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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 15 2010 6:00 p.m. MST

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Mchenry, IL

Sounds like there is more going on here.

First why would an 8 year old need an orange safety vest and and any child need a helmet for walking? Why isn't the older child in a classroom? Why is the school allowing a 5 year old to walk home alone? Is it where he is walking or that he is alone? At what age can a child walk home from school by himself?

Sounds like a battle between the district and the family.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Mom should fight this charge in court and if I were on the jury I'd give her a high five for being a good mother.

In today's world children are no longer allowed to play dodge ball at school because someone might get hurt, and because you can't have winners unless there are losers.

South Jordan, UT

The mom had me until I read the words "Charter wrote in her report that Noah had been stopped by another officer in March after spotting him walking alone to preschool. There are no sidewalks for about half of the boy's daily trek."

Preschool? I'm sorry, no. A 3 & 4 year old can not manage a walk to pre-school alone. This is a continuing issue with this woman and I hope this got the message across. While I encourage children to walk to school, at that young of an age and for that long of a distance they should have a buddy. They should walk in a group. She could arrange a carpool with other kids in her son's class to relieve the burden of driving every day if that's not possible. There are options.

Provo, MA

It sounds like this lady has done everything she can.

Sandy, UT

If the mother is going to be charged then the school disrtict should definatley be charged. And for the officer who issued the citiation, you've got to joking!!!

Sandy, UT

This is a tough one, but I wouldn't let my kid that age walk the 3 blocks between our house and the school alone...let alone that far. It sounds like she's taken steps to instruct him in safety, but that's still a long way for a little kid, with lots of busy streets and strangers.

Saratoga Springs, UT

I don't believe that there are any laws that state how old a child has to be in order to walk to school. Some people (including law enforcement) may feel differently on a personal level, but if no law was broken, then the mother shouldn't be charged.
It seems like this mother has educated her child, and has shown him the ways to go and how to be safe.

Murray, UT

COME ON West Jordan PD! Surely there are better ways to occupy your time than to cite a mom of six who's OBVIOUSLY NOT a neglectful parent. Give me a break!!! I'd contribute to her legal defense fund.

The Rabbit (in Spanish)
Salt Lake City, UT

"Talbot has a younger child at home and an older child with cerebral palsy, and while she said she could drive Noah from school, she would rather he walk and walk safely."

And that is why Ms. Talbot was cited. She considers driving her son to school too much of a bother and accepts the risk of her son being kidnapped or in an accident. Bad mother! Bad mother!

Provo, Utah

This mother seems to be very proactive and is exercising parental stewardship, albeit not in a manner that the police officer or some of the commenters her agree with. Would she have been cited had she instructed Noah to follow the route the school recommended? Bad things can happen to children regardless of how much parents try to protect them. To me the issue is whether or not she is actively parenting and it seems to me that she is. I hope she fights the citation and is able to shed light on a problem that other parents might also be facing.

red rocks
Saint George, UT

Times have changed.
How many of our parents would have been cited in the past. We have become a society of trying to protect our kids from everything instead of teaching them how to make decisons and learning.

Austin Mom
Austin, TX

So maybe what she did isn't illegal, but it goes against all common sense. Her kids is FIVE. A five year old crossing a street by himself. If I saw a five year old standing by himself at a crosswalk, I don't care what he was wearing I would start worrying.

The police officer did the right thing bringing him home--how would that officer have felt if she had just left him, with a strange van seeming to be following him, and he had been kidnapped or killed. I don't care how much training she has giving him, he could get flustered, distracted, and killed. He is defenseless in this situation.

Yes it would be great if the district could provide buses, yes it would be great if there were more crosswalks, but there aren't. She needs to deal with it in a responsible manner. She is a parent, she is the one responsible for his safety, not the school district or the city. Anyone with more than one child has had a time where they had to figure out how to move one without disrupting the other. Carpool for heaven sake.

Truth or Consequences, NM

C'mon people! How many of us survived walking to school? Kids are getting lazy and fat because their helicopter mommies chauffer them everywhere. God forbid they should use their legs anywhere but at an organized park district program. A walk to school is not neglect. Neglect is letting them play video games all day. This mom is teaching responsibility and independence.

Rusty Nail
Draper, UT

I think there is more to this story. I'd love to hear more.

Lincoln, NE

Why is she a single mother with six kids? I wish the story would have explained that a little better.

Older Reader
Tooele, UT

The school district has a problem with bussing. No child should have to walk a mile or more to school. That is asking for trouble.

Vancouver, WA

You have to be kidding right?

My mother walked me to kindergarten one day and never walked with me to school again. And no other kids had their mommy's walking them to kindergarten either.

The ticket was inappropriate no matter how things have changed over the years. Overprotective police and parents do society little good.

Layton, UT

Sorry, she simply hasn't done all she can. Carpool, arrange for him to walk with a group of older kids, or take the time to drive him yourself.

That said, the bigger issue is with BUDGET CUTS for our schools! UNACCEPTABLE.

Provo, UT

Yep. We complain about taxes until we see what happens when they're cut. We complain about the government until we realize we'd been taking for granted simple things like having a bus for kids to ride to school in.

Vancouver, WA

GuitarGuy - why does she need to do any of that? He is fully capable of walking and walking safely.

The mentality of using buses or driving every child has little basis in fact. Most countries outside of the U.S. (many with far busier traffic and larger populations) provide no transportation to school and the kids walk and ride public trains or buses all by themselves every day.

People's fears of a child walking to school are unfounded.

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