officers have time to find out whether he was hugged enough by his mom or dad or if he had taken his medication that day. They have to act

Port Alice, B.C.

An insane person with a gun is more dangerous than a sane person.

That said, the police are often just a little to quick to shoot.

Iowa City, IA


pre-judging? Not to hard, let's see, man walking around with a shotgun in a public place, police ask him to put down weapon, man refuses and runs away...public is now in jeopardy...who would in their right mind think, "Oh, the man with a loaded shotgun is now running towards a crowd of people after we asked him to stop and drop his weapon. Oh, he's is probably looking for a nice person to give his gun too, someone he trusts who will take care of it."

Your going after the reporter under those circumstances?

westvalley, Utah

Over reacting Officer????
that could have been deadly if he would have been out a crime to kill others!
Yet the officer could have Only Wound this man not kill him.
Yes we all Dont Know the Whole Story Do we?
Let them Get the Story all placed in the tragic story.

Before we all jump in to say things not right.
Good thing some other person seen him with that ShotGun!

Mayer, AZ

this shot gun wielder had a confrontation with another man in the parking lot of the temple.
when police were called they called for th gun toter to relinquish his weapon. after repeated calls, with the armed man heading towards the crowd, the police fired and killed the shotgun man.
this man was threatening at least one other person.
do you REALLY expect the police to administer a MMPPI test before controlling the situation?

Making Sense
Herriman, UT

To Wer:

It appears the man WAS ON the Temple grounds. The fence that appears in the photo is around the Temple proper. The grounds are quite large (11 acres) while the immediate area around the Temple is fenced in similarly to Temple Square.

Too bad that this occurred but especially sad on Christmas Day!!

Mchenry, IL

The guy's car was loaded with weapons and the one on his person was clear reason to shoot.

Midvale, UT

I wouldn't say that the fact that someone has a gun on their person is reason to shoot. The fact that he has a gun, was probably intimidating temple visitors by brandishing it, failed to cooperate with police, and ran is reason to shoot. The suspect was just asking for trouble by acting like that. The police did the right thing. Take care of the problem before it turns into another Trolley Square.

As to the other side of the argument that the police should have checked on their rights... Are you insane? I'm sorry, but you just don't have the luxury of time or political correctness to ask the guy whether or not you have the right to shoot him. How many innocent people have to be shot at, or even killed, before you make that decision to take down the suspect? The police did the absolute right thing in this case by making that call at 0 and I'm grateful they took action before the suspect did.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Thank you cops for making the tough choices, and doing what needed to be done.

We will learn more details as the investigation plays out, but may never know the dead man's motivation.

Way too many cases of "suicide by cop" out there, which achieve the "victim's" goal, but at a horrible price for the officers involved.

Salt Lake City, UT

Disaster averted. Well done officers.

Note to Public: If you walk in public with a shotgun, you probably will get shot by local police.

What's going on in society today? Crazy...

Dutch John, UT

Can't someone invent a way of diasbling someone from a distance? A Taser?

Sandy, UT

And if this man had gone on a shooting rampage in the adjacent neighborhood and taken hostages etc.?

Then What? Mr.KnowItAlls?

Looks like Suicide by Cop to me. I challenge anyone in America, in any jurisdiction, to pull the same stunt, you'll meet the same fate.

He knew the protocol.

It's time to put Political Correctness.

Very sad indeed, but a situation of his own making,Sorry.

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